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Gordon Brown apologises for treatment of gay war hero Alan Turing

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  1. As someone who signed the petition, i am pleased that the Government has issued this posthumous apology and thanks to Alan Turing. However, they should go further and issue an official ‘pardon’ that clears his name and wipes the record of his criminal conviction. It is not a crime to be gay.

    …then, the Government should do the same for every other gay man ever convicted of ‘gross indecency’ or similar homophobic ‘offenses’.

  2. I agree completely with the sentiments expressed by Christina. That evil chapter in the history of the UK should be finally closed with general pardons for those who were persecuted under those homophobic laws.

  3. I am pleased to see such a sincere and unreserved apology. Thank you Mr Brown. I agree that a pardon would be good but that it should be a general one. A difficult point in law, but a sign of a trully mature democracy if we could do it.

  4. Bill Perdue 11 Sep 2009, 1:07am


    Christina is right. We need a new petition.

  5. Pumpkin Pie 11 Sep 2009, 1:47am

    Holy crap! Government heads almost never give out these sorts of apologies! Big victory for Turing and all those who were part of the campaign.

    Although, Christina’s suggestion would definitely be the icing on the cake, Brown…

  6. Unfortunately, one of our partners in Europe – Lithuania – is about to enact a homophobic law. Our Government should at least withdraw any diplomatic ties with them – or cease trading with them – and their democratic rights should be withdrawn in the European Parliament (our Parliament…) Still sort of proud to be British…

  7. John Rendle 11 Sep 2009, 2:05am

    Its great to see an apology like Mr Brown’s, and not just a brief few lines. The fact that he also acknowledged all the other people who were similarly treated is heartening too.

  8. BouncerManInBlack 11 Sep 2009, 2:16am

    I was amazed to see the length and detail in Brown’s apology; normally these ‘apologies’ are very cloaked and only skim the surface of the our outrage; that has not occurred this time.

  9. Jean-Paul Bentham 11 Sep 2009, 2:55am

    I didn’t sign the petition: I thought it was a dream, that an apology would simply not be forthcoming. I was wrong.

    As it is, I agree completely with Pumpkin Pie(5), and I would push on for a posthunous knighthood, nothing more, and certainly nothing less.

  10. I can only echo Christina’s comment that it is of course wonderful to have such a deserved appology for Turing, and it was good to see thet The PM did at least briefly acknowledge the suffering of others, but really, we should be stopping at nothing less than a pardon, for him and everyone else who suffered at the hands of such homophobic laws. There are plenty of examplesof how this can be done, where people were convited legally but unjustly. I cannot see why not here.

    I also echo Bryan’s remarks that we must do everything in our power to bring pressure on Lithuania’s attempt to legalise homophobia within the EU.

    But for now, lets celebrate a small victory, and pause for just a moment to honour a man who, in all likelyhood, changed the world in which we now live.

    Thank You Alan Turing, and Thank You to all the other LGBT heroes who fought in so many untold, unrecognised and forgotten ways to keep this country free, and who were repaid only with oppression. Alan Turing provided a media magnet for the publicity need here, but all those who risked and gave their lives are no less worthy of our respect; I’m sure Turing would like to see that appology extended to them.

  11. john sharp 11 Sep 2009, 5:06am

    shouws it ti worth to keep up pressure and fighting
    gay forever live

  12. Eagle Ashcroft 11 Sep 2009, 6:08am

    I am shocked that GB is/was worse toward gays than the US. Its too bad the judge in the case isn’t alive, otherwise he too should be castrated and have his b-lls shoved down his throat and his lips sewed shut. What a bastard! Trying to change some one’s sex by using female hormones wont work as Mother Nature created him gay and once gay you remain gay until you die. Perhaps they need laws whereas you’ve caught having heterosexual sex with the opposite sex they either send you to prison or offer to castrate you would give these religious nuts a taste of their own medicine. And as far as Lithuania goes they are nothing but a Third World Nazi nation that should round up all of their homophopics and ship them to Iran to join the Taliban. And anyone in any country that denies gays their rights should be sent to Siberia to work off their hatred in the salt mines.

