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Controversial Daily Mail journalist to speak at gay event

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Reader comments

  1. I’ll bet the local grocery stores run out of cartons of eggs the day this bigot speaks…LoL

  2. davevauxhall 3 Sep 2009, 1:52pm

    Phillips is a hateful bigot who believes in moral absoloutism and LGBT people in her world view are abosoloutely wrong, selfish for choosing our deviant sexuality and a threat to the family (which does not include us). The tone of her voice when she talks about homosexuals gives her away. She speaks with no respect for anyone who disagrees with her and thus I feel deserves none. She is full of hate and has railed against every piece of equality legislation or any legislation which would make the lives of LGBT people better. Why give a platform to this nasty bigot she already has a regular column and a place on the moral maze to spout her views.

  3. Chuckster 3 Sep 2009, 1:58pm

    Utterly predictable drivel. Someone is invited to speak and agrees to do so, but because they fall outside the narrow remit of strictly defined “acceptability” for some they ought to be silenced.

    I’m sure she’ll get a tough time, but good on her for accepting.

  4. It’s like Margaret Thatcher going to speak at a Trades Union Congress… She must have nerves of steel. I like the sound of this and I tihnk it will make for an interesting discussion.

    Bring her on!!

  5. davevauxhall 3 Sep 2009, 2:24pm

    I presume chuckster you were suggesting that criticism of Phillips or controversy at her as a choice is about silencing her. Ironic especially as she believes that homosexuality has no place in the public sphere. I wasn’t suggesting silencing her, she has plenty of opportunity to speak in various media. I was criticising giving her any more of a platform than she already has, but presume that lots of people would like an opportunity to question or challenge her. Her views on pretty much everything differ from my own, although I do find myself occasionally agreeing on some things to my horror. I think in general an overview of her views would fall outside a rather broad remit of what is acceptable rather than a narrow one. I can see that her talk and questioning might be fun to watch though.

  6. Robert, ex-pat Brit 3 Sep 2009, 2:53pm

    So this idiot thinks the gay rights agenda, whatever that means since there never was a gay agenda, undermines marriage? How exactly? Can she name one documented instance where civil partnerships that aren’t even marriages have done just that or better yet, how full marriage equality in Holland, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Canada and South Africa has affected marriage in the UK? The thing is, she can’t, none of them can. This is nothing more than homophobia and she can deny that it is, but that’s exactly what it is. When did she choose her sexual orientation, has anyone asked her that?

  7. I hope someone videos this :)

  8. shaunagus 3 Sep 2009, 3:49pm

    why does pinknews keep referring to people as “openly gay”. If people are closeted then just dont refer to their sexuality, if they are out then just refer to them as gay. Openly gay is such an old fashioned phrase, ugh….

  9. Tip top observation shaunagus – ” openly gay ” indicates bravery in the line of attack. Using such phrases in print only continues the shame of being ” open ” ( thus spoiling it for the rest of us ).

    Only closets and religious nuts appear to be amazed at such ” open brazenness “.
    Is Melanie Phillips ” openly heterosexual? or just a heterosexual woman? Gay is gay – open or closed.

  10. Of course Melanie Phillips jumped at this chance. Like all crazed bigots she is a pathetic self publicist. She lives her life defined by hatred. I think the invitation to her is a waste of time as Phillips will just use it to promote her evil, hate-filled agenda.

  11. Melanie Phillips speaking at a gay event? This is unbelievable. Having listened to her contributions time and again to “The Moral Maze” on Radio 4, it is clear why she is employed by the “The Daily Hate”. As someone says above, I hope the entire event is videoed and I hope some articulate gay men direct some pertinent questions at her, questions that should result in the eggs alluded to in Comment #1.

  12. Like others on this thread, I see no point in giving a platform to an unsympathetic self-promoter who already gives full rein to her right of freedom of speech, to which I take no exception. I love in particular the line about homosexuality being a ‘life-style choice’. So what are heterosexual marriage and the nuclear family? Involuntary nervous tics?

  13. Robert, ex-pat Brit 3 Sep 2009, 5:21pm

    Riondo, the m.o. of these homophobes is the “lifestye” reference to dehumanize us, its the code word for just that. It connotes choice. Ask a straight when he or she chose their sexual orientation and you’ll get one of two types of response. Some will say, “I didn’t, have always been this way or I never had to think about it” and then there are types like this moron Phillips who will use the lame, convenient excuse…”I didn’t have to because I’m in the majority and I’m “normal”. She and others like her know absolutely NOTHING about sexual orientation and I dare say know any gay people to make assinine, hateful comments about us.

  14. As satisfying as it may be to pelt her with eggs, I think more could be achieved by some well reasoned cutting remarks.
    You don’t have to agree with what she says but resorting to egg pelting would only win her the sympathy vote, and loose us the moral highground.
    And you just know how the Mail would report that.

  15. Why anyone would want to pay for the privileged of listening to that deranged old bigot is beyond my comprehension. Hell, even if you paid the audience, I would have thought you’d struggle to fill a phone box with rational people willing to listen to that racist homophobe .. which is no doubt why she goes down such a storm in the United States of Ars*holes.

    Still, if someone wants to invite her and she wants to accept that offer, then that is no more our business than our sexual orientation is her business.

  16. There are lots of things to pull her up on – not just on homosexuality, but her support of ‘intelligent design’ creationism, and this nonsense about ‘aggressive secularism’. She is exactly why we need to keep religion out of the public sphere.

