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Gay US Navy sailor ‘brutalised for two years for refusing to sleep with prostitute’

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Reader comments

  1. This kind of abuse is rife, ans is not confined to Gay people. Those who refuse to visit prostitutes on religous grounds also face this kind of abuse…

  2. Toussant acted with the brutality and savagery of an SS camp guard and he gets promoted. This is another Abu Ghraib, against its own personnel, and while DADT is sick, backward, bigoted and evil, this shows that gay-hate and violence against gay people, is institutionalised and endorsed from the very top.

    It’s an international human rights issue and it’s time the world’s LGBT community, and anyone who believes in decency and individual dignity, came together and expressed its disgust directly to the US Military.

    The Navy had better damn well open this case, to a full public enquiry. I want to see that gay-hate enabler Toussant and anyone responsible in his unit, up before a court marshall, to face the maximum penalty.

    And secondly, the Navy should be prepared to pay a good sum of compensation to Rocha and provide any PTSD care.

    There are lots of things we all can do. In and outside the USA, I suggest a mass mailing of indignation, right along the Navy and Military high command.

    If nothing gets done about this, I hope other US activists galvanise themselves to take direct action, such as protests at recruitment centres. And perhaps, boycotts of selected suppliers to the military should be considered. In the meantime, this disgraceful injustice needs to be forced right under the nose of the president himself.

    This is the kind of violence that DADT enables and sanctions, against people who should be treatd as heroes.

  3. PS The abuse against women in the report is equally disgusting – I mean not to belittle that abuse by not referring to it above.

  4. so the gay gets kicked out due to a bigoted stupid policy whilst the bullies and the people who brutalised him are left in – that shows what’s wrong with DADT and the army!
    I hope he’ll be OK and DADT is repealed

  5. “At least 93 other incidents of abuse were alleged. In one case, male officers were said to have been forced to simulate gay sex acts, as part of ‘training sessions’ and also as punishment”

    So why was the only person discharged one of the people being abused just because he was gay?

  6. Jean-Paul Bentham 4 Sep 2009, 2:37pm


    You’ve said it all. I agree 100% with you. How could this happen?
    How? How? How?

    Bullying is a big part of the backlash of the gay rights we enjoy.
    That is simply unjust, and it needs to be addressed at the highest levels.

  7. Jean-Paul Bentham 4 Sep 2009, 4:57pm

    Does anyone know how we can support Joseph Rocha with a flood of e-mails? Simon Murphy, where are you??

  8. F*****g animals. What sort of twisted world do we live in where someone is discharged for being gay but not for being a vile sadistic bully.

  9. Eagle Ashcroft 4 Sep 2009, 5:26pm

    We need to start picketing Navy recruiting places with insults against the Navy. I would love to picket them. It seems the sailors who did the abuse were saying “we too are gay, but we do not want anyone to know it, so we are going to abuse you so everyone will believe we are not gay.” Even a mornon knows gay abusers are closeted gays themselves. Who did they think they were fooling? What about religious people who won’t have sex before marriage or on “moral” grounds? What is their answer on that?

  10. Robert, ex-pat Brit 4 Sep 2009, 5:34pm

    Are you listening, Obama? NOW is the time to repeal DADT, no excuses, no delay tactics, get it done, NOW! The U.S. boasts having the best military in the world…..NOT!

  11. Jean-Paul Bentham 4 Sep 2009, 6:51pm

    C’mon guys, let’s do it! Robert, Eagle, you guys know your way aroung the White House; tell us what to do. I want my voice heard on this issue NOW!

  12. Bill Perdue 4 Sep 2009, 8:15pm

    It’s getting harder and harder for young working class men and women in the US to make it. Unemployment is increasing and obstinate. They’re indebted to predatory lenders and largely denied access to health care, good housing and free education by class and racial discrimination. That’s especially true of minority and openly gay youth because in times like these “last hired, first fired” kicks in with a vengeance. Older workers are putting off retiring.

    Nevertheless when they consider enlistment we have to point out that they’re making a mistake. A terrible mistake. Rocha was terrified of losing his benefits if he was charged under Clinton’s DADT.

    If they’re LGBT youth Clintons codification of bigotry, DADT, is going to expose them to additional dangers. If they’re women they going to be exposed to high levels of sexual harassment and violence. Google the Mar 17, 2009, CBS Evening News story titled Sexual Assault Permeates US Armed Forces for a better picture.

    And beyond that there’s the indisputable fact that the military brass, the military industrial complex, Congress and the White House, whether Democrat or Republican, thinks of them as expendable. Hamburger. Causalities in waiting.

    Worst of all, far from defending the US, they’re being used in illegal, racist wars of colonial conquest from Palestine to Pakistan to make the rich richer.

    We should demand the repeal of Clinton’s DADT but we should also do everything in our power to convince people not to become part of the military murder machine.

    We should do all we can to support and encourage the growing GI antiwar movement. Google Iraq Veterans Against the War. ivaw dot net. These are people who’ve been thru the ringer and are working their asses off to save their fellow soldiers. Anyone thinking of enlisting or re-upping should be given that link.

    And forget about protesting to the White House. They’re not listening because they’re intent on murdering civilians and stealing their petro industry.

    Instead, organize, build or attend an antiwar demonstration.

  13. Another whining gay in the military. Enough. He knew exactly what he was getting into joining the service. It is not the glamorous fun camp for hot guys with hot uniforms and haircuts that the commercials all show. It is a culture of morons, the vast majority of the lowest common denominator. It is not an institution that thrives on sexual liberties, and yet every gay guy in the world thinks he can wander into this madness and live his life happily, freely and without impunity. It will never work that way. It doesn’t even work that way in the real world. What makes any of you think that it would work in the intensely rigorous, not to mention fascist, microcosm of the US military? No self-respecting gay would ever join the service. It is an institution that loathes you right in its policy. Selling your soul to work for an ideal that at its core despises you is compromising your very essence.

  14. @the truth
    This is about helping and protecting gays who are already in the US military not about encouraging other gays to become cannon fodder and thus subjecting themselves to the US miltary’s moronic abuse.

  15. They are animals! Unfortunately not surprising given recent history. Those abusers should be the ones who are disciplined for their uncivilised actions, no one else.

    What’s Obama doing about all of this? Same as Bush?

    Seems all the lesbians and gays in the American military system should all report to their supervisors, state they are gay or lesbian and let’s see what is done about the situation then!

  16. If the job market wasn’t so bad they could organize a mass walkout (okay i kinda stole Jackie’s idea)

    If 6-9% of the military got kicked out i think that would really hit em hard considering they’re at war and have troop shortages
    what sense is there in utting the straight troops in danger by understaffing their squads on the front line?

    Get your act together Obama!
    Britain has openly gay troops, how many cases do we get like this?!

  17. Simon McDermott 6 Sep 2009, 9:59am

    No wonder the Muslim world hates the West. We’ve lost our moral compass. What’s frightening more is the fact that scores of other people witnessed this abuse over the period, and not one person went to his help. “All that’s necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”

  18. I think many gay sailors/soldiers might have been there, me included. Age 16 I found myself with sailor mates in a brothel in Singapore and obliged to take part. I did go with a prostitute but never had sex. At least by doing that it kept me safe though back in the Royal Navy then I had very few problems. As for DADT, I cannot understand how the US came up with such an horrific rule.

  19. you are a homophobic prick the truth

  20. Jean-Paul Bentham 6 Sep 2009, 1:11pm

    The truth:

    Up yours!

  21. Brian Burton 7 Sep 2009, 9:29am

    You are not the very essence of ‘Truth’ You should have told us the Truth…That you are Spineless!

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