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Jamaican police claim murder of British consul was not homophobic despite note calling him a ‘batty man’

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  1. John (Derbyshire) 14 Sep 2009, 11:43am

    Umm-thats nice to know- “many happen-few end in death” How reassuring for all thos Jamaican gays!

  2. Sounds like the criminal defence lawyer Blackadder was trying to get in that episode of Blackadder 4.
    Blackadder describes how one of his previous clients was discovered standing over the corpse with a bloody knife saying “I’m glad I killed the bastard”… Not only did he get the defendant aquitted but he got the victim’s family to cough up for the dry cleaning bill to remove the victim’s blood from his shirt.
    Given the very clear message found on the crimescene, how is this unlikely to be a homophobically motivated crime?

  3. If you replace the word “gays” in the note with blacks i bet they would jump all over this, there would be uproar over a racist attack on a diplomat.

  4. That’s just great rule out the one bit of evidence they have! Surely they must take the note seriously and treat it as a hate crime until they have evidence that says otherwise.

    The Jamaican police are doing the Monty Python dead parrot sketch on this one!

    “Your diplomat is not dead he’s just sleeping”

  5. Har Davids 14 Sep 2009, 3:33pm

    As there’s hardly any homophobia in Jamaica, just as there are no Jamaican ‘artists’ inciting others to kill gays, this can’t be a hate-crime. So that leaves an accident, I guess.

  6. Trying to give the police the benefit of the doubt (not sure why I am doing that, but hey!), and only based on what is in the article, it seems that they think that the note would be a plant to divert suspicion towards a homophobe rather than someone the victim knew.

    Of course, the fact that there were not traces of brake-in could mean that said homophobe let himself be picked up by Terry and then bashed him once at his place.

    All speculations however, obviously.

    I am sure however that J-FLAG would have a lot to say about the police comments about homophobia in Jamaica…

  7. darkmoonman 14 Sep 2009, 4:31pm

    As the old saying goes “One does not ask a jury of foxes if the fox ate the chickens.”

  8. “Head of serious and organised crime, assistant commissioner Les Green, said evidence made the killing unlikely to be a hate crime.”

    Inspector Clueso would walk all over this idiot.

  9. Doesn’t surprise me the Jamaican police claimed it was not homophobic. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if some of them were directly involved themselves.

  10. Robert, ex-pat Brit 14 Sep 2009, 5:19pm

    Please, the Jamaican police aren’t homophobic? Of course they’ll deny it was a homophobic murder. How do they explain the “batty boy” note left behind? Anything to avoid being labelled anti-gay because that flea bitten island depends so much on tourism, it doesn’t want its image tarnished any more than it is. So transparent and stupid to think we would fall for their explanation. For a “country” that asked for independence, its really learned nothing and has contributed absolutely nothing positive to the world, except holding the title of the highest murder rate in the western world, homophobia aside. I’d like to see this cesspool or ignorance booted out of the commonwealth altogether.

  11. Seems like obvious denial. Homophobia rules in Jamaica. Avoid it like the plague.

  12. The Jamaican Police are obviously in denial. Avoid this neanderthal island like the plague.

  13. BouncerManInBlack 14 Sep 2009, 6:07pm

    I am very experienced in similar incidents and circumstances and I have to agree with the Nigerian Police on this case.

    This was definitely NOT a Homophobic Crime.

    All the presenting evidence points to either ‘Death by Misadventure’ OR ‘Natural Causes’.


  14. Jean-Paul Bentham 14 Sep 2009, 6:35pm

    Mr. Terry wrote the note himself and committed suicide. Jamaica is known as a gay-friendly Island. In fact, gays are never beaten in the sreets, or run off the docks to their watery deaths.

  15. CommanderThor 14 Sep 2009, 6:39pm

    Oh it wasn’t homophobia, just plain old heterosexism.

  16. “Mr. Terry wrote the note himself and committed suicide. Jamaica is known as a gay-friendly Island. In fact, gays are never beaten in the sreets, or run off the docks to their watery deaths.”

    “Jean-Paul Bentham” are you being sarcastic or just thick?
    I’m boycotting Jamaica and anything made there
    Any gay people there encouraging change, give up and come here.

  17. Tigra: Jean-Paul is both sarcastic *AND* thick, but quite obviously not a complete f_ckwit like yourself. Nice to know irony is still alive and well and living in Canada, unlike wherever it is you come from.

    PS: Sorry JP, you can get me back later ;o)

  18. the attack wasn’t homophobic and my ass plays the banjo.

  19. I am disappointed at the number of rainbow KKK hoods that this news item has brought out! So many, so keen on yelling “Homophobic Jamaica”… has it occurred to anyone that Jamaican laws were originally British ones, just like the ones only just very recently repealed in India? Has anyone* stopped to consider the fact that Jamaica began as a slave colony and therefore *all* the sensibilities of the Jamaican people are deeply rooted in their former masters’ views, religious conviction and sensibilities? A chorus of racist sneers and jeers, boycotts of ALL of Jamaica, and yet the greatest LGBTQI atrocity in the past decade took place *here* in the UK, in London, when the Admiral Duncan was nail-bombed! As a white lesbian with a mixed race daughter and former black partners, I am ashamed and appalled at the level of LGBT racism I read in these comments! In many other Countries in the world LGBTQI people are murdered routinely, yet so many have singled out Jamaica because of rappers.. well, FYI the US has the most outspoken advocates of LGBTQI murder, rappers, preachers, politicians, yet I don’t read anyone attacking AmeriKKKa!

  20. Please, geavox, enough of this post-colonial, moral- relative bollocks. Jamaica is, unoquivocally, the worst place to be anything but heterosexual. To blame white people for black homophobia does nothing but appease a pernicious epidemic.

  21. Jean-Paul Bentham 15 Sep 2009, 12:17am

    RobN (17):

    And there ain’t no poppies in Afghanistan; no tea in China; no snow in Siberia; and the Earth if flat and set on the back of a gay elephant standing on a flying turtle. Need I say more?

    Did I mention that JFK committed suicide too?

  22. you lot have been brain wash by the media. the most homophibic
    country in the world there are country in europe that i far more
    homophobic than jamaica more gay kill in america and australia
    than jamaica any thing negative occurs in jamaica gets in the news
    the same occurs in some country its gone in 24 hours
    it is true its all racis comment in disguise it it had occurs in australia there would hardley be any comment you like there is at the moment take your vacation in albania iran or other country where they hang gays

  23. Jamaica appears to be a place infested with murderous homophobic thugs. Everytime my family & friends mention Jamaica I’m going to remind them of this peculiarity.

  24. Mihangel apYrs 15 Sep 2009, 7:25am

    @owen: Jamaica is a violent mysogunistic homophobic country where a lot of gay people are assaulted and killed. This isn’t the case in any other country I can think of in the numbers involved. The Admiral Duncan was a sungle act of a single right wing nutter, and NOT symptomatic of the vast majority of British society. Compare with Jamaica where over 70% of people believe lesbians and gays deserve no human rights.

    @geavos: accepting Jamaica’s history (the same by the way as many other islands in the area), why is Jamaica the ONLY country left in the world that has this benighted violent attitude pervading its entire society. The music is violent and homophobic and mysogynistic, its official structures consprie to allow homophobia to thrive, it has a level of violent crime that appears to be stagering. All these things can’t be put down to the remnants of colonialism (they have had forty years with aid etc to start to get past that), nor did such criminality obtain under colonial rule: at least it operated under the law. Nor is the behaviour shown in Jamaica now evident in what was happening before independance: they’ve made this little hell all by themselves.

    I refuse to accept “racist” from anyone merely by pointing out truth. Nor do I accept a white man’s burden of guilt when people of colour behave like criminals: neither Christianity, western mores nor voodoo teach or encourage this sort of violence, it is a behaviour learned in the community. You may want to accept blame for the crimes of certain of our ancestors, but they were the rich who also exploited MY ancestors, and I certainly will not accept blame for what they did, so please put your scatter gun insults away – I will not be made to feel guilty for something I newither did nor had control over.

    I judge Jamaica as it is now: more than 40 years after its independance and in receipt still of large amounts of aid.

  25. Mihangel apYrs 15 Sep 2009, 8:14am

    you also insult people of colour by implying that they aren’t adults responsible for their own action, but rather some form of incompetant dependant on the whites for a moral compass and an ethical framework.

