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Peter Tatchell calls on gays to cut their carbon emissions

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Reader comments

  1. I do so wish Tatchell would stop referring to LGBT people as queers

  2. Stuart Neyton 2 Sep 2009, 3:34pm

    “I do so wish Tatchell would stop referring to LGBT people as queers”

    I don’t know. Queer is usually used in a derogatory way and I think he tries to use such words in an attempt to reclaim them, so to speak.

  3. If Tactchel were to shut that fat gob of his for a a while, it would reduce the UK hot air and CO2 emissions by a significant factor.

    How DARE this tosser complain when his former party has not instigated any energy policies, has no plans to build new power stations, and is burning gas when we only have a very limited supply left. We are encouraged to feel worried about leaving a light on when America wastes 80% of it’s resources.

  4. Is that not one reason why they are his Former party? He moved to the greens, partly because he felt Labour views were no longer in line with his own.

  5. Oh dear me, what do you guys rant on denigrating brave and courageous people who stand up, usually at great risk to themselves, when they say something you don’t want to take on board, as you are probarly living in your soft, comfortable, take everything you consume for granted lifestyles. Simple fact is climate change, global warming is NOW a reality and where I live I see it everyday. We can all do our bit as my solar panel allows me to communicate with you now. I plant trees and grow 90% of my own food and am passionate about all life other than 7 billion consuming humans of whom most would not have a clue where the food they are eating is grown or how it gets to them. Wake up and do your bit.

  6. I don’t disagree with Tatchell on climate change, but I do wish he would stop talking about queers like that.

  7. While I have every respect for much of Peter’s work in gay rights, he should not venture into areas of mainstream contention such as climate change. In this instance, Peter, you could do your bit to cut down carbon emissions by keeping your mouth firmly closed.

  8. It’s a proven fact that rearing animals for meat produces more green-house gases than all of the transport industry combined. Why doesn’t Peter Tatchell bravely raise this point? This site and its readers need to see that animals have it far worse than us so called queers…

  9. For the first time in almost eight years Peter Tatchell says something that isn’t totally deranged. I am almost tempted to revise my views on climate change just to spite the senile fool.

  10. Would somebody please tell Mr Tatchell to shut the F up? Nobody cares about him anymore. He’s an annