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Paramedic accused of homophobia and racism is suspended

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Reader comments

  1. “Touhey, who has since left to work at a private company, admitted calling Big Brother contestant Darnell Swallow an “albino nigger” but denied being homophobic, saying he had gay members of his family”

    So he thinks it is fine to be a racist, so long as he isn’t also a homophobe? The man is a disgrace to his profession.

  2. Since when did having gay relatives mean you’re not homophobic?
    Doesn’t work for some of my family, and the families of lots of people I know!
    Not much of a defence is it?

  3. Sounds like a right charmer. Alf Garnet is alive and well and riding around in the back of an ambulance.
    I’m shocked that he was re-employed so swiftly given that there’s a recession on. It can’t be down to his references…

  4. “Of all my relations, i like sex the best”!
    Now where have i heard this before.
    The man is a creep – I can’t even be bothered to scroll down to find his name – and how someone who has gone through the system where saving life and enhancing the quality of life is what their job is all about, can have this attitude, is beyond belief.
    Rather he would be selective in whose life he saves?
    I think not. Let’s hope he’s now in a job where he and his attitude cant harm anyone.

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