    I prefer to think that they understand and are responsible for their decisions and actions, and willing to accept the consequences of them

  26. Vo Dong Cung 15 Sep 2009, 8:49am

    Les Green: “There are openly gay people in Jamaica and they live quite openly and mingle freely”.

    I will say that Les Green not a liar if Jamaica constitution takes off 10 year jail sentence or hard labour from gay shoulder.

  27. I have emailed my protest to the High Consul in London; no reply as yet. Solution? Ban all holiday flights from the UK and impose sanctions on imported goods; hit them where it hurts and then see what they say about batty boys!!

  28. Ahem… Jamaica the most homophobic Nation on Earth? Anyone noticed the news on Indonesia’s introduction of severe physical punishment this week? Has anyone checked out Hungary’s reaction to Pride? Ever heard of Iran’s punishments for homosexuality? Or the murder of LGBT people in many Nations around the globe? This was a *crime*, not a state-sponsored witch-hunt, so calling for a boycott of ALL things Jamaican is extremely foolish. Are we going to do the same for Indonesia, and what about the US? I note with interest that no-one has addressed that point, which I made for good reason! Or is it that too many well-loved *white* LGBT icons live there and that makes it OK that there are examples of the most virulent homophobia?

    Mihangel … Not racist? Do me a favour! Many comments here shade their condemnation according to the depth of brown of the people they choose to single out for condemnation.

    Homophobic lyrics? Do you speak Arabic, Punjabi, Farsi, Polish and Hungarian? If you do (and your name suggest you might) how about checking out Eastern European homophobia in the bargain, huh? Or do you only condemn homophobes who capitalise on others’ willingness to *buy* their hateful music? FYI, those hateful misogynist, homophobic lyrics sell best amongst white, lower middle-class wannabee ‘gangsta rapper rude bwoys’ in their teens or early twenties, living in places like Chelmsford and Hackney, while in Jamaica they are often denounced by God-fearing, law-abiding Jamaicans who, while disliking homosexuality, hate the rapper culture far more and are held at ransom by gun-toting criminals, while white AmeriKKKan and British youngsters *continue to buy their records*.

    You appear to have simply no idea of the history and psyche of the Jamaican people; it so happens I have been in involved in a BME LGBT piece of research in the UK that has only just finished, and the responses to questionnaires show that the homophobic correlation was more closely associated with *age* and *gender* than ethnic origin and that older, white *men* were more likely to be violently homophobic than almost any other group, except perhaps for some new immigrants.

    As to the “adult comment” how very ill informed you are! If we apply the term “adulthood”, when applied to a Nation, we must discuss “Nationhood”.

    “Jamaica’s current Constitution was drafted in 1962 by a bipartisan joint committee of the Jamaican legislature. It came into force with the Jamaica Independence Act, 1962 of the United Kingdom Parliament, which gave Jamaica political exile. This was followed by a reformation of the island’s national anthem.”

    In other words, it was fully born in 1962… in terms of Democracy, and more specifically, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion it is still… an extremely young Democracy!

    Britain has only introduced anti-discrimination legislation in the last decade or so, and it seems to me the most insufferably piece of colonialist arrogance to expect that, having imposed a whole culture on a colony for centuries, Britons now expect to condemn Jmaica for not changing at the same pace as the former colonial power, just because sensibilities have changed here, *under duress*.

    Yes, Jamaica remains a very, very *Victorian* place and that is a very old-fashioned British! What’s more, a great many Jamaicans never get a chance to study beyond secondary school, and religion holds sway over politics.

    Besides, did you read the comment of local people in the Jamaica Oberver?

    “. If me had the slightest idea that he killed him (Terry) it would be double murder,” a grim-faced woman remarked.
    …and …

    “Him too good fe dead,” one woman resident said.
    So, please get off your *white* charger Mihangel! If you are so desperate to *judge* Jamaica, then please do the same for Indonesia and all the other homophobic places … your racist comments only serve to confirm the misconception that LGBT people are mostly white (and racist) or ‘corrupted’ by whites.

  29. Mihangel apYrs 16 Sep 2009, 11:43am

    I started a long response to youir insult, but you know, I can’t be bothered answering you. You insult me by calling me a racist (how dare you, you don’t know me!) while practicingf revers racism and sexism.

