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Northern Ireland

Gay man ‘reported to police’ for questioning MP Iris Robinson’s views

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Reader comments

  1. Can we stop being obsessed with this pasty faced hag now??

  2. Don’t underestimate the fact that these bigots will fight back. They have a lot to lose, if their centuries old prejudices are undermined. It’s those prejudices that have kept many in power (Clergy of all colours, Fascist politician around the globe) sand they will not give them up without a fight.

    And politicians know how to fight dirty and in the gutter.
    Its part of their trade.

  3. Actually, I think it’s time we gay people did more to kick her out. Up the ante, document her words, and report them to the press. Get her out of public life. The gentleman who wrote, “don’t underestimate the fact that these bigots will fight back” is right. We need to start taking a more proactive stance with bigots like this woman, and go to the press with quotes from scientists and psychologists who see homosexuality for what it is and seem to be the only ones these days who have the guts to call the actions these bigots harmful.

  4. Was it Simon Murphy? :-)

    She proved the point though by getting the police involved. No one has the right not to be insulted. Certainly no law against calling Irish Robinson a Nazi. Godness me, if there was such a law, virtually every religious crank that comes on here would be locked up by now.

    Now she has got the Ulster Gestapo involved, i think it’s time we made a mural, poster or flag, depicting this nauseating woman in full leather gear, an iron cross, and a swastika in the background – you know, the Hindu symbol of love. After all, she says how much she loves us so…..

    She’d probably look good enough to turn me on in it too.

  5. Adrian! You’ve just put me off my lunch! :p

    I’d like to know how ‘threatening’ this man was though. Or was it more his views that she found a threat to her bigoted beliefs?

  6. Time to contact her again:

    Iris Robinson:
    Peter Robinson (Iris’s hubby and DUP Party leader):

  7. She certainly behaves like a Nazi.

  8. Alan Hughes 8 Sep 2009, 1:11pm

    I read that you are now reporting your constituents to the police for challenging your facist beliefs – you describe a law-abiding, minority population (whom you are meant to represent as a politician) as an ‘abomination’ and you attempt to justify this by claiming that your ‘god’ told you this?

    Yet when challenged on your facist beliefs you call in the police – in other words your behaviour is the cowardly malice typical of a Nazi sympathiser.

    This despite the fact that your own son Gareth is allegedly a closeted homosexual – well we’ve all seen the picture of him kissing a man and sitting on his knee at THAT Belfast party. So not only are you an apparent Nazi sympathiser but apparently you’re also a really bad mother who hates her own child.What type of scumbag are you?

    (Not to mention the money you have stolen from taxpayers in ‘expenses’. Have you forgotten that your ‘god’ has a commandment which says ‘Thou shalt not steal’ – quite obviously you think that doesn’t apply to you).

    Report me to the police for this email all you want. Just be aware that regardless of how you try to silence criticism of your facism, your opinions on homosexuality are similar to those of Hitler (even if you use the ‘god’ excuse).

    And also be aware that you are being an appallingly bad mother to your allegedly gay son Gareth. How he must be riddled with shame to have an apparent Nazi sympathiser bigot as a mother.

    Yours sincerely

  9. Not a Nazi.

    Just a pathetic hate filled ugly frustrated old bag.

  10. I wish people would not use terms like Nazi or facist just to denigrate someone they disagree with. Just because someone disgrees with you does not make then a Nazi or facist. There are a lot of people who need to grow up.

  11. Well she’s not a Nazi obviously as they no longer exist.

    Robinson and the DUP are most certainly neo-facists however.

    To regard a law-abiding, taxpaying minority group as being worse than a criminal group of child sex-offenders is a facist statement – even if she uses God as a reason. If she called black people or jewish or muslim people ‘abominations’ purely for their skin colour or religion she would be arrested.

    Northern Ireland is so religiously extremist however that Robinson feels free to waste police time by getting the police to frighten her constituents into silence.

    She needs to hear loud and clear that the gay community will not be silenced by her facism and that we are watching her to ensure she does not incite hatred against us.

  12. icc256: No 10: “I wish people would not use terms like Nazi or facist just to denigrate someone they disagree with. Just because someone disgrees with you does not make then a Nazi or facist.”

    I disagree. If Robinson were to say that women or black or jewish people were ‘abominations’ because of their sex, race or religion, and that the only thing worse than paedophilia was black people or the jewish religion you would not consider that facist?

    And then if she was to respond to a reported racist or anti-semitic attack by saying that she knew a doctor who had skin-bleaching creams or a priest who could ‘cure’ someone’s jewish faith, you would not consider that facist?

    At the very least her comments are sympathetic to facist beliefs.

    What she says about gay people is no better than what the BNP says about non-white people. Just because she thinks ‘god’ told her to believe what she believes does not make it any less evil.

  13. @Charlene – we are not ‘obsessed’ with this sad woman – there’s a world of difference between being obsessed and having to [sadly] once again confront what is simply pure evil.
    Remember, “All that is required for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing” [Edmund Burke]

    I would have thought that a meeting between a constituent and his or her Member of Parliament was akin to a meeting between doctor and patient, and for the MP or the doctor to then report the matter to the police and make false accusations against the constituent/patient is utterly and totally unprofessional and unethical.
    When the reporter publically professes to be ‘more righteous’ than the rest of us mere mortals the offence is all the more reprehensible.

    What is far more worrying is that the police seem to respond to a complaint from an MP with apparently far greater enthusiasm than they will deal with prolonged and proven homophobic harrassment within a very short distance of where the MP and the constituent had their meeting.

  14. well done vince good comment

  15. methinks he struck a nerve in her…..

  16. The wicked witch strikes again.

    This vile, bigoted, hateful old hag sickens me. Forget her ugly, unpleasant physical appearance (per the picture posted); her personality is even uglier.

