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Mayor who tried to ban gay pride praises Taliban ‘family values’

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  1. An ordered system of family life? is the man MAD? Has he read the “Bookseller of Kabul?” Women can’t leave the house without a male member of the family (pity the woman who has no son or husband or brother then!) Girls are not allowed to be educated!
    No female doctors! Death sentences for women who have been raped!(of course the men get off in more ways than one!) Everyman has to wear a beard(!) And of course “we lot” get stoned without trial! This bloke is off his rocker if he thinks this is good family values!!! Let him try living under such a regime the rest of us are happy as we are!

  2. Of course there’s an ordered society when girls who dare to step out of line get acid in their faces, and journalists who dare to ask questions get death sentences.

    Is he aware a law was passed there which gave men the right to rape their wives if they did not agree to sex?

  3. Boat-Rocker 9 Sep 2009, 11:55am

    People like this guy are unwittingly leading the country towards more terrorists attacks!

    The 3 terrorists recently convicted had all been to further education and became radicalised when racist ass-holes like him condone racist attitudes. His campaign against PC will only end up encouraging more unemployed Muslim people to commit acts of terrorism when they can’t find jobs in this current climate.

    I wonder if David Cameron realizes what “could” happen if he campaigns against political correctness (PC) in the run up to the next General election.

  4. Political correctness is mostly just about being polite. Its becomes a perjorative but as in this case, those who shout about “PC has gone to far” usually want to oppress somebody else for their own reasons.

    I’m glad he has been exposed and I hope those who voted for him see how stupid they have been.

  5. God, this keeps getting better and better! I knew there was more under the hood with this guy back when I first saw his picture. He’s an all-round fundamentalist.

  6. Vincent Poffley 9 Sep 2009, 12:35pm

    I do find it highly amusing how people like this keep digging when they’ve got themselves in a hole.

    And furthermore his fundamental premise is horribly mistaken. Afghanistan under the Taliban, and indeed all hard-line islamic societies, not only overlook vile child abuse, they actually condone it. Willfully denying children education is child abuse easily on a par with sexual abuse. Sending boys to madrassas for brainwashing and terrorist camps to turn them into suicide bombers is child abuse plain and simple. And don’t think for a moment that oppressive patriarchal regimes have fewer violent and sexually abusive parents than good, liberal, tolerant ones – the polar opposite is true, and with a vengeance. In fact the beating of one’s children is commonplace in such societies, corporal and capital punishment are mandated by the state and girls are forced to marry, often as young as nine. Were there as much government intervention and scrutiny of Taliban-ruled Afghan society as there is of British society, the horrible, sordid truth of their vileness would almost be too much to contemplate. Nothing good has ever come from oppressive patriarchy or religious bigotry. Furthermore, the Taliban and the warlords (many of whom are still in power in Afghanistan) create such a state of lawlessness and violence in Afghanistan that it is possible to get away with almost anything in places. I have no doubt that some incredibly unpleasant things go on thanks to this lack of order and stability.

    So, in conclusion, Peter Davies is a moron of the highest order. But we knew that already. Still, at least he didn’t mention the gays this time, much as we know he probably wanted to associate us with child abuse.

  7. Har Davids 9 Sep 2009, 12:51pm

    The Nazis had family values, too! What asylum did this guy escape from?

  8. Yes, and Hitler loved dogs. He must have been a nice chap, I’m sure.

  9. “Afghanistan had an ordered system of family life”

    And that basically means the man orders, the family obeys.
    Even to the point where honour kilings are justified and encouraged by society

  10. Another fart that does not have a clue what he is talking about!?!!?. And what are family values any way? This guys party and other like go on and on about this. but why. Does it mean that if you are hetrosexual, married with kids, you dont lie, steal ,murder, cheat, take drugs, drink, fight, are anti social, or have anal sex. From where I sit, every one is liable to do any or all of the listed and some. Regardless. It doesnt matter where you come from or how you live or where you put it. Its respect, understanding, tolarance and love that will make a better society.

  11. quote, Telegraph form this idiot. He said: “The one thing to be said about the Taliban is that they do have an ordered society of some sort and that they don’t have hundreds of cases of children under threat of abuse from violent parents, as we have in Doncaster.”

