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The ugly side of South Africa’s attitude to gays

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  1. we have a family of South Africans that moved in next door to us earlier this year, and u can see the hatred for us when we go outside , they look at us as if we are dirt on their shoes since they realised we are gay, and when their friends turn up, you can see them looking and sniggering at us, needless to say when they are all out the front, we are prisoners in our own home, not daring to go out. what a country this has turned into, sometimes it makes me ashamed to be gay and wish someone would invent a str8 pill.

  2. SA’s state capital is one of those rape capitals. That country is not safe for women of all kinds.

  3. Paul: I hate to ask, but are this South African family black or White?

  4. PAul – you shouldn’t be ashamed
    the bigots should
    would they like it if they recieved bigoted treatment? I don’t get why many dish it yet won’t take it

  5. It was a terrible thing to happen but not every crime against a gay person can be homophobia motivated
    If you ever watch American police programmes, doesn’t the black guy always claim its because of the colour of his skin that he’s being stopped or arrested?

    It must be terrible to be openly gay and black in some parts of the world

  6. Christian 9 Sep 2009, 3:44pm

    Why try to find names to put on a list of bigots? Why not put ALL Christians onto the list. Any TRUE Christian IS a bigot, “a person who constantly and stubbornly holds a particular point of view etc”. The Bible does not teach us to be tolerant of sin or false beliefs. It teaches us to be STEADFAST in our beliefs. (To be bigots, if you like.)

  7. Sebastiene 7 Jan 2010, 7:04pm

    Only tolerance will see us through the next 1,000 years. Intolerance for our differences is at the center of all wars and arguments. How far do YOU think you would go to rid the world of those you don’t like, whether it be blacks,Jews, Arabs, Americans,homosexuals, etc.? Who will be left standing if we all beat,rape, and kill each other so we can be right(eous)?
    The answer is: nobody, of course. Maybe it is time to look at our thinking? Maybe it is time for every one of us to practice tolerance in our own lives?

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