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Academic warns schools are not doing enough to tackle homophobic bullying

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Reader comments

  1. This is the terrible legacy of Section 28! Allowing the inappropriate use of “Gay” to mean anything bad means that Kids who are gay don’t want to be associated with a word which means bad! Like Peter Tatchell wants to reclaim the word Queer we should retake the word Gay! Teachers should have the courage to challenge thisin the same way they would explicit language and rascist comments.

  2. Tackle bullying? When I was in school, teachers used to just join the laughter.

    Ah, the good old days…

  3. . . . and the “Christain Schools” – the Fundamentalists who want gays to convert to heterosexuality and argue that homophobia does not exist?

  4. Most teachers are too scared to stop bullying of any kind.

    It is not enough to tell teachers they are responsible for stopping homophobia – there needs to be much more support for teachers, proper training, posters and leaflets for students, visits from LGBT people who young people will respect/positive LGBT role models, openly gay teachers, condemnation of homophobia by celebrities and in teen magazines etc.

  5. Education is paramount in helping school students and teachers to understand that it is vital to accept differences in other people. LGBT Community teachings on the subject of homosexuality and the acceptance of LGBT people must be included and entrenched as part of every school curriculum at all levels. This must be on going. there is no other way. Legislation will only drive it underground to emerge on the streets.

  6. My brother & his girlfriend are teachers – the thought of them being role models to kids fills me with horror! I bet they wouldn’t bat an eyelid at homophobic bullying.

  7. Well we need to start with the type of schools that are allowed to exist in the first place! I don’t see how the government can on the one hand support faith schools, whos basic homophobic biblical teachings, could seriously effect any young gay persons future or outlook on life. These biblical teachings are totally at odds with a modern changing democracy. Faith schools therefore are government sanctioned homophobic bullying institutions! They should be banned and all children taught under one governing body, teaching repect to all citizens, and in accordance with common law. Once all schools respect all citizens on an equal basis,then that respect will filter down to the students themselves.

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