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‘Gay cure’ yoga guru to to set up centre on Scottish island

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Reader comments

  1. How can an island be called, “Peace Island” when it’s inhabited by a bigot? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?

  2. Peace? Oh, the irony of it all.

  3. The address of Patanjali Yog Peeth (UK) Trust (Registered Charity No: 1115370) is:

    40 Lambhill Street, Kinning Park, Glasgow, G41 1AU

    Their telephone number is 0141 427 7510

    Their emaiul address is:

    Give them your feedback on their new joint venture wit the bigot

  4. what a prat – the only disease is the crap you paddle Swami. Yoga can cure AIDS , cancer and leukaemia.

  5. I think the important detail here is that this so called man of ‘peace’ who only wants to ‘help’ people is a businessman. he only wants to make money. And a fool and his money is soon parted, as they say.

  6. Rose #5
    You beat me to it!
    My immediate thought when I read that “…millionaire couple….”
    was “o o”….

    Good luck to him and them as buy his services.
    ” A fool and his money..” as you so rightly point out, Rose.
    “One born every minute…” …is another dictum.

    The ony worry is the psychological damage he can do whilst he is busy parting ‘a’ from ‘b’.

    Another such was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, I remember from the Beatles and the 1960’s with all the Rollers (not ‘Bay City’..but ‘Royces’) and his entourage in a line, not to mention wall-to-wall beauties.


  7. Robert Chinnery 8 Sep 2009, 11:45am

    One wonders where the money came from for this crackpot to buy the island. This thing has the whiff of money making about it to me.

  8. Slap him on the terrorist with dangerous beliefs list and bar him from the UK
    Let him try and cure me, i bet after he charges a fortune hes just like the others, relying on electro shock therapy and psychiatry to cover his own ass

  9. Jean-Paul Bentham 8 Sep 2009, 1:17pm

    Coud be a cover for drug or arms smuggling.

    But without being so dramatic, I can say that I’ve been doing yoga since 1971, and these exercises and meditations really do help to clear one’s mind, and for some of us who are really screwed up (like I was), this is worth every penny.

    For example, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am 100% gay because of yoga.

  10. I tried yoga. Unfortunately I became so flexible that I was able to suck my own penis which served to make me even more infatuated with cock. Some cure!

  11. Christina 8 Sep 2009, 4:04pm

    LOL, I was just thinking about this scenario…a dozen or so (closeted) gay men/women on a remote island, doing physical exercises together, wearing lyotards…you can see where this is heading…

  12. Sad ol pistol – Im with JP Bentham

  13. Ugh.

    Keep this bigot out of the UK.

    E-mail the people attempting to employ this idiot and bring him here…

  14. At least if the island really is THAT remote, then he’ll only be preaching to himself, whilst the rest of the civilised world can happily ignore him.

  15. I’m a Scottish American, Have been practicing Yoga, Prana, Meditation most of my life and I’m gay gay gay gay gay. Poor Swami!

  16. the only way yoga could cure me of being gay is if it made me flexible enough (at 52) to be able to suck my own dick. i’d happily stay home and rid the world of my fabulous gayness.

  17. I knew it! Now it is the Hindus turn! Religion is the world illness not homosexuality. These people are so dumb, they actually think that all men want to shag and live with women and that all women are falling over themselves to live with men! Guess what? No we are not! These religious people are obsessed about sex. My life living with my male partner is more than the bedroom. I actually enjoy his company, his humour and even picking up after him! Such a guru is just another busybody, ready to rip people off who are unsure about their sexuality. I am sure this nutter has a cure for everything and I am sure with appropriate financial gain!
    Religions are going to have to learn to mind their own business. Dont worry while I can breathe I will constantly be reminding them.

  18. what a douchebag bigot. just another scam artist – hey, we have heaps of ’em here in the states, but they usually don’t make such preposterous claims, rather, they just try and take other’s money. such effort he’s going to.

    i’m sure this is the first and the last we’ll hear about the swami. until, of course, the Poddar couple ends up taking the swami to court for grand theft…

  19. @J.P.Bentham – you got that right – I agree.

