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Playboy’s Hugh Hefner was an early gay rights activist

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Reader comments

  1. I think the idea of a gay society, where heteros are persecuted sounds good
    How do we set something like that up?

  2. The point is that we are meant to be happy and enjoy life without fear, hatred, vilification or prejudice of any sort on any group or individual person. Criminalizing heterosexuals is not the way to go and is totally uncool and unacceptable (as with criminalizing homosexuals)! As a gay man in several minority groups we are learning throughout time that the disabled, trade/religious/political affiliations, Muslims, women, blacks, Jews, gays, straights can all live together in peace and harmony.

  3. Lezabella 2 Sep 2009, 3:00pm


    Since I came from a heterosexual couple, a mother and father, I feel your idea is rubbish!

    Unless you were made via an Immaculate Conception I suggest you look at how you came to be!

  4. For someone so famous, if he really was a gay rights advocate then I’m sure we would have all heard about it long ago. So, I have doubts as to the truth of these rumours.

  5. George it is called ‘censorship’ – thats why we never hear about these stories.

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