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Exclusive: Metropolitan police urges gays to report domestic violence

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Reader comments

  1. Boat-Rocker 3 Sep 2009, 7:29pm

    A very small move in the right direction!

    “People can request to speak to LGBT liaison officers”

    “He added that LGBT liaison officers have profiles on Gaydar, which LGBT people can access for advice”

    However, he doesn’t say if people can have there incidents investigated “by” LGBT liaison officers!

    What they are saying is; you can get advice, “but” it’s still be more lightly your incident will be investigated by an “untrained” police officer.

    Dear Met,

    We want to have our incidences investigated “by” LGBT liaison officers!

    I’ve been asking the ACPO this for 5 years and still they refuse to give way.

  2. Why? Why expose yourself (unless you have too) to yet further abuse, trauma & violation from homophobes in the police?

    So that police can more effectively target & abuse gay people who identify themselves by makeing complaints of homophobic incidents?

    …or is this just the way & continuing habit in 2009 of Devon & Cornwall Constabulary (under the blind-eyed command of Chief Constable Otter, the hilarious ACPO lead on ‘Equality & Diversity’, now thats a joke!) abuse of gay people who make legitimate complaints of homophobic incidents

    …perhaps the Met police really are better at it!

  3. Why bother? reporting a hate crime is bad enough, unless you are the right type of victim i.e sober and didn’t try to defend yourself= a true gay?

  4. If you don’t “bother” then how can we ever get more help and recognition for LGBT domestic violence?

    and the liaison officers can investigate it. they are police officers. Not sure where your info comes from.

  5. Sandra Williams 12 Nov 2009, 11:54am

    If you don’t report then nothing changes. The recent Broken Rainbow and Spectrum London Trans DV survey found around 1 in 3 trans people experience it. That’s the same kind of level as gay men.

    We have to chip away at things or they will never improve.

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