    Would these be the same parents that have family values???

  12. Pumpkin Pie 9 Sep 2009, 2:25pm

    Political correctness is mostly just about being polite. Its becomes a perjorative but as in this case, those who shout about “PC has gone to far” usually want to oppress somebody else for their own reasons.

    So true. It’s like this invisible bogeyman – if anyone manages to spin something you’ve said into “PC”, you lose the argument. I’ve been called PC for trying to refute sensationalist BNP accusations about the UK’s muslim population. …By people who know full well that I also detest fundamentalists and generally tend to stick up for any social group that faces unjust accusations.

    Seriously, I stick up for white people, women, gays – that’s cool. I stick up for trans people or muslims and all of a sudden I’m a PC apologist who can’t wait to welcome our new Islamist overlords. These people are idiots.

    Basically, anybody who uses the term “political correctness gone mad” doesn’t usually have an opinion worth hearing. Political correctness was a phenomenally bad idea – because of the ammo it gave to bigots. Stoked up by bogus claims of persecution against the majority, they use PC as their rallying call and any half-baked urban myth as an excuse to go on the rampage against all those nasty minorities who run the country.

    One of my favourite examples is “Winterval”, which was dealt with on an episode of QI. The anti-PC defenders of justice and freedom claim: it’s political correctness gone mad, a re-naming of christmas to avoid offending non-Christians. The reality is: it was essentially a marketing slogan for the three month winter period, encompassing all the major festivities therein (ramadan, eid, christmas, new year’s, etc.), created by Birmingham Council in an attempt to draw businesses to the city for the season.

    Not that the anti-PC brigade give a crap. They’re sure the renaming of christmas is just around the corner. Actually, regarding this name I gave them, “anti-PC”, it’s an odd one, because it implies that those of us who oppose them are “pro-PC”. But, like I said, political correctness is a bogeyman. We are not pro-PC, we just hate idiots who use scare tactics to promote their agendas. I don’t give a crap about political correctness – I do not need misled government advisors to tell me how to be polite and accepting, I am those things already. What I do give a crap about is the dissemination of false information, hysteria, bigotry and stereotypes.

    Oh yeah, and Davies is a prize cretin. The rest of you have already covered it quite succinctly. What an absolute tool.

  13. Robert, ex-pat Brit 9 Sep 2009, 2:54pm

    So this narrowminded windbag thinks that banning Gay pride marches from funding to advertise our sexuality is ok. Hmmm, now when straight couples walk around on the street kissing one another or holding hands in public, is not that an overt display of [their] sexual orientation? This man is a moron and I suspect a religious cult nutcase. They are masters of the double standard, hypocrisy and bigotry.

    He has NO knowledge of the Taliban or of Afghanistani culture. Before the Taliban emerged, it was quite common for men, both married and single to seek out young males for companionship and sexual favours because extra marital sex with women outside marriage is forbidden under islamic law. So much for Peter Davies’ take on Taliban family values, if he only knew the truth. What an idiot!

  14. theotherone 9 Sep 2009, 3:04pm

    Boat-rocker: you came out with this nonsense about poverty and racism causing Terrorist Attacks on another thread. You also claimed that the Tories would cause more Terrorist attacks. Are you employed by Labour?

    I will find my other post and repost it here.

  15. theotherone 9 Sep 2009, 3:05pm

    From the other thread:

    Boat-Rocker: What the fvck! People plot to blow up hundreds of people and spread fear and hate because of racism? No boatmyfriend: they do it because they’re fvck1ng evil, they do it because they’re wicked and evil and they have decided that our disgusting wicked Western World (everyone in the kjnow understands that it’s a north/ south not west/ east thing but then these people don’t think do they? they kill instead)needs to fall.

    They hate Queers, they hate Women, they hate Jews, they hate other Muslims who do not agree with them.

    You want to know what causes Terrorism? Laws that allow someone preaching the use of violence against Jews and Queers to tell people to go out and carry out Terrorist atrocities. Laws that mean the police do NOTHING about this.

    Wars in the Muslim world cause Terrorism, telling Women in the police force to wear head scarfs when they raid Mosques (trust me this has happened) cause Terrorism NOT unemployment. I was out of work for nearly four years but I didn’t blow up passenger flights.

