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BNP set to change ‘racist’ membership policy

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Reader comments

  1. I hate the BNP and everything they stand for.

    I do find it ironic that the Equality and Human Rights Commission issued county court proceedings against the party however.

    The EHRC lost all credibility to fight for equality when one of their own commissioners – Joel Edwards is a homophobic facist. He only stepped down from the Evangelical wing of his facist church when they tried to oppose equality laws for gay people.

    The EHRC has no credibility to fight for equality for anyone when they themselves are more than happy to accommodate homophobic facism.

  2. the bnp…

    folding faster than superman on laudry day…


  3. I’m BNP member and don’t have a problem with. My problems are with the so-called decent people … who hide behind their decency mask. They want that I go away and die … not because I’m a BNP member but because I’m transexuell!

  4. Kristina – Thanks for proving to us all that turkeys sometimes vote for Christmas.

  5. BNP members are nothing more or less than pond-life. Bunch of social inadequates.

  6. Here is a classic ‘Cook Report’ moment where slimmer Nick Griffin denies the holocaust and the existence of Nazi gas chambers: .com/watch?v=6X8QQwU00Jk

    …just thought you’d like to know….

  7. “I’m BNP member and don’t have a problem with.”

    That’s just super. But the BNP do have a problem with you, and maybe you’re just haven’t figured that out for yourself. Its the BNP who “want that I go away and die”. Are you really sure you know what BNP stands for?

  8. I think that pretty much anyone with a brain realises that the BNP hate us and are truly vile, bigotted people.

    What people on this site need also to be aware of is how the so-called ‘Equality’ and Human Rights Commission fully tolerates and welcomes people who hate LGBT people.

    Joel Edwards – current EHRC – is the former General Director of the UK Evangelical Alliance. He maintained this position even AFTER he was appointed to the EHRC. It was only after the Evangelical Alliance tried to aggressively lobby against law reforms for gay equality.

    As a member of the Evangelical Alliance, the facist Edwards promoted groups seeking to ‘cure’ gay people.

    Like I said I hate the BNP. But equally I do not trust the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Through the appointment of the facist Joel Edwards as a commissioner it has shown that it is not truly committed to equality.

  9. BNP to allow non white members? If I was non white I would not want to join (actually I am white and I dont want to join either!)

  10. “…which is to secure a future for the true children of our islands,” Griffin wrote.”

    Ummm, just exactly who does Nick Griffin think are the “true” inhabitents of the UK? I take it he never passed his history lessons.

    I wonder how BNP would cope with a mass sign-up of ‘other’ ethnic groups – I would be inclinded to join just to yank their chain! Sadly seeing as I’m pasty white and live at the other end of the world it wouldn’t do much good. ;-)

  11. Still, if they change their rules, and then non-whites apply to join and get turned down, it’ll be funny to see the BNP taken to court for discrimination compensation…wishful thinking but if they were bankrupted it would put a big smile on my face.

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