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Simon Cowell blasts Beatles

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Reader comments

  1. Just goes to show what little talent Simon has at spotting real talent. I think he’s just made the case for why The X Factor is such a rubbish show!

  2. Eagle Ashcroft 10 Sep 2009, 7:00pm

    Lets face it; Simon Cowell is an idiot disguised as a human. The man has no talent himself and would not know true talent if it stared him in the face. He is a complete loser and is just jealous of those with talent because he hasn’t any himself. I happen to be a BIG Beatles fan having owned all their recorderings and I think the Beatles were the greatest singing group of the twentieth century and no one will ever come even close to their talent, while on the other hand Simon Cowell is the biggest failure to ever come out of Great Britain and why anyone thinks this man is a good judge of talent needs to get a brain transplant as the man has no morals or ethics.

  3. Although I won’t be around to confirm it, my guess is that in 40 years time people will still remember the Beatles, but Simon who?

    Mr Cowell is no Brian Epstein and none of his findings so far have anything like the astonishing talent that was in all members of the Beatles. As much as I like Susan and wish her every success she is not in the same degree as the Beatles. His comments are frankly speaking just downright foolish.

  4. Johnny – Couldn’t agree more… if you want a Mariah Carey clone ask for Simon’s input, but if you want a star with a shred of individuality and staying power, look elsewhere.
    Have any of his acts lasted more than 2 years without migrating towards the bargain bucket at your local service station?

  5. Simon Murphy 10 Sep 2009, 9:22pm

    So says the man who masterminded the career of … Sinitta (39)

  6. Bud Burgoon-Clark 11 Sep 2009, 12:01am

    Simon Cowell needs a hot, soapy high colonic followed by a LARGE unlubricated cylindrical latex object. That ought to settle his nerve(s) RIGHT down!

  7. I can’t say that I generally pay much attention to anything Simon Cowell says; but I am pleased to hear him say this about the Beatles. Their music is boring and much overrated .. and it will always be a mystery why a talentless douche bag like Paul McCartney continues to be venerated by so many.

  8. Can somebody please explain why this story is on this website? What links does this have to the LGBT community?

    Unless, of course, you consider that Brian Epstein was gay.

  9. Yet again is this a gay story; where the Beatles Gay? Is Simon Cowell Gay? Simon also pooh poohed Jennifer Hudson who then went on to fame in Dream Girls…thats about the Supremes…gay icons?..I now get the link(!)

  10. It might not directly be a “gay” story, but it is one of interest to many gay people. Hence, its on this website.

  11. Brian Burton 13 Sep 2009, 10:48pm

    By george your right, now try and say something positive!

  12. Brian Burton 14 Sep 2009, 9:28am

    Listen up you meat-heads,
    Since 99% of show-biz and the guys and gals involved are LGBT Type-casts too. The story has ‘Pink’ relevence. So stop your belly-aching and bitching like a bunch of demented Queens or ‘Bud Burgoon-Clark treatment’ shall befall every one of you (You would all say stoppit I like It!!)

  13. Anto Hinton 11 Jan 2010, 1:59pm

    well i think simon is one very sexy man and if he isnt talented at his job then why is he sooo sucessful! dont diss him just because your jealous.

  14. Profoundly inane, idiot wanker.

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