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Survey: Gays thought to face most discrimination

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Reader comments

  1. ‘The more familiar people are with Islam the less likely they are to associate it with violence’ – hardly a surprise, and I would guess that they make the association even less if they know any muslims not in thrall to fundamentalism and the local mullahs. It’s rather like the fairly well-attested phenomenon that people who are aware that they know real lgbt people are much less likely to be homophobic. Come out, come out, wherever you are!

  2. Gays are most discriminated against? Unlikely…did anyone ask trans people about their experiences?

  3. Simon Murphy 10 Sep 2009, 9:15pm

    And what are the figures for black people – I would imagine they face a lot of discrimination still.

  4. Ask a Black gay- Colour trumps sexuality all the time, in thier experience

  5. Lady Tanya 11 Sep 2009, 1:53am

    you should have a look at the web site remember our dead. all the people there are transsexual. and it still gos on to day there was a transsexual killed in D.C . they may not like the gays but they shor as hell kill us transsexuals just for the hell of it

  6. Thomas, Florida, USA 11 Sep 2009, 2:50am

    And blatantly supporting such discrimination and fanning the flames of hatred get votes with a large percentage of Americans…

  7. I keep seeing loads of blacks who claim no blacks are gay

  8. God Bless america, beacuse he needs too; there are some very strange people with very peculair views over there. However, the average American is a decent hard worker who just wants to get on with life. Most Americans I have met are nice people if a little niaeve about the rest of the world (I was once asked do cats go meow in England…..? I said they did it with an Oxford Accent(!)

  9. PS can’t we have a Muslim free day when we have no reports about that particular cult? We are swamped with Muslim stories every day afghaistan, Iraq, plane bombers, Bin Laddin, etc and so forth!!

  10. “although only 41 per cent knew the name used to refer to God (Allah)” —
    I know lots of muslim people and none refer to god as “allah”… Allah is just the Arabic word for god but if a muslim speaks English they’ll just say “god” when they mean “god”… The idea that muslims refer to god as allah is just a very old, ignorant and racist stereotype based on the colonial suggestion that non-christians worship “a different god”.

  11. Brian Burton 12 Sep 2009, 12:22pm

    Discrimination will always be a part of every society in the world. Did you know in Isreal, Jews discriminate against Jews! That is aside from the Gay community in Isreal. Yes discrimination is and has been an integral part of Human life and existance since time immarmorial. Can it change-no, because people are basically selfish and would fight change in that respect.People only remember their highest duty. That duty is only to themselves!

  12. To be honest… I’m surprised a US survey didn’t find that atheists and secularists face the most discrimination… in quantity if not in vehemence.

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