    Everyone please e-mail her office at and give your views on her nasty opinion and nasty attempts to intimidate/silence this man. Can’t she be prosecuted for wasting police time? What a disgusting person she is. The people of Northern Ireland surely deserve better than this useless tit.

  17. John (Derbyshire) 8 Sep 2009, 7:15pm

    ust remember-there are plenty more like her in the conservative party! Wait until after the next election. I don`t hold out much hope for us-they will soon start demolishing the pro-gay legislation introduced by the previous government.

  18. #15.

    Methinks the same, Xaria.
    He shu’ did..!

  19. Cant find any other verification of this story. Any links?

  20. Found it – Irish News

  21. What a dreadful woman. Is she a representative of the BNP?

  22. 21stCenturySpirituality 8 Sep 2009, 10:28pm

    Why is this women still in a position of authority and influence over the lives of others. As far as I am concerned she has lost all credibility to hold such a position. I think we need to make some serious changes to how people become MPS and impose minimum requirements in respect of qualifications and life experience. I mean if a nurse can be struck off or suspended for expressing similiar repulsive views ( “Nurse Who Asked Obama To Rid World Of Gays Is Suspended) then I think we should have a similiar system for MPS, whose role is surely just as important. I think there should be much more stringent requirements for becoming an MP and for remaining one. If I was running the political party she was involved with her career in politics would have come to an abrupt halt a long time ago. She has proved herself unfit to hold a position of influence over other peoples lives in my opinion.

  23. Simon Murphy 8 Sep 2009, 10:40pm

    But she lives in a religiously quite loony place. She’s a hard core born-again christian from a constituency made up of people like her.

    The best way to be rid of her is to create such a stink about her unsuitability for any position of influence because of her facist views, that her party are damaged by her. They fully support her (her husband is the leader of the party and First Minister of Northern Ireland who lasy year defended her evil comments by saying she was only repeating ‘god’s’ word.)

    Her and her husband were involved in the expenses scandal earlier this year, having claimed huge expenses for doing nothing.

    ‘Thou shalt not steal!’ – well some people regard HER as a thief. And theft is an ABOMINATION in god’s view.

  24. The unnamed man is a BIGOT!

  25. @Alesha

    In what way is the unnmamed man a “Bigot” ?

  26. Of course she’s a nazi. she is an Ulster Unionist. They hate catholics, jews, gays, gypsies, muslims…. get the picture? Just like Nazis… They despise anything that isn’t a pure Protestant. They’re the reason Northern Ireland is such a nasty little place and has been since 1920 when partition was enforced on the country, allowing small fish in a big pond become the big fish in a little pond where they could bully anyone they don’t like. That’s what it has all been about all these years.

  27. She really is a nasty piece of work

  28. JohnK, Alesha has been here before… this cretin jumps in with inflammatory and stupid one liners (such as the nonsensical one above) and then disappears again. A lot of anger, matched with a proportional lack of intelligence.

  29. Will – thanks for filling me in about Alesha. I thought I had seen her name before. . . I see that we have another hit and run joker on board.

  30. Welcome to the British police state. Jackboot Jacqui resorted to similar authoritarian/control freak tactics shortly before she fell off her perch. Rest assured this is only the beginning. 1984 had nothing on what is coming…

  31. @Cotex
    What is coming?

  32. Someone should cut Northern Ireland away from the Republic of Irland and push it far far out to sea…. the UK mainland are embarrassed by its inhabitants and the Republic of Ireland doesn’t want them.

    Maybe we can sell NI to Iran, they have similar medieval views to this creature and her tribe of insufferable bigots, don’t they? NI is like the angry uncle that no one wants over for tea. Maybe can get a few barrels of oil for the lot, and then both the UK and RoI can move on with their lives.

  33. Eagle Ashcroft 11 Sep 2009, 6:31am

    Iris Robinson is a NAZI! And I dare any GB detective to come to New Mexico and question me for calling her a Nazi, because that is what she is; a Nazi! Why do you foreigners elect such people in your government? Is everyone mad over there?

  34. What a nasty twisted evil Nazi hag she is…. typical fundie Christian really !

  35. @ kevin how rude of you i could perrty much say the same about england seeing how there are just about the same amount if not more people like Iris over there for the facts just look up england on this site you have the bnp for a start i live in northren irleand im proud to be British-Irish and i can say for a fact that not every one here is like Iris or the dup to Judge us all as the same is very wrong here is a very gay freindly place i should know im gay and a pagan from belfast as for iris i could not care less what she says she just a angry hate filled foolish old woman blessings of love and light

  36. Again, the usual right-wing homosexual responses to a different opinion. Patheic really. Grow up.

  37. “He described her as “polite and courteous” until he suggested her policies were similar to fascist regimes at the beginning of World War Two, saying she became “very heated”.”

    Frankly, I think any politician that is compared to a Nazi is going to get pretty angry. I don’t deny the woman is a bigot, and should not be in any position of power, but by making accusations that, had this happened in Germany, he could have been jailed for, only exacerbates the situation and gives the woman an appearance of acceptability and justification.

    Politicians are (generally) voted in by the common people. Equally they can also be voted out by the same process. However there are ways and ways, and hurling insults will just support their cause, and erode ours.

  38. “Again, the usual right-wing homosexual responses to a different opinion. Patheic really. Grow up.”

    You think opposition to this woman’s feverish religious call to “cure” gay people are “right-wing homosexual responses”?

    I think you might need to “grow up” yourself, and on the way, buy a good dictionary to look up the word “right wing”, Lucas, you seem rather confused as to its meaning. The ONLY way to “cure” a gay man is to kill him. Do you think this is okay then? Pathetic is right….

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