  16. This guy shows an incredible ignorance of what the Taliban were/are like. Probably the best way to educate him would be to drop him off in a Taliban controlled area for a week so he can get first hand knowledge. I’m sure he’d fare well under their “family values.”

  17. The UK has its problems but we don’t strap semtex to our kids and blow them up. And last time I looked we don’t have kids begging in the streets to feed the family. The Taliban execute people for owning music.

    I take it these are the sort of Taliban values the Mayor of Doncaster wants.

  18. It does make you wonder how people like this man come into office.

    I believe his bizarre correlation between family values and the taliban lifestyle is a reflection of a rather egotistical and desperate man. Jeremy Clarkson or Chris Moyles could get away with attention-seeking by saying something so outlandish, as we all know exactly what type of men they are. However, they have a big following and are enabled in their careers to say what they like.

    By comparison, this man is a legend in his living room, just a local mayor. He’s trying to find support for prejudiced personal points of view from the public, and I suspect will face his comeuppance in light of these fanatical comments.

    His type is doing ‘society’ more damage than good by moralising us back into the 50’s, instead of dealing with real problems. Get rid of him, Doncaster!!

  19. Boat-Rocker 9 Sep 2009, 4:56pm

    Muslim youth embrace violent causes because they believe they have no chance for upward mobility in their country. Potential factor is a sense of personal alienation or community disadvantage, arising from socioeconomic factors such as discrimination, social exclusion, and lack of opportunity.

    Muslim pupils typically live in deprived, ethnically diverse, communities, with a history of underachievement at school which makes it harder for them to go on to university or access good jobs.

    There is evidence that Muslims are disadvantaged in the labour market. The overall employment rate for Muslim is 45% compared to the GB rate of 75% – a 30% point gap which is twice the size of the gap between ethnic minorities and the overall population.

  20. Boat-rocker, could you quote some references please?

  21. Silly, silly little man; he was a teacher before he achieved this great office; God alone knows what sort of teacher he was, but let’s hope he guarded his speech more in the classroom than he seems to be doing in the Mayoral office!

  22. Doncaster needs a new Mayor.

  23. Coemgenus 9 Sep 2009, 6:49pm

    LOL….. bit of a crank eh? Same sort of chap who admired Mussolini, at least there the trains ran on time you know!

    Can you get newspapers in Donny these days? Can the man read?!

  24. Yet another Brit who has probably never spent more than a few days in some Arab tourist resort, let alone READ anything about the Talian in the quality papers, and who dares to extol the goodness of the traditional Islamic way of life, except that this one isn’t doing it because he bends over backwards to be P.C.

    Why DID he say such a thing? Trying to look trendy and with it, following his recent anti-gay nonsense?

    Anyway, we’re practically all in agreement! Yay! Where the hell’s Simon Murphy with the guy’s email address so that we blow off our views to Peter Davies himself and not just here amongst the converted?

  25. Boat-Rocker 9 Sep 2009, 8:21pm


    The MI5 website goes into detail and search “sentences” from my comment in goggle.

  26. Thanks Boat-rocker, I have found the information!

  27. Watchout!! – nutter on the loose!! – again.

  28. Jen Marcus 9 Sep 2009, 8:56pm

    Surely, this man can’t be serious? Because if he is then he has to be certifiably insane? What a tool!

  29. theotherone 9 Sep 2009, 9:34pm

    Boat-Rocker: on the other thread you said it was BECAUSE Muslims went to University and didn’t get jobs that they blew up thousands of people now you say it’s because they DIDN’T go to University. I wish you would make up your mind.

    So disadvantage (I’m not dismissing your argument that ALL minorities are disadvantaged) lead them to strap explosives to themeless and kill a train/ plain full of people? Why not Trans Youth? They’re horribly disadvantaged, why not Black People, why not Seikhs? Why not Jews? Why not Irish in some arias of the UK? Sure it’s poverty and hopelessness that turn people into mass murderers…

    Tosh and you know it.

    The most serious Terrorist Attacks have been by educated people (9/11, 7/7, the planed attacks on Glasgow Airport) not the economically disadvantaged.

    Your posts are an insult to Ethnic Minorities and to the Poor.

