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Indonesian province introduces severe penalties for homosexuality

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Reader comments

  1. Another glimmering example of Islamic law in action.

    Please keep this mind, LGBT people who are part of the “hard left” left-wing who are allying with/defending political Islam. There’s nothing “left wing” about defending any of the abrahmic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) – you wouldn’t do so for the first two so do so with the third? Is it because the majority are of an ethnic minority and there is some in-built mechanism that makes you unable to criticise non-whites, and to defend their hatred as “culture”?

    Sorry for the rant I just get depressed when I see people who class themselves as “liberal” and “left-wing”, defending a such a religion.

  2. Damn. Not good if you shag behind your BF’s back after a piss up on the town.

  3. CommanderThor 14 Sep 2009, 6:48pm

    Sad world. I dream of building a place on another world, where only sane people are allowed, and we’d rescue people who live under oppression in this one…

  4. So when are Aceh going to introduce heavy punishments for heterosexuality that include lashing and prison? Perhaps they should offer chemical castration for those found guilty of heterosexual behaviour as an alternative to prison.

    There were recent comments about “having a word” with travel agents advertising holidays in Jamaica, perhaps we should do the same for all countries that treat people as criminals FOR THE CRIME OF BEING BORN.

  5. Are these the same people who were doing their best to look innocent and pitiable after the tsunami? They didn’t mind taking our money then, did they?

  6. Peter Darkest Queensland Australia 14 Sep 2009, 10:58pm

    These Stone Chuckers are so much like some Christians. One outstreached hand giving Charity, the other hand which is usually hidden, holds a Noose and a Match. These Zealots also claim, ‘Their religion is compassionate’. Compassionate with one hand whilst the other holds a Christian Brothers strap and a Rock. Mullas and Priests are behind the mob, hearding them on, burning Virgins with Faggotts. No doubt, with their Dicks in their hands, getting off.

  7. Jean-Paul Bentham 15 Sep 2009, 4:47am

    One more good reason to give the UN more teeth.

  8. Islamic law isn’t even in the quran. Shariah in the vile form it is in today only came to fruition after the british funded and saudi peddling of the wahabist movement (only about hundred years ago) funny how prior to that islamic nations made incredible advances in maths science, architecture, even gay poetry. now they live like backward animals in these nations. And I say that as someone whos parents are both muslim and studied the quran. growing up.

    There is no punishment, or even specific word for being gay in it. It’s vaguer than the bible and the translations are very suspect.

  9. and of course the story of Lot/Lut came directly from the bible.

  10. So I suppose we mustn’t hold our breath waiting for the central government to strike down oppressive laws that violate the federal constitution? They will look the other way and appease local thugs for the sake of a quiet life.

  11. Isn’t Indonesia part of the UN with Human Rights and all that? Giving a part of the country over to some religious nuts seems a very bad idea!

  12. Religious nuts on the rise folks!
    Don’t think that these people cannot influence what happens in Europe because they can.
    They have patience and will await the day when there is a backlash and then they will take full advantage of it.
    Right now they are in the retreat but don’t mistake that for the fact that they will not fight another day to install their bigoted values on everyone else.
    Religious people are determined, think they have a God given right to lord it over everyone else and are fascists by nature.

  13. Eagle Ashcroft 14 Oct 2009, 5:06am

    Its time to burn mosque world wide starting right here in America thereby sending a message “we do not want anymore terrorist religions in our country!” There is a mosque 80 miles south of here. Anyone in New Mexico want to fire bomb a mosque there is one in Las Cruces. Burn baby burn!Run the bastards out of America!

  14. David Myers 2 Oct 2010, 1:07am

    Please Pink News, fix the broken link for reporting inappropriate comments such as Eagle Ashcroft, who advocates burning mosques in New Mexico. His blatant attempt to undermine gay/lesbian rights issues is clearly criminal and not posted (I hope) by a gay man.

  15. David Myers 2 Oct 2010, 1:11am

    Eagle Ashcroft is a troll who is trying to undermine gay/lesbian rights while attach muslim monorities at the same time. You should ban him as he is obviously a right-wing, christian, straight, hate-monger. Fix your (Report comment) link, please!

  16. David Myers 2 Oct 2010, 1:14am

    Sorry, that should have been “while attacking muslim minorities”. I was just so angry that someone would say this to undermine gay/lesbian issues that I didn’t read carefully what I had written before sending. Again please fix the “Report Comment” link. Thank you

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