  13. @Christine – I agree – I also signed that petition and it is great the Gordon Brown has the moral fibre and courage to make that apology for one of the great gay men of history. There are many more great gay men in history who need to have the same – unconditional pardon and apologies. Well done Mr Brown – Thank you.

  14. Wow – I admit I was very surprised at the length and detail of that apology. Very good to read that. I’m going to check out the papers now to see if it got the coverage it deserved.

  15. Really extraordinary of GB to write that; most moving, actually – the best speech I’ve read by him or any other politician for a long, long time…had written off as completely useless, but he’s really gone up in my estimation after this…

  16. Matthew Lowe 11 Sep 2009, 8:16am

    I am so pleased that Gordon Brown has had the courage to be able to apologise for the way that Alan Turing was treated. It also goes to show that we have more power than we think and I agree we should start another petition asking for a “Knighthood” and also a pardon for all people prosecuted for their sexuality. I also signed the petition so am very pleased that this has happened.

  17. “Alan and the many thousands of other gay men who were convicted as he was convicted under homophobic laws were treated terribly. Over the years millions more lived in fear of conviction. I am proud that those days are gone ”

    Well I’ll be.. GB I won’t forget this quote.
    Of course millions live in fear of abuse attack and social rejection but hey..

    excellent campaign– well done all involved and all of us signatories. great to sign a petition that actually worked..

  18. I agree entirely with Cristina. Also, Eagle, I want to point out that there are religionists out there, in the US as well as here who would like to put the clock back – also witness what is going on in Lithuania. Only look at the Anglican Mainstream website to see how these people think and justify attitudes that lead to such evil conduct.

    But well done Gordon Brown.

  19. Thank you, Mr Brown, for the very full and heartfelt apology for our past mistakes. Now what about a posthumous knighthood for a true hero of WWII? We can write Mr Turing back into his rightful place in history now. A great day for gay people and for all oppressed minorities

  20. Karl Rosenqvist 11 Sep 2009, 9:29am

    I agree with ron753, a knighthood is in order.
    As I’m not Brittish but Swedish I’ll pressure my king and the Nobel-committe.

  21. davevauxhall 11 Sep 2009, 9:33am

    A really well spoken apology. What a surprise before the end of the petition. A really good thing.

  22. A big vote of thanks to John Graham-Cumming for all the work he put into this.

  23. great news! I’m glad I signed and yes, a posthumous knighthood is now required please Mr Brown! This man did not just win a medal playing games he actually helped save the free world!

  24. I signed the petition as soon as I could and am now so proud of my country. It takes courage to love in the face of hate and to acknowledge mistakes. My own uncle was one of those whose mental health suffered as a result of being closeted. I work in a building where the administration of such ‘cures’ took place and remind people of that fact when I do any LGBT training. The effect is profound.

    As is this news. I am particularly heartened by the idea that Alan Turing should be honoured by a Nobel Prize, can we make that happen?

    Quite incidentally I am being asked to type the word Calvary into the box to allow my post to be shown. As a Christian who is gay I find it quite surreal. Pity it wasn’t the word Easter.

  25. …and now how about a BLUE PLAQUE, to honour this mans brilliant war efforts!!!!? Petition ?

  26. Clouds over gays have certainly cleard away a lot over the last 10 years.WHo’d have thought that Civil Partnership was possible? If only ALan T had lived to see this hour. He was/is a great man of genius who deserved better. Thanks you GB for your apology.

  27. Although this apology is wonderful, isn’t it a shame that it takes a petition signed by over 30,000 people – some of whom are high profile – to elicit this statement.
    Well done to all who devised it in the first place and to those who signed it.sioner

  28. I signed the petitiion and I agree with Barry, but Thank You Mr Brown for such a thorough response. All that remains now is for Alan Turing to be given a posthumous Knighthood. So richly deserved. Let us keep up the pressure for this to happen.