  30. IDIOT! Lets see how he would feel if his daughter or wife were raped then executed afterwards

    Total Idiot and the reason the church is a laughing stock these days
    get him out

  31. Ignore the last bit ! I meant to say council officials not churches but dont get me started on them (our mayor is just as bad as this loony)

  32. If were not so sad, its almost funny that when this mayor says “what I MEANT to say was…”, he seems to step out of the already hot frying pan and leaping head-first into the fire.

  33. The vast majority of suicide bombers are not British Muslims are they Boat-Rocker. Most are illiterate poor Afgans, Iraqis, Pakistanis and Sudanese. The intellectual Muslims don’t blow themselves up they indoctrinate the ignorant to do it for them.

  34. The Doncaster mayor is totally out of his mind. The Nazis also propagated his good family values.

  35. ‘theotherone’ hits the nail on the head. Radicalising occurs at universities; the glasgow bombers were doctors. We need to do more to stop poisonous wahhabi / salafi extremism infiltrating mosques, prisons, schools, community centres, universities and libraries. We need to make sure there are more opportunities for different communities to mix more – faith schools are a recipe for another northern ireland; and stop paying attention to unrepresentative reactionaries like the MCB, and encourage women to understand and gain greater emancipation. The latter is the key to defeating extremism in the ethnic communities.

    in fact, see Ed Husain’s article in the Daily Mail today.

  36. theotherone 10 Sep 2009, 12:10am

    BTW: this guy’s quite comic. I love idiots like him who scream their MORALISM from the rooftops and then, upon climbing down to their ground floor again, realize they left their brain at home.

    He’s funnier than anything at this years Edinburgh Fringe and no mistaking.

    ‘no what I ment to say was…’ keep talking mate, you’re giving me no end of fun.

  37. Boat-Rocker 10 Sep 2009, 12:57am

    Dear theotherone,

    There are people on this comment section that have no idea of how to resolve the terrorist threat and then there are people that do understand the complexities of the situation.

    I was one of the community rep’s that advised a number of government organisations directly after 7/7.

  38. Jean-Paul Bentham 10 Sep 2009, 12:59am

    No-one in his right mind would say such a thing. It’s immoral.

  39. are you people daft? probably not, just the product of poor, unbalanced journalism. Davies lack of support for gay pride is admirable sensible. He states quite concisely that he holds no animosity, disdain or even remote opinion when it comes to what sexual orientation people hold. He simply disproves that the local taxpayer is required fund the celebration of the existence of a particular segment of their society. Is that really unfair?

    Davies has done some fairly clever things for Doncaster and it’s budget. He’s reduced the cost of local councils by several million a year. He’s stripped the myriad of over bureaucratic, “politically correct” systems and methods employed by previous liberal councilors to reduce the enormous burden of paperwork that council workers have to wade through. In doing so, reducing stress, increasing the GVA of council workers and ultimately saving the tax payers hard earned. He’s even docked his own salary of £70k+ by £40k leaving him with about £34k pa for working over 60 hours a week.

    The state used to reward families. Many argue that stability in the youth has been lost as the rewards began to disappear. Davies’ talibani refferences were in light of it’s family integration, not it’s bizarre, immoral and frankly disgusting elements of society mentioned above.

    To hastely couple these 2 issues into one story will provide a far from objective perspective on Peter Davies actions, intentions and opinions. I implore all who read these articles to entertain the idea that there may be more to a story that what is written here.

  40. john sharp 10 Sep 2009, 5:13am

    send him to live the ordered life in afganistan
    fool shut up you do not know what you are talking about !

  41. Eagle Ashcroft 10 Sep 2009, 6:17am

    He sounds like a terrorist to me and he is fair game. If he were here in American he would get strung up by the locals and labeled a terrorist if Homeland Security didn’t get him first. Making such a statement around here would get him killed quickly by vets back from fighting in the Middle East who would take his remarks to mean he was a lover of the towel heads they had been fighting. Lucky for him he is in Great Britain, but he still needs to be strung up to the nearest lamp post as a traitor.

  42. theotherone 10 Sep 2009, 7:32am

    so you do work with Labour then boat? Can you ask them why they have backtracked so decisively on Queer rights?

