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Missouri city set to remove anti-gay law

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Reader comments

  1. Here is me thinking the backwards world of the Simpsons was make believe, but Springfield exists in reality also.

    Somebody give mayor Quimby a bribe to pass this.

    cue Maude Flanders: “wont somebody think of the children”

  2. “This is not a measure approving gay marriage. We’re not giving gay people any additional rights. This is a measure, in my mind, that keeps everyone on a level playing field and keeps social engineering out of local law.”

    Can’t he see the irony of that statement? All LGBT people want is a ‘level playing field’ so that they can get married too – why would that be ‘additional rights’?

  3. Well to say the least it is a step forward in the right and let us hope that there will be more tomorrow

  4. In 2006 all references to “sodomy” in the Penal Code of Missouri were repealed. This happened 3 years after Lawrence vs. Texas in 2003 – which invalidated all anti-gay sex laws in the US. 21 US cities and 21 US states still have these sodomy laws on the books to harass and vilify gays and lesbians ans also use these to justify discrimination and hatred.

    All anti-gay laws (word-by-word and line-by-line in every statute) must be fully repealed for good!!!!!

  5. Gay marriage is a STATE issue – not a city or county issue!!!!!!!!!

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