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Nurse who asked Obama to rid the world of gays is suspended

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Reader comments

  1. good. that man cannot be trusted to have the health of any LGBT people under his care (or even just people he might view as LGBT). he’s mentally and needs help. or firing.

  2. Excellent!!

    And look – ‘Price, who described himself as a “cured homosexual”‘

    So we have another self-loathing, repressed “ex gay” projecting his self-hatred onto gay people. At least we know this one is gay – I’m willing to bet a large number of “homophobes” are similarly afflicted, and targetting us out of jealousy because they can’t accept their sexuality.

    I hate this man so much. He should never be allowed to nurse again – GOOD decision, Queensland Nursing Council – just please don’t ever re-instate this dangerous, self-hating sad-case’s licence.

  3. I’d love to see how he would fare with Prof. Henry Adams classic homophobia in closet cases study. Plonk him in front of some gay porn and take girth readings from down there and I bet we’d have some interesting data.
    I suppose we should pity him, but I find it hard to pity people who attempt to force their bigotry onto others they should have more empathy with.

  4. Sister Mary Clarence 8 Sep 2009, 9:11pm

    “His letter revealed ….”

    … his loose grip on reality.

  5. Sad b*st*ard.

  6. It is sad but he is potentially very dangerous, and quite disturbed!! Still he is cured of his homosexuality isn’t he? So thats alright then.

  7. Another dick’ead unable to address his own sexuality, blaming everyone else for his ‘tendency/orientation’.

    Obama would have more success ridding the world of sand.


  8. “….cured homosexual..”?
    Splather for “lying bar-steward”.

  9. From a man who has murdered his sexuality . . . is it such as surprise that he calls for the ellimiation of gay men.

    Murders are after all just that . . . “Murders”

  10. How scary would it be to have this person nursing someone whom he knew was gay? Shouldnt be in any healthcare postion.

  11. No such thing as an ‘ex-gay’ – this is an imposter – a deranged, obsessed, dangerous man who needs to be under full time mental health care. Good decision to remove him for the safety of other people.

  12. Ex-gay? Why do these “ex-gays” become so fixated with homosexuality if they are “cured”?

    It would be like me catching a flu, and then when I’m over it, spending the rest of my life obsessing over it.

    The simple answer is the obvious one, “ex-gay” is just fooling themselves…. very similarly to the way people in the closet protest too much about the fact they are “straight. Where are the ex-straights? Are all gay men “ex-straights” when they come out?

    This guy shouldn’t have a licence for a dog, let alone a profession in the medical arena.

  13. Someone should get rid of this bigot for good!

  14. I want to know what cured him
    Was it Jesus this time or the yoga?

  15. This idiot should not have been suspended, he should have been given a ban against working in the Nursing prodession for the rest of his life. The individual in question is obviously a very sad individual with issues in his life that he needs to deal with. At the end of the day the man is not suitable to work in any form of Nursing or caring profession.

  16. funny he wasnt cured when I f***ed him 3 weeks ago in Brisbane

  17. Eagle Ashcroft 10 Sep 2009, 6:27am

    What the hell is an ex-gay? How can you change on the way you’ve born? Is this guy some sort of wizard with magic powers? Or is he a god? Sounds like a bunch of crap to me. And he seems to be missing a few screws as well. Best to just lock him away in a mental ward and forget him as he is threat to society.

  18. Bud Burgoon-Clark 11 Sep 2009, 12:05am

    Truly frightening! I hope he’s never allowed near a patient again!

  19. I call for a world free of ex-gay, homophobes. Suspend me m/f.

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