  29. and my comment above is never more poignant.. what do we have when we are still murdered for our sexuality?

  30. I’m very happy about the apology. Now he needs a pardon.

    Along with a pardon for EVERY gay man prosecuted for being gay.

    The pardon can be issued to ensure that people don’t sue the government (in cases the government is worried about paying millions in compensation) but a pardon is essential.

    Turing should not get a knighthood. Those are ridiculous, anachronistic honours in a supposed democracy. The queen is an unelected head of state – in my view she has no authority to issue honours seeing as we are not allowed to vote her out.

  31. I’d like to echo the sentiments of many of the posts on here and started by Christina. We need pardons for all the people convicted of crimes that society can now see as homophobic and unacceptable. Alan Turin was a great man but there are many ordinary gay men who have been treated appallingly by this country in the past, whose names we will never know, and who we cannot rally around and support on an individual basis.

  32. theotherone 11 Sep 2009, 12:48pm

    nice of GB to do this. What about the petition to stop Queers being deported to countries where they will face persecution.

    A dead Poof is an easy one to cope with, living ones are harder.

  33. Christine: Nice idea, but you cannot issue legal retractions just because statute has changed, otherwise we would be knee deep in apologies every time an amendment was made.

    Alan Turing was convicted of a crime that was valid at the time. All very unfortunate and all that, but the simple practicality of what you suggest would set such a massive, far-reaching precedent that it would cost millions and take years, to serve no particular purpose in many cases such as this one where the man is long dead, and has no living relatives, just to settle your politically-motivated swipe at the establishment.

  34. Now maybe we can have a apology for all the trans folk who where locked up in asylums and subjected to electric shock therapy.

  35. “Nice idea, but you cannot issue legal retractions just because statute has changed, otherwise we would be knee deep in apologies every time an amendment was made.”

    Actually, you can. This is not different for a pardon for people tried of race crimes during the Nazi Occupation. Prescient has been set on this when a whole group have been incarcerated for their “current legal stature”.

  36. Gordon Brown apologises to Alan Turing? What for, something that has nothing to do with him. And the victims of the Lockerbie bomber, nothing. It makes your stomach churn.

    Gordon Brown has so much brass neck you could melt it down and make a decent sized statue of Alan Turing.

    Gay issues are being used as a patsy by this government: more and more illiberal legislation but the gays can marry so it is all okay. Hiding away on current issues and decisions but apologising for things they had nothing to do with. What about the Rover workers sold down the river days before the 2001 election to the Phoenix 4 when there was a perfectly sensible offer from Alchemy – any apology there, for the government’s actions rather than someone else’s?

    What about the poor commando killed rescuing the reporter, on Gordon Brown’s orders – then changed to Hilter lookalike Bob Ainsworth when the heat was on? Any apology there? No.

    This is another cynical political ploy to hog some friendly media headlines, we should be sickened that the gay lobby and Mr. Turing’s memory are being used in such a way.

    And a final thought – the top no 10 petition, over 100,000 names, is calling for Gordon Brown to regsign, let’s hope that is the next item on his list.

  37. Julian is the part of the new gay tory group, if my memory serves me right

  38. theotherone 11 Sep 2009, 3:31pm

    but abi: he’s right.

    The goverment offers an apoligy to a dead Poof who can’t talk back but sent Queers to countries where they face torture, allow servicemen and women to die because they refuse to supply them with equipment, send someone in to die in a needless atempt to look tough, free someone suspected of mass murder, criminalise everyone who has contact with children…

  39. Robert, ex-pat Brit 11 Sep 2009, 3:48pm

    Julian, excuse me but when you said…”but the gays can marry”…? Since when? Civil partnerships are NOT marriages according to the marriage causes act of 1973 no matter if the media and public regard them as such. If the law has been amended to reflect such a change, please let me know. There are seven countries allowing same-sex marriage, the eighth one isn’t the UK last time I checked.