  20. Michael★ 9 Sep 2009, 9:39am

    I know sporting a woolly wild beard and wearing a orange curtain wouldn’t have anything to do with keeping the men and boys away.

    We’re all star dust. All humankind would fair better if the failed philosophies and dogmas of the religious junkies kept their small minded thoughtlessness to their own cesspools of cosmological existence.

  21. Start the count-down. How long will it be before the private jet and the fleet of cars turn up to disturb this tranquil island? Leave the seals and puffins to their peace and quiet.

  22. Can I write a bible that quotes:

    section 1 – “any person who mocks, jokes, hates, vilifies, oppresses or justifies discrimination against any group (hereto age, political or trade affiliation, race, other religions, sex or sexual orientation) shall be put in jail and should not be feed until they die or starvation”. The moment you die you will go straight to hell for doing section 44.
    Section 1A – “any person who aids, abets or encourages listed in section 1 shall also get the same punishment that will be doubled as listed in section 1 – plus ongoing hell for eternity.
    Section 2 – “marriage means a union between any two committed adult persons (between a man and a woman, between a woman and another woman and also between a man and another man) who organize a loving civil or legally bound alliance contract and are united and also in unity together (hereto in love)”.
    Section 3 – “gay sex is not under any circumstance at all vile, wrong, sick or disgusting, it is love making that is legitimate justified love making in the same exact manner as heterosexual (straight) sex”.
    Section 4 – “All laws, statutes or common-laws that criminalize gay sex or oppress gays in any way shape or form – god will punish the legislators and the policy decision makers”.

    I am a gay Christian.

  23. Stewart Cowan 9 Sep 2009, 1:43pm

    “I am a gay Christian.”

    Are you sure? Why would a Christian want to change the words of the Almighty? You are either with Him or against Him. Please repent of this.

  24. this guy is spearheading the movement against increasing gay acceptance in India. he will use the pounds he makes in the UK to fund his Indian campaign. he should be stopped, if only to show solidarity with our Indian brethren.

  25. Baba Ramdev has done tons to uplift humanity from the curse of the so called modern medicines and has cured almost all diseases of the body and mind. Everyone who was against him earlier is with him now. Such a backlash is expected….but freedom from disease and a happy healthy body and mind is a wonderful state. Yog has nothing to do with religion, by the way.

  26. Eagle Ashcroft 14 Oct 2009, 5:42am

    I’m over joyed that at last a swami of yoga can not cure me of my birth defects I was born with, the worst one being Klinefelters Syndrome and now people with Downs Syndrome and dozens of other birth defects have a chance through this great and powerful man, this swami can do these great wonders through yoga. I wonder if he can “cure” the millions of gay animals that were born that way too? I always wondered who created God, but now I know the swami created God through yoga. Man oh man this yoga must be some powerful sh-t to be able to change how God or nature or whatever created some one. I just got to learn this stuff and maybe with this power of yoga I can cure millions of people myself of all the birth defects, skin color, race, the shape of people’s faces and make everyone absolutely perfect in every way using yoga. Wow what powerful sh-t this stuff is. I sent basically the same message to old Swami Cure All moments ago.

  27. Eagle Ashcroft 14 Oct 2009, 5:45am

    That was suppose to read “now cure me” not, not cure me.

  28. Homosexuality is more than an illness. “Rutu” the right order of the Universe is violated . The evil is upon a community. Homosexual is worth of death!

  29. well this is just one side of the story…

    firstly: Ramdeo baba is an Idiot for sure to think he can Cure Homosexuality

    Secondly: The main intention of his buying an Island in UK is just to promote Yoga and a healty lifestyle,and i believe in that,i am doing yoga in true sense from 3 years and i can see the results,my mom has stopped taking her Blood Pressure medicine from past 2 yers too ,she is completely normal,just by doing the breathing excersise for 15-30 minutes everyday….

    It works it really does..

    So what i wanna say is Take d gud thing what this man has to give.. forget the other things !!

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