    You may defend this benighted nation as you will, I hope you defend equally those nations that practice female genital mutilation -after all we don’t want to practice cultural imperialism do we?

  30. you need to show that you are not racis. by comdenming other country. like you lot do with jamaica. what happen in jamaica
    occurs in many other country as well but it seems that you lot has been dupe by the media i meen brain wash
    when you lot condem other country in europe latin america and other place the same way we will agree with what you say and don.t many of you know what the flag of jamaica look like.
    whey is that. there are many open gay people in the capital jamaica the police officer said . dont just go by what you read in the media about jamaica .many reporters are like what gays use to be, closet kkk supporters in disguise like the people at time magazine even the BBC A jamaican became the first and younges to fly around the world and absolutley nothing on there website about it a few weeks later some australian swam over to new zealan and it was on the BBC website any thing nagative about jamaica they are quick to put it up they have two reporster in australia and they are both australian iam sure the australiam government is paying the BBC the world service will spend the day covering war famin aids negative issu about certain country then some thing lite about australia i will never forget a alan wicker programme where he said corruption has become a way of life. and john pilger programme where he said australia has the highes percetage of underprevilege in any western coutry
    there are more positive things about jamaica that you lot never hear about. its not your fault.

  31. Jean-Paul Bentham 16 Sep 2009, 4:07pm

    geavox & owen:

    Put a sock in it!

    The next thing you’ll be talking about is the attack of the Turks at Vienna, the Napoleonic Wars, Genghis Khan, The French Revolution, the atomic bombs dropped on Japan, The Nazi extermination camps,….anything to avoid facing the fact that the Jamaican police not only know who the murderer is, but also are now protecting him.

    Never mind what’s happening anywhere else, Mihangel ap Yrs and Paul need to be taken seriously, and Jamaica…well, enjoy your smoke and your corruption, and try to focus on expressing your sympathy to the family of Mr. Terry like civilized human beings.

  32. Mihangel apYrs 16 Sep 2009, 6:46pm

    merci Jean-Paul

    I try to exclude unconsious prejudice from my writings, but I can’t forgive bigotry merely because of the colour of the bigot’s skin.

    On this site I have condemned Eastern European countries in the EU, African countries, Islam, and actions in this country. I have never been accuused of racism before, certainly not for drawing conclusions from actions as opposed to the bigot’s culture (which I don’t accept as a valid excuse).

    One of my best friends is a Hong Kong Chinese man, a good friend is a Bangladeshi gut, but I shouldn’t need to prove my credentials as it has overtones of “some of my friends are gay” – an apologia used to mask homophobia.

    But I will not apologise for something I have no responsibilty for: my ancestors were peasants and miners, they had only marginal benefit from Empire

  33. Mihangel apYrs 16 Sep 2009, 10:06pm

    the should have been “Bangladeshi guy”

  34. Jean-Paul Bentham 16 Sep 2009, 11:08pm

    Mihangel ap Yrs:

    Don’t mention it. I know enough about your history, just like you know enough about my Acadian history.

    It’s easy to see that you were walking a tightrope here, but I’ve read enough of your past comments to know your heart and your head are in the right place; and you know how to choose your words.
    I happen to agree with you, that’s all.

    Bien à toi!