  40. Julian wrote: “And a final thought – the top no 10 petition, over 100,000 names, is calling for Gordon Brown to regsign, let’s hope that is the next item on his list.”

    There are over 70,000 names on the petition, but at the moment less than 100,000.

    Where exactly do the Tories and the LibDems stand on the apology to Alan Turing? I would like to hear from the leaders of the other political parties.

  41. Jean-Paul Bentham 11 Sep 2009, 5:08pm

    A Nobel Prize for Mr. Turing???? YES !!!!! YES !!!! YES !!!!

  42. Abi1975, how do you know what my politics are? Are you psychic? And what do party politics matter in this issue anyhow? Can tories not have an opinion, if indeed I am a tory?
    How childish that you can only name call “tory” whenever an argument doesn’t go your way. Add “bigot” “racist” and “misogynist” to the mix and you shut down all subjects or comments you may not wish to debate.

    To Robert, of course you are correct technically, but do you see my point? I sometimes feel we are being held up as human shields when civil liberties are discussed in this country. And do you not feel that perhaps Civil Partnerships, whilst not marriage, represented a pragmatic solution, pleasing most of the people, most of the time, and not aggravating too many people. Surely its success is judged by the lack of demonstrators when people get “civilled”.

    And as for Dave, yes you are right and I cannot count, but what is 30,000 between friends? The peition telling this horrific PM to go is still the most polular one by far, even you would admit.

  43. Rick Jones 11 Sep 2009, 5:31pm

    Robert is right about civil partnership. It is important that we avoid marriage-talk and continue to pres for equality.

    Peter Tatchell might have recalled that in at least some cases what gay men were convicted of was also a crime for heterosexual men and women as anal sex was illegal for them also.

  44. Terry Floyd Johnson 11 Sep 2009, 9:51pm

    He deserves this, and so do the other 100,000 gays, pardon them now!

  45. Jean-Paul Bentham 11 Sep 2009, 11:38pm

    I agree with Mike (23):

    ‘… yes, a posthumous knighthood is now required please Mr Brown!

    This man did not just win a medal playing games he actually helped save the free world!’

    How true, how very, very true!

  46. Officer Thomas A. Porter D.P.O. MED. RET. A.P.V. Retired National Outreach Chairperson The National Paralyzed & Disabled Police Officers Association 12 Sep 2009, 1:53am


    How sad it is to read again the criminal act England ordered to one of their own, Alan Turning, a choice neither is right was he offered. I wonder how many of the Royal Family through the centuries have been ignored for the way they were born? Oh, sorry, forgot, they can do what ever they want to as history has proven. For one who has fought for a ‘Real Hate Crimes Bill’ in the States and the rights of all minorities, it surely does not give one much hope when it has taken all these years in England to say, “were sorry Alan Turning but it took thousands of people signing a petion for me to say England is sorry.” Oh forgot, it also made you take your own life. How sad and hateful can Englands Prime Minister Brown be? The same can be said of America and any other country who profess to be a Democracy ruled as a true Republic. Through my years in Law Enforcement I have seen all walks of life. Realizing everytime in the Courts when a Hate Crimes Bill is put up for vote in States and Federal Government they like to add the L.G.B.T. Community to be sure the Bill will surely be voted down. Of course the tides are turning but we have lost so many great American Troops as in 1,100 have been Discharged from service only because they were L.G.B.T. Community Amerian Troops. What does this say about America? That it is still a huge homophobic society that lives under a double standard of homophoic hatred. I also discovered the Republicans who have son’s and daughters who are Lesbian or Gay is ok when their parents are in public office. They are still against what their son or daughter are by being against any Bill to give equal rights to them but as Dick Cheney said to a Press Club Meeting a month ago, “As you know we have had to live with our daughter who is a Lesbian.” Let’s see now, that would be Mary Cheney who has had a lover for several years and is accepted in Mary Cheney’s family they say but not for other people. Mary Cheney even gave a $1,000 dollar donation just the other week to a Republican who is running for office who is against the L.G.B.T. Community. Talk about an Oxymoron. Then, talk about that poor Cheney family to have had to live with a daughter who is lesbian. Wow! Mary Cheney must really love her Daddy big time because she loves all the perks she has gotten by all the money Daddy and Mommy have. I mean who else is going to get all of the Hellaburton money when Daddy and Mommy are gone? Ya I know, money talks and the rights of human life have no meaning. I think the best way to express it in America in how the Republicans are, “Do not do as we do but do as we tell you to do.” I will never give up fighting for a real ‘Hate Crimes Bill’ for the Disabled. As I can not allow the L.G.B.T. Community to be left out in the cold of life. So I support a ‘Real Hate Crimes Bill for the Disabled and the L.G.B.T. Community’. If you live to be 100 years young it goes by real fast. I still think the Royal Family has really gotten a ‘Free Pass Go Card’ in England.

