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Jersey civil partnerships ‘could cost £300,000’

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 3 Sep 2009, 4:37pm

    £300,000, Money is always a deciding factor in Greedy, Expencive Jersey! Jersey is the only Holiday destination where I cannot afford to return!

  2. Jersey could turn the island into a money-spinner if they introduced real marriages instead of these ‘civil partnerships’

  3. That’s what I was thinking, Dave.

    Simply allowing gay couples to enter into a civil marriage would be a lot cheaper (if not profitable) than creating civil partnerships. But clearly going through the trouble and expense of making separate unions for gays is preferable to just giving them equal rights.

  4. Well there is no indication of how many gay people live on the island, but they pay their taxes like everyone else, they also pay for maternity care, schools, further education and many other social benefits that they don’t need, so I see no reason why the public coffers can’t help them for once, and this is a one-off payment.

  5. Well as far as I know, Jersey is a tax free haven for millionaires so 300,000 is a bit small change really, I would think, compared with the long term benefits. Maybe the island could the a tax free gay haven too.

  6. Wow talk of civil partnerships just this year!!!! The age of consent was just made equal to 16 for everyone on the island of Jersey in 2007 (effective from 1 January 2008). Fully joint adoption for same-sex couples is also available as well on Jersey. The exact same thing has happened on the Isle of Man as well.

    Forshame Gilbralter and Gunersey!!!!!!! – Both Gilbralter and Gunersey are still stuck in the 1950’s with the age of consent at 18 for gay men and 16 for lesbians and heterosexual men and women.

  7. Mark (a different Mark from the one above) 4 Sep 2009, 12:49pm

    So what if it will cost a piddling amount of money to implemet what is only fair?

    If this bozo really thinks that the cushy little tax-haven of Jersey is so strapped for cash that it can’t afford to do the decent thing, then perhaps they should do the next sensible thing and save millions by revoking partnership privileges for all.

  8. Ward and George 4 Sep 2009, 4:45pm

    Aloha Friends,

    SUCH a nonsense! A quick trip to the copy-shop and ninety-nine percent of the costs — more like 300,000 pence, all in!

    Ward Stewart/ George Vye
    54 years together
    And yet
    Strangers before the law!

    What price to find EQUAL protection for All citizens?

  9. The usual story – they count the cost when they don’t actually want to spend the money.
    If Civil Partnerships aren’t approved, an LGBT holiday boycott should be arranged. Then they can lose money in a different way which might be even less to their taste.

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