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Gay bishop Gene Robinson: ’20 years ago, coming out was almost like committing suicide’

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 9 Sep 2009, 8:00pm

    20 years ago? I think not.

    Maybe 50 years ago. 20 years ago there was already a well established gay community with support for those coming out.

    Then again Mr Robinson is religious so probably it was more difficult for him.

  2. I admire this brave man very much.

  3. Simon Murphy 10 Sep 2009, 12:27am

    He’s not really brave. He chooses to work in the superstition industry. He would have a much nicer life if he worked in the real world and stopped tryin to reason with godbotherers.

  4. Brian Burton 13 Sep 2009, 7:14am

    Simon Murphy,
    Whatever you think of Gene Robinson, his light shines far brighter than your dull glow which will flicker and snuff-out when you snuff-it! Gene will leave a legacy of love. Simon Murphy’s legacy will be HATE!

  5. Bishop Ioan 15 Sep 2009, 4:42pm

    I admire this man. He is working to make his church a place for everyone. Some are believers some are not–one size does not fit all. You GO, Gene!

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