  47. Jean-Paul Bentham 12 Sep 2009, 4:46am

    Thomas (46):

    You said:

    ‘For one who has fought for a ‘Real Hate Crimes Bill’ in the States and the rights of all minorities, it surely does not give one much hope when it has taken all these years in England to say:

    “We’re sorry Alan Turning but it took thousands of people signing a petition for me to say England is sorry.”

    Oh forgot, it also made you take your own life.’

    As good a resumé as any. Thank you for speaking so clearly.

    And an we expect to see you again on PinkNews threads…please.

  48. I’m glad to see Julian is fighting back against the ongoing tide of filth produced by lefties like Abi1975.

    I am SICK and TIRED of constant accusations of being a member of the Tories, or worse, the BNP, because I am anti-Labour. One can still be right-wing and have socialist standards. The Labour government has utterly F_CKED this country, and just because it made a few nods to the rabid gay lobby of a handful of Marxist queens and the likes of Peter Tatchell, everyone thinks they are worth voting for.

  49. Brian Burton 12 Sep 2009, 11:42am

    The Duke of Kent (killed in aircrash in 1940s) was a royal Gay and had a fling with Noel Coward. Nothing is ever mentioned about him! Prince Edward, I’ve heard stories that would amuse and have some of us noddig and winking and saying, I thought so….!?

  50. Robert, ex-pat Brit 12 Sep 2009, 3:55pm

    Julian, a pragmatic solution yes, but just a convenient one to avoid a backlash from the established cult and others while seven countries went one step further and in Spain’s case faced insurmountable hurdles of the roman cult but all successfully abolished legal segregation of an entire group of people. Separate is never equal. I could live with the term “civil partnership” if they were legally recognised as marriages, but thus far, they are not, nor will they be recognised as the universal gold standard in terms of portability as more countries expand marriage for us, while we are left behind.

  51. Brian Burton 12 Sep 2009, 4:26pm

    The Brits have always been full of injustices right from the first country they stole from the indiginous people, I mean the colonies. It took years for those countries to asert themselves and kick us out of those countries. Succsessive Tory and Labour’s creation of the two party system have renderd the UK into a ‘Banana Republic’ and run by expence hungry MPs and ‘Crooked Bankers.’

  52. Brian: Name me any major country that has never had colonies. The fact that the British were better at it that any other just demonstrates our abilities, not our ethics. In those days it was seen as acceptable, and in most cases we offered a benign rulership that actually benefited from our wealth, experience and technology.

