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Amnesty sends warning over Lithuania’s criminalisation of ‘homosexual propaganda’

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Reader comments

  1. It really is high time the European Union as a whole insisted on equality of standards across all member states. Any country in receipt of EU aid should have to sign up to enacting and maintaining basic standards and full equality. Why should my tax contributions be given to a government that denies its own citizens the rights, privileges and standards enjoyed by millions of their fellow Europeans?

  2. I fully agree with you there AndySam

  3. Pumpkin Pie 9 Sep 2009, 5:11pm

    Ditto. How the hell can the rest of the EU stand for this? What a bunch of cowards. There should be iron-clad rules on human rights, with suspension or sanctions as the penalty.

  4. Simon Murphy 9 Sep 2009, 8:03pm

    The law will be challenged in the European courts and will be deemed illegal. No question about that. It will just take time.

  5. @Andysam – I agree – but how can the EU government impose its regulations on rebel states effectively? What exactly can be done with rebel countries like Louisianian and its disgusting laws, or Poland that said it would sign the Lisbon Treaty but has not done so? And if there is a way, why hasn’t it been done?

  6. Jen Marcus 9 Sep 2009, 8:51pm

    Well, if Lithuania has such a law with the intent of allegedly protecting its people from the so called “gay agenda” then they should also enact a corresponding law against the brainwashing of its people by organized religion. Perhaps, once the Lithuanian’s will stop being so blindly drunk with religion they may actually see the light and enter the civilized world of the 21st century and stop enacting such stupid and ridiculous laws reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition? In any case, if Lithuania and Poland insist on living in the past and “being led by the nose” by the Vatican/ Roman Catholic Church ,the EU should “kick them out!”

  7. @Rich:

    Poland has already ratified the Lisbon Treaty, but president Kaczyński is adamant on not signing it until the Irish uphold it in a referendum.

    I must say I’m getting quite tired with Lithuania now. My pro-European attitude can stomach only so much. The country is in economic shambles right now and the politicians need something to amuse the people. And what better way than to terrorize a minority? It’s quick, it has an across-the-party support and, best of all – it’s free. The Romani people in Romania and homosexuals in Lithuania. It’s the same thing, really. It’s human nature to gang up on the weak ones in times of great crises.

    This is getting slightly out of hand now. I dread to think they’d just hunt them all down if Europe wasn’t watching them… :(

  8. Oh, Paula, get lost with your cheap tacky advertising. I’m reporting this kind of triple form now on to have it removed.

  9. We had to live with such a law (section 28) in this country and thankfully it was never actually used (Pity,because then it could have been legally challenged!)It is now 2009 and Gay Rights are enshrined in basic Human Rights in most civilised countries. HOW DARE Lithuania make its LGBT population into criminals! What the blue blazes are they frightened of? Why don’t they concentrate their laws on the actual criminals I am sure they have and leave decent honest gay people alone!Contoary to popular Vatican/Islamic/Right wing thinkers, Gays will not destroy the Earth! When was the last Gay war then? yet all these anti LGBT folks have caused wars in the past, crsades, massacrs, Jihads and world wars!

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