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Hundreds protest over raid on Atlanta gay bar

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 15 Sep 2009, 7:29am

    More raids from the ‘Forces Of Homophobia’ in Atlanta. This time on a life-style close to my heart, ‘Leather’ and all that it means to me. Well, this Homophobic rousting never happened to us on the London Leather scene. The US Law and Order agencies seem riddled with the wrong kind of law enforcers. It is they who needs to be sorted-root and branch!

  2. I say the next time the police pitch up en masse in a US leather bar in their peaked hats with handcuffs, the clientelle should crank up the Village people on the jukebox and usher them towards the stage! They wouldn’t want to try that twice…

  3. Police are Nazis without the right uniforms!

  4. Why, fiddle-dee-dee! I declare that the Old South seems alive and well!

  5. Eagle Ashcroft 15 Sep 2009, 8:33pm

    The gays in Atlanta need to burn the town down as non-violence does not work as proven in history. The blacks and the Mexicans got their rights through riots and burning down neighborhood and if the gays want their rights they must do the same. Georgia is a very backward hick state that hates all minorities and they even hate our president, so they are not even true Americans. I wished I was there as I would lead the gays into rioting and burning the town down to start a gay revolution.

  6. Amazing!!!1 this crap surgging! up again!!!! I have been comming to atlanta, spending big bucks with friends, stagging work meetings here, bringing friends here to party the evening away in Atlanta;s once many gay bar choices! Mid town was a very comfortable place! It has not been that now in years! So as Atlanta went less gay friendly, I have spent less and less time there. The Atlanta Eagle was my first leather bar, it made a huge influence in my life, i am a leatherman. It saddens me to hear of this backwoods action being taken by what once was a progressive city! I wish all my gay brothers in Atlanta the best! I have now decided that I have made my last visit to the once great city Atlanta! No more! will I send people there or bring them! Goodbye! Atlanta!

  7. Brian Burton 16 Sep 2009, 6:55am

    Goodbye Atlanta Is a Good Song Title. From one Leatherman to another; Easy Riding!

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