  53. Brian Burton 13 Sep 2009, 1:35pm

    Yes RobN, there was benefits for the cononised but that did not make it right to colonise someones country. We were invaded by the Romans then the Normans and we benefited greatly from the invaders. I think the 1921 Partition in Ireland was a big mistake on Brittains part and has cost us very dearly in lives and our taxes. Ireland is too long overdue for taking back Ulster. The Malvinos (Faulklands) should be turned over to the Argies and Gibraltar To Spain. That is my position and I’m sticking to it.

    RobN, If you look on the Alan Turing thread. I told Monkychops the story of Hartlepool and why they Hung the Monkey!

  54. “and in most cases we offered a benign rulership that actually benefited from our wealth, experience and technology.”

    What? You’re taking the piss aren’t you? Did Ireland benefit from your “benign” ruler ship? Did the 1m people who died and the other 1m displaced by the British inaction in the Famine benefit from the “benign rulership”? Or what about the massacre of Bloody Sunday, or the Cromwell massacre at Drogheda, I suppose those innocent people were waving the British flag at the time singing about the delightful lives they had under an occupying power? What about the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, or the mass killing in Batang Kali in 1949, or was this the paragon of civilised behaviour by the colonial powers? The list is endless, and VERY few countries see their time under British “benevolent” rule as anything than brutal occupation.

    You need a history lesson that doesn’t solely consist of a Daily Mail editorial.

    Why is it always you who comes out with this uneducated BNP’esque kind of sh*t? Didn’t you spend ANY time in school or were you too busy putting up posters of Enoch Powell?

  55. Will:
    I’m not even going to comment on your anti-empire rant, as it would be a pointless exercise. Suffice to say, half the world would still be living in slums or mud huts had it not been for us.

    It demonstrates you have no understanding of British politics when you attack Enoch Powell, quite possibly one of the greatest politicians of the 20th century. Unfortunately, most people attack him for his supposed racist remarks and the infamous “rivers of blood” speech without ever reading the transcript. Had they done so they would have realised that he was in no way a racist, but everything he predicted has now come to fruition by a a soft, nest-fethering bunch of socialists more worried about the opinion of voters than grasping the nettle when they had the chance.

  56. “half the world would still be living in slums or mud huts had it not been for us.”

    Ha! What a load of sanctimonious nonsense, I’m sure the post colonial countries of sub-sahara are delighted your empire raped their country of their resources and brought them “civilisation” instead.

    Rob, well, I for one would love to see your history books, I can only assume that have a swastika on the front of them. As usual, your comments are a load of uneducated racist nonsense. And no surprise you would hero worship that reptile Powell, he was after all, very close politically to Robinson.

    You’ve shown yourself to be racist before Rob, so I’m not even going to bother. racism is the recourse of a small mind, so forgive me if I don’t lower myself to your level to have a “discussion”.

    When your right wing pals come knocking on your door at 4am because your “degenerate lifestyle” differs from their “vision” of society, I’m sure you’ll be perfectly understanding.

  57. Brian Burton 14 Sep 2009, 9:43am

    I’ll tell you all this for nothing:
    I went into a public toilet and there written on the wall was:
    “My Mother made me a homosexual.”
    Written underneath was:
    “If I buy the wool, will she make me one?”

    Laghter is the best medicine me boys….It’s the way I tell ’em!!

  58. vulpus_rex 14 Sep 2009, 9:54am

    Brown was 3 years old when Alan Turing died – he was 49 when he sold our gold reserves for $250 an ounce. Last week it was selling for $1,000.

    When is the mad, pill popping bully going to apologise for that?

  59. Brian, it sure is! Keep ’em coming, eh? :)

    And please don’t get me wrong, every country and culture has episodes in their past that is not something not be proud of, and all history is just that:- an episode in the past. The British and the Irish are more alike that any other country is to us, after all. My point is history is a teacher, and those who ignore its lessons are doomed to repeat its mistakes. Its saddens me in this day and age of so much information ate ones fingertips, that people still hark back to totalitarian and oppressive governments/institutions as something to lament the passing of, and glorifying something that civilised people should shun.