  35. Rise in homophobic hate crime in London
    Figures released today by the Metropolitan Police show a 13.5 per cent rise in homophobic hate crimes reported across London.
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    Man pleads not guilty to murder and stabbing of gay couple
    A Bromley man has pleaded not guilty to the murder of a gay man and the attempted murder of his partner. David Kilcullen, 46, pleaded not guilty to the fatal stabbing of Gerry Edwards, 59, and the attack on his partner, 56-year-old Chris Bevan at the Old Bailey
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    Police ‘concern’ over gay murders and rise in homophobic hate crimes
    Police have expressed concern over a rise in homophobic violence following a number of murders of gay men. Scotland Yard statistics show a nine per cent rise in homophobic and transphobic offences to 1,372 in the year up to April. Greater Manchester police saw a 63 per cent rise in homophobic crime.
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    Gay man stabbed to death in north London
    A gay man was stabbed to death at an address in Tottenham, north London on Saturday. Daryl Phillips, 39, had been stabbed in the leg and was treated at the scene at Avenue Road, but was later pronounced dead at 3.35am.
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    Gay man killed and partner shot in Bradford
    Police are seeking to trace a man after a gay couple were attacked at their home. Forty-four-year-old Neville Corby was shot dead in the “execution-style” attack, while his partner is recovering in hospital.
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    Man charged with murder over ‘homophobic’ Bromley killing
    A man has been charged with stabbing to death a gay man and trying to kill his partner.
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    Men arrested over ‘homophobic’ murder in south-east London
    Two men have been arrested over the murder of a gay man in Bromley, south-east London.
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    Police murder hunt underway after gay couple attacked at London home
    A gay couple were attacked in their London home on Tuesday, leaving one dead and the other in hospital with stab wounds. Police were called to reports of an assault in Bromley at around 8pm.
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    Murder investigation launched after gay couple attacked
    Police in London have begun a murder investigation following the discovery of the body of a man in Bromley yesterday.

    (Report comment to the moderator)

    Comment by Dean — September 16, 2009 @ 14:03

    Its a shame we didnt feel such rage when it happend right here in 2009

  36. Mihangel apYrs 17 Sep 2009, 2:50pm

    such violence does shock and upset us, it is the case though that the main stream entertainment isn’t encouraging it, nor are the mainstream churches and political organisations. It’s also the case that by and large we’re not a failed society as Jamaica appears to be from its reportage.

    We know there’s a lot of violence against gay people, but at least the police investigate and sometimes get a result. The opposite seems to obtain in Jamaica

  37. @Mihangel apYrs

    I think you’ll find the mainstream media is homophobic just more subtle than the Jamaicans.

    1.Govt ad for new energy saving lights when describing that they are not weak the voice changes to an effimate lispy one
    2.C Moyles using gay to mean rubbish
    3.When reporting homophobic attacks gay men always “frequent” bars
    4.Renault Clio ad with Thierry Henry he gives the camera a sideways disgusted look immediately after a scene when a gut is dancing in a cowboy hat and underpants. I no longer watch TV so there may be new stuff.

    And so what if the police investigate that will not bring these guys back from the dead or discourage further violence.

    Here are some unsolved homophobic murders


    The actor was beaten to death by up to six men at midnight in April 1990, close to a public lavatory near Elthorne Park, west London, used by gay men for sex. Mr Boothe died from massive internal bleeding. He was stamped on with such violence that a foot was almost severed. The case remains unsolved.


    In 1997, 23-year-old Gemma Browne, a transsexual prostitute, was found dead of stab wounds at her flat near BBC Broadcasting House in central London. The murder of Ms Browne, formerly James Darwin Browne, has not been solved.


    The 52-year-old gay Dutch florist was knifed in a homophobic attack in south-east London, as he walked in New Cross Road with a friend, minutes after leaving a club in Deptford in June 2000. Police say there was no apparent confrontation or argument and the attack was purely homophobic and unprovoked.


    Died from head injuries in a south London park in June 2002, a murder police say was homophobically motivated. Mr Windsor, 57, had been beaten and robbed in Beaulieu Heights park, a popular place for gay men.

  38. owen, In haven’t a clue what you were writing there, its like half the letters on your keyboard went missing…. Maybe write it in your native language and we’ll run a Google Translate on it to see what you’re saying.

    Also, from what little I can make out, your comment:- “A jamaican became the first and younges to fly around the world”.

    Is this supposed to mean its okay for Jamaica to be homophobic, or because there is a person who can fly then its okay to ignore the homophobia? I’m confused what the hell relevance this has. So what, you have flying homophobes in Jamaica. Also, I think you might need to update your history books, as in 1924 four Douglas World Cruisers and eight American crewmen set out from Seattle, Washington, to attempt the first around-the-world airplane flight. Nine years later, in 1933, it took another American, Wiley Post, only 7 days to be the first to fly solo around the world. Jamaica might be a tad late on the Guinness Book of Records there, Owen, about a century late.

  39. Simon Murphy 18 Sep 2009, 5:43pm

    Jamaica is a backwards dump. End of story. They have earned their own reputation and if some people think it is racist to call them out on what a bigotted dump their nation is then too bad.

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