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Gay Australians want marriage, not partnerships

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Reader comments

  1. And this is what we should have – and not this discriminating civil partnership. Legal marriage should be secular, leaving individuals to choose a religious marriage if they want.

  2. And so do we – not this discriminatory CP arrangement! Legal marriage should be secular and available to all. Individuals have a choice about going through a religious ceremony.

  3. Agree with you, Polly. If people want the religious nonsense, it should be an optional extra. I have been with my partner for 47 years and we want equality, although we did have a civil partnership as soon as it was available.

  4. Why? What difference does the word marriage make? Marriage is mystical/religious nonsense.

  5. @RT

    Explain how CIVIL marriage is mystical or religious nonsense? There are plenty of heterosexual atheists and agnostics who get married in completely non-religious ceremonies.

  6. As an Australian , I think we have had the time to sit back and watch as same-sex civil union and marriage has come into being in many countries around the world. In Australia our former Prime Minister, John Howard changed the Marriage Act and added to that legislation that marriage can only be between a man and a woman. Thus this social issue became instantly politicised! The states in Australia cannot introduce any form of civil union either because the Austrlian Government controls the Marriage Act and any form of committment ceremony is seen to be contravening the Marriage Act. Ofcourse we have a new Government with a new Labor Prime Minister but he as well has publicly stated on numerous occasions that Marriage is only between a man and a woman. I think what has happened now is that when a community is told that you cannot have something, especially by the Labor Party that a majority of Gay, Lesbian and Transgender peopole vote for, then people have decided it is going to have to be MARRIAGE EQUALITY and nothing else. The campaign has only just begun here and I believe it will be on for young and old over the next few years. Ofcourse the Liberals and Labor have sold their souls to the Christians and other religious lobbies fulltime. This will comee back to haunt them because we will encourage the secular heterosexual communtiy to back us and I have noticed that this is already starting to happen in the media. I used to think that civil unions would be great but now I despise the main political partiues so much and feel enormously betrayed. I want the lot like having a hamburger with chips and the Lot!

  7. Brian Burton 15 Sep 2009, 3:24pm

    I was glad when Civil Partnership came into being in the UK. My Partner and I (Together 39years) we were worried for our joint property ownership and other aspects of a long relationship. Greedy relatives was the problem before, if one or the other of us kicked the bucket. Civil Partnership settled our fears, so our joint wills cannot be contested by greedy relatives. So, when is a Civil Partnership not a marrage?

  8. Brian fair comment, but civil unions cannot be introduced by the states here in Australia! Anything that looks like marriage will be given the big ‘heave ho’ by the National Government. I am not against civil unions in other countries at all, but I think now here in Australia with what has been done by the main political parties that the fight will be all complete Marriage Equality.

  9. Brian Burton 16 Sep 2009, 4:56pm

    Good luck with ‘complete marrage equality’ my friend, nice commenting with you!

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