    The bottom line is, the whole of science is against her. She isn’t qualified to be an authority on sexuality…

    Why are people on here so appalled that gay people have the golden opportunity of dialogue with a member of the Daily Mail brigade? I think it’s really important. I relish the opportunity to take on nonsense, especially her book Londonistan where she blames the rise of Islam on the lack of Christianity (give yourself a break, woman).

  17. “Phillips says she is not homophobic and believes that sexual orientation is a private issue that should not be in the public sphere”

    Can’t we have the bitch arrested. People like her shouldn’t be allowed to write this utter hatred piece of rubbish.

  18. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was actually a man. They should do gender orientation tests on her/him.

  19. I am disgusted Village Drinks would invite Melanie Phillips, a known homophobe, to speak at their organization. This will only hurt them. I hear Buju Banton, since his concerts were cancelled in the US, has some evening to come by for a gay hate sing-a-long too. Idiot move.

    Here it their contact us link, if you want to let them know how you feel:

  20. Get your questions together people, craft them carefully, and practice reading them out LOUD, slowly, and very CLEARLY (so the cameras will pick up what you are saying and so that you won’t blow it when you she points to you and invites you to ask your question).

    Everybody prepare!

    Go to The Daily Mail website, search for all articles by Melanie Phillips, read a good number of them, get to grips with who she is, how she argues, etc., and then write a very skilful question.

    I suggest a good question should follow the following pattern:

    “Ms. Phillips, on xth-of-xmonth year, you said “quote”.
    What you said means xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx and xxxxxxx.
    So could you please tell me how/why/where/what you believe XXXXXXX, XXXXXX, XXXXXX, and XXXXXXX?”

    And then let her deal with it. Don’t argue back off-the-cuff, unless you feel you can do so articulately and without losing face by being abusive. If you can’t argue articulately off-the-cuff, better not to answer back but to let the next speaker put a question to her.

    The main thing is: there must be lots of people ready, prepared, and practiced, with bloody good questions!

    All you have to do is attend, stand up, and read your question out loudly, slowly, and carefully, and let the world see her demonstrating her bigotry by the way she flouders around seeking to answer it.

  21. No matter what happens, she will write about how hostile her reception was and how clearly this confirms everything she has ever said about the LGBT community … and her comments will still receive a far bigger audience than any reporting in the LGBT/LGBT-friendly media.

    In all probability, giving her a platform will end up being a huge avoidable own-goal.

  22. Let’s not be defeatist. People who hold erroneous views very often alter them a little, and sometimes even drop them, IF they are sagaciously and tenaciously resisted and strongly and forcefully questioned WITH REASON. The challenge for us is to really test this very clever and bright woman, to hopefully cause her to go away so emotionally and intellectually shaken that she may possibly reconsider.

    No one wins a battle by telling themselves, “Oh, the other side will win regardless!”.

  23. This is wrong and outrageous. This is someone who attacks us and our rights constantly. Whether we agree she hates us or not, she ABSOLUTELY wants to deny us equal rights, saying that this would be an undermining of society. I wouldnt mind if Village drinks were bringing her on to discuss her stance on gay rights specifically – but theyre not, theyve just asked her to come and talk about her career and life – not the fact that she would deny the people she’s speaking to their basic human rights!

    Typically, the right wing self loathing gay community will just sit down and accept this. If we had any back bone we’d boycott the eventm boycott village drinks and protest outside.

  24. Robert, ex-pat Brit 4 Sep 2009, 5:44pm

    When this moron states that “sexual orientation is a private issue that should not be in the public sphere”, well now, the same should apply to those of the straight orientation who kiss in public and hold hands, acts that clearly demonstrate their sexual orientation. She’s an idiot. Notice how all these homophobes, and she most definitely is one in spite of her denial, have some connection to a religous cult or belief system? If anything, the only way to get religion out of the equation is to disestablish the state church and remove any tax exemptions many of these cults enjoy at our expense. Nothing but a bunch of parasites.

  25. Mad Mel – evolution denier, climate change denier, ‘homosexuality is a choice’ – hope the Q&A time is sufficient, I kind of feel like a mosquito at a nudist colony: where do I begin?!

  26. Pathetic whingers! Melanie has more intelligence in her little finger than the rest of you have in the totality of your tiny minds.

  27. Brian Burton 4 Sep 2009, 9:51pm

    There is just over twenty valid comments on this thread and DREW says, “Melanie phillips has more brains in her little finger than the rest of you have in the totality of your tiny minds.” Do you think Drew dos’nt like any of you?

  28. If Drew is gay, he needs to exercise his brain and do some difficult reading.

  29. I’ll be there with eggs and a video camera when she gives her speech
    How much you reckon News of the world will pay for that video?

  30. Brian Burton 5 Sep 2009, 2:50pm

    Drew sounds in Drew Barrimore?

  31. Brian, possibly! Drew may be a fem. lesbian who likes a vicious bullying gal like Melanie, spitting vitriol and hatred at her from over the cornflakes in the morning till her jaw and crazy eyes conk out sometime round midnight. Thanks for bringing the possibility to mind.

  32. How Bigots Deal With The Charge of Homophobia

    Previous Tactics
    1. Say some of your best friends are gay at the end of a sentence where you have made a statement of bigotry towards LGBT people

    New Tactics
    1. Attend or speak at gay pride
    2. Associate your self with or speak at gay events.

    Association with any thing gay does not negate bigotry!!!

    This appears to be a “New Tactic” amongst homophobic Bigots

  33. Simon Murphy 10 Sep 2009, 12:42am

    Mel looks like she’s in dire need of an orgasm.

  34. 21stCenturySpirituality 10 Sep 2009, 6:25pm

    Drew, define intelligence?

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