    Oh and can you ask them to do something about Religious Tolerance Laws that allow Imans to tell people to commit mass murder?

  43. I’ll be glad to pay for his transport, with his bible, to Afghanistan. Maybe we can trade him for the soldier held by the Taliban.

    Then he will be a victim of his own family values. Don’t eat before watching the taliban version of justice for this maniac.

  44. theotherone 10 Sep 2009, 7:41am

    steve: transport? Bundle him in the back of an unmarked car and take him to the football stadium to be killed like everyone else the Talaban consider undislamic

  45. Every now and then as you travel along life’s twisted yellow brick road you come across a complete and utter idiot, a scarecrow of a man with all the wit and guile of a retarded monkey with tertiary syphilis, I think I’ve just met mine.

  46. The C*nt of Monte Crisco 10 Sep 2009, 9:28am

    I can think of only one word to describe this poor excuse of man! It begins with a “C” and rhymes with punt!

  47. Pumpkin Pie 10 Sep 2009, 2:26pm

    He simply disproves that the local taxpayer is required fund the celebration of the existence of a particular segment of their society. Is that really unfair?

    Yes, yes it is. By your logic, just about every public event would be cancelled. Even St. George’s Day – not every Doncaster citizen is English, you know. Unless…are you suggesting that only events that celebrate the interests of the majority should be allowed? That would be even worse. Furthermore, pride parades bring money IN to towns. If you’re going to be a cold-hearted cynic about it, then funding pride still comes up as the answer.

    Davies has done some fairly clever things for Doncaster and it’s budget.

    Like what? And let’s see some proof, please. All the things you list are things that he claimed he would do, but he soon found out that a lot of those things were either not legally within his power or just plain unwise. The ignorant dope was entirely unaware of how much money Doncaster Pride generates for his town, which made him back down on that one.

    The state used to reward families.

    At the cost of those whose families don’t fit the traditional concept of “family”. I grew up in a single-parent family, so I’m already well aware of that, thank you very much.

  48. “ROCCO” This mayor is clearly homophobic, when he says he doesn’t think the taxpayer should fund a sexuality parade that is a crap excuse
    Gay people are taxpayers and have LESS rights than straight people
    This “parade” is a celebration of rights we do have and easily gives back double what the taxpayer funded it with to the community

    This mayor was questioned on radio and didn’t even know how many people it attracted or how much it raised, if he was cost cutting he should have known those, if he was attacking gays and lesbians with their own money then that explains why he didnt bother even researching it!

  49. People with family values dont steal planes and fly them through other nation’s buildings killing other people’s family members. Fooking wanker.

  50. Yes mayor you will have “more ordered family life” if half the partnership are virtual prisoners and intimidated by a medieval belief system. I’m sure high security prisons are usually quite “orderly” places as well.

  51. Yeah, it’s great when the Taliban throw acid in women’s faces for receiving an education. Something to admire.

  52. What a shocking ‘slap in the face’ to British soldiers who have died and are serving fighting against the stench of the Taliban in Afghanistan! Shame, Shame and even more Shame, Peter Davies!

  53. Andy & Steve 11 Sep 2009, 7:32am

    Instead of getting angry why don’t we just club together for a burka and a one way ticket to Helmand for this poor excuse of a human being. That way the ignorant twat could get up close and personal with his beloved Taliban family values.

    Rocco, should we make that two tickets?

  54. Sister Mary Clarence 11 Sep 2009, 1:35pm

    “There are people on this comment section that have no idea of how to resolve the terrorist threat and then there are people that do understand the complexities of the situation.”

    That’s an interesting comment Boat rocker – its a pity those on here (whoever they may be) who do unterstand the complexities of the terrorist situation don’t actually do something about resolving it. Until such time as they do, the rest of us underlings wil happily continue to add our two penneth worth to the debate.

  55. Brian Burton 12 Sep 2009, 9:45pm

    Turn over a rock in Doncaster and there he is, a Taliban Lover!

  56. theotherone 12 Sep 2009, 11:16pm

    a good metaphore BB: he resembles something you’d find under a particularly dank rock.

  57. Brian Burton 14 Sep 2009, 10:45am

    Hi my friend, how are you? Don’t be a stranger!

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