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Turkish man tried in absentia for ‘honour killing’ of gay son

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Reader comments

  1. To not only be born into a religion where you are brainwashed into its practices from birth with no choice whatsoever and then to be murdered by your so-called parents for a choice of the heart is totally and utterly barbaric. We live in a very, very sick and cruel world.

  2. John (Derbyshire) 9 Sep 2009, 10:42pm

    Is Rowan Williams any better?

  3. Very sad story.

    As someone with a middle-eastern partner this makes me very sad – I know only too well the extreme homophobia that exists in muslim countries.

    And apparently it’s nice and “multicultural” to celebrate Islam and UK-Islamification here. Great.

  4. Simon Murphy 10 Sep 2009, 12:31am

    Hmmm. Sard story but at least the father is on trial. Turkey is after all a secular state and we can thank that for the trial. In a lot of neighbouring countries the alleged killer would face no charges.

  5. I would be more impressed about his going “on trial” if the police had actually caught him and brought him to court. Can you imagine the Turkish police wasting one breath on hunting the man down?

  6. Jean-Paul Bentham 18 Sep 2009, 4:49am

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the Turkish police are protecting the murderer, just like the Jamaican police are protecting the murderer of Alan Terry.

    What a handsome young man; the kindness comes right through his photo; such a tragic loss.

    Surely remorse will drive his father insane, as if he isn’t insane already.

  7. The police in turkey will never find the person because the police works together with special organizations to hunt those called “unwanted” gay children down! As a Turk your not allowed to destroy the name of the family or even worse: Put dirt on it! With being a gay turkish man the only thing you will think of is how am i gonne go out of it?
    The most just think of faking a marrage with a woman but sleeping with guys behind there backs or …. to run as far as possible away, cut every single contact and have a good life without a family until you die! The biggest mistake is to every go back to the country because your name will be on the “to kill” list! On the turkish side of cyprus its still illigal to be gay and without another choice we try to run away… but the guild you get from your family is so high that you destroy your self! I feel so sorry for him and i feel sorry for all of us turkish gay people who have no other choice then hiding!
    Its a sad world…..

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