  60. Will: You still managed to avoid the fact that you have not read Powell’s transcript:

  61. RobN, I’ve read it before. I do not see anything of merit in his speech. And keep in mind that the argument that journalists who urged the government to pass anti-discrimination laws were “of the same kidney and sometimes on the same newspapers which year after year in the 1930s tried to blind this country to the rising peril which confronted it”, are the same people who push for gay rights, unless you think Section 28 was a “wise and just law”.

    Sorry, I’m not racist. I never will be. And I’m not inclined to conservatives ideals. To me, conservationism, and its bedfellow religious fundamentailsm, is what happens when you fear change or are unable to embrace change.

  62. Jean-Paul Bentham 15 Sep 2009, 6:09am

    The more I learn about this man, the more I believe Alan Turing deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

  63. Will, grow up. Right wing pals knocking at the door at 4am? There are far more people killed because of left wing pals than any from the right. Do you want to do a body count? 28 million by Stalin, over 30 million from Mau, half the population of Cambodia killed by Pol Pot, your idol Che Guevara personally killing 1,000 people and detaining and killing over 10,000. The left conveniently forgets this.

    I suppose communism still hasn’t had been given a chance, eh? How many million people still need to starve to death before it finally works properly?

    And in our own state, we are now all paedophiles until we have a certificate to wave about. Ed Balls says we can go near a child, yeah.

    And as for RobN – man, you’re fantastic. If you are hot you are practically perfect!

  64. Brian Burton 15 Sep 2009, 4:55pm

    Julian, I saw RobN first. I just have to kiss his Royal Ring!

  65. “And as for RobN – man, you’re fantastic. If you are hot you are practically perfect!”

    This line just proves you’re full of s***. Or possible you ARE RobN. Either way, you’re hardly making any valid argument, as I never said the “left” was better. I’m not even going to giver you the history lesson here, just look up Gestapo in Wikipedia, there’s a good boy. Just don’t bore me with your stupidity.

  66. Brian Burton 15 Sep 2009, 4:57pm

    AS for Vulpus Rex,
    Stick your Politics where Monkychops sticks his nuts-you nutter!

  67. Brian Burton 15 Sep 2009, 5:23pm

    There is a luxury in self-reproach. When we blame ourselves we feel that no one else has the right to blame us. As it was, we always mis-understood ourselves and rearly understood others. I thought life was going to be a brilliant comedy, instead Ugh! it Is’nt. I quit smoking years ago, when I did though someone asked me: “Do you smoke after sex?” I replyed, “I don’t know I never look.” Adios Amegos!

  68. Well Will, if I remember MY history, the Nazi Party was full of homos wasnt it? Maybe RobN and Julian here will get it on? Hot. I can just picture it now – a cool nights summer breeze, a full moon, and in the distance… a swastika blowing gently overhead with 42 Perimeter Patrol SS Guards on sentry duty. We can call it the “Romance @ Auschwitz”.

  69. Brian Burton 16 Sep 2009, 5:10pm

    Mikey…Put an egg in your shoe and Beat-it!

  70. Oh, Brian, are you jealous darling? Did you want to to pat of the death camp romance too? Sign up to for BNP membership, and the rest as they say, will be history sweetie!

  71. Brian Burton 18 Sep 2009, 5:17pm

    You have just proved to me that you are just a ‘sicky’ who should be ignored perminently.

  72. Ignore away, darling! Like I care. You want to be bum chums with them Rob “Heinrich Himmler” and Julian “Joseph Goebbels” chaps, by all means do sweetie. But it really doesn’t say much for you.

  73. George Broadhead 21 Mar 2012, 3:07pm

    “A campaign supported by major public figures including Professor Richard Dawkins, writer Ian McEwan, human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell and celebrity Twitterer Stephen Fry is the fourth most signed petition on the Downing Street website.”

    Is it a coincidence that all four of these major public figures are Humanists and Secularists?

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