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Catholic editor of Italian magazine forced to step down over gay allegations

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 4 Sep 2009, 7:36pm

    Mixed feelings about this story.

    On the one hand it is very amusing that another catholic luminary is allegedly behaving in a manner in direct conflict with his religious faith.

    On the other hand it is very sinister in Italy that the Prime Minister of Italy pretty much owns the media and can silence and discredit anyone who dares to criticise him.

    The whole scandal about Berlusconi’s private life and behaviour is not news in Italy as the papers and TV stations he owns do not report on it and he is suing or slandering the ones which discuss it (the ones he doesn’t own).

    Italy can barely even be described as a democracy if there is no freedom of the press.

    If they were to apply to join the EU today they would be denied because of the serious conflict of interest in having a PM who owns the media.

  2. The name is Boffo, not Buffo…

  3. Jean-Paul Bentham 4 Sep 2009, 11:08pm

    “All Italian leaders need the support of the Catholic church.”

    In a pig’s eye!!!

  4. catholic church = money = fascists = money = power = money = racism = money = homophobia = money = misogeny = more money = a little more money… and a little bit more money (you know… it’s always handy…)

    ps.: the pope is not gay! how dare you say something sooooooooooooo offensive ;)

  5. Mihangel apYrs 5 Sep 2009, 5:05pm

    silvio plays dirty pool!

  6. The bigger the bigot, the greater the chance of them being a hypocritical closet-case it seems

  7. Is the journalist gay or is Berlusconi just silencing him for daring to criticise him?

    You are not allowed to criticise the Prime Minister in Italy.

    Italy does not have a free press remember.

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