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Stephen K Amos: ‘Where are all the other gay black comedians?’

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Reader comments

  1. I didn’t know he was gay, but I did already know he was awesome. ^_^

  2. not many people know he’s gay, it seems (although he is indeed awesome) – i’ve watched loads of his stand-up and appearances on various panel shows and he hasn’t mentioned it once, while he jokes about being black all the time. i only knew from “Batty Man”, a documentary he made a couple of years ago for Channel 4’s schools programming about homophobia in the black community.

    maybe if he wants to see more gay black comedians he should actually let his audiences know he is one himself – it also couldnt hurt the public’s perception of gay comedians in general, seeing as he’s one of the few who isn’t just a camp stereotype.

  3. Brian Burton 3 Sep 2009, 5:54pm

    Talented Funny-Man, In my time I’ve seen Black Comedians come and go. Dick Gregory made his name with Political Jokes. Flip wilson (The Flip Wilson Show) always got his bigest laughs when he dressed in Drag for some scetches.

  4. More to the point, where are all the (funny) white gay comedians?

    Is the aging Julian Clary and that other fat little queen Alan Carr all we’ve got?

  5. Ceratinly won’t find much comfort on Pink News. Many commentators here woudl rather deny the Black Gay experiennce in order to either ascribe all homophobia to Black people, or t6o say that being Gay is just like being black, i.e., the two don’t mix…

  6. Didn’t know he was gay either. Great comedian and refreshingly he is not the camp stereotypical queen, so he definitely helps show gay people are “normal” just like everyone else.

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