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Video: Irish gay marriage ad becomes a surprise internet hit

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Reader comments

  1. Cool ad I loved it. Kevin Rudd (Aussie PM who is a bigot) should see this!!!!

  2. I hope it would change peoples attitutes from being “against” to being “in full favour” of gay marriage!!!!

  3. wonderful and powerful ad that i hope will make people think. i hope ireland gets the miracle and enacts full marriage

  4. I suspect that Ireland will only get civil partnerships this year as these are meant to be enacted in October.

    What is very interesting is how incredibly well organised and efficient the campaign for full equality seems to be in Ireland – with internet adverts; large scale equality marches etc; wide media attention etc.

    I think that even if the campaign for equality is unsuccessful this year the government and all the political parties know that people are not satisfied with them and that they are only a temporary measure.

    The campaign for equality while it may not be successful this year in Ireland has energised the gay community there in a way that didn’t really happen here. And the government will realise that they will eventually have to provide legal equality.

    Love the ad by the way.

  5. Brilliant. Power to them! Ireland is a beautiful country that has opened up a lot in recent years and full LGBT equality has to be the next thing. Onward and upward!

  6. Har Davids 4 Sep 2009, 2:33pm

    Great video! I love the subtle approach: just an ordinary guy who happens to be gay asking people to help him out. I do hope it will be shown on Irish TV, if possible.

  7. @Har Davids

    Actually the guy is straight; I think the point of the ad is showing people how ridiculous it would be if they had to ask for the permission of millions of people to marry. Which is basically what the Irish government is currently saying (i.e a referendum) would be needed to allow gay couples the equal right to marriage.

  8. maccoinnich 4 Sep 2009, 3:53pm

    Awfully similar to this ——though innit?

  9. Well the article does specify:

    “Andrew Hyland, spokesman for MarriagEquality, told “There was already a US version but we wanted an Irish version to make it more relevant to people.”

  10. maccoinnich 4 Sep 2009, 4:37pm

    blasted skim reading

  11. What a delightful piece of cinema this is!
    I loved its understatement followed by the true intent of what it’s all about. This is the only way gay people will achieve their true recognition – by gentle, persistent and insistent drip feeding.

  12. Brian Burton 4 Sep 2009, 5:30pm

    Great vidio, and very much to the point. Nothing superficial about this Ad. I found it rather romantic and beautiful. The end left me feeling….unromantic!

  13. Simon Murphy 4 Sep 2009, 7:49pm

    Great advert. Very clear message that is difficult to argue with.

  14. It is a beautiful ad but it’s an Irish remake of an American ad that’s been around for about three or four years.

  15. Brian Burton 5 Sep 2009, 8:05am

    Who cares? movies and ads are repeted and recycled time and time again. I paticularly liked the ‘Irish re-make’ as you put it. The Irish are becomming more known for their beauty rather than their Blarny!

  16. love the ad, and the american version. but tghe article has this quote: “The actor, Hugh O’Connor, is very famous.”. no he isn’t. i never heard of him. best that can be said is that he is a professional actor. but, what do i know, i still don’t know who the hell bradley cooper is.

  17. John (Derbyshire) 6 Sep 2009, 10:51am

    yeah-but that American Ad didn`t stop Prop 8 did it?

  18. Sorry, is ‘Sinead’ a man or woman’s name? Bit confused.

    Thank you.

  19. @dave

    It’s a woman’s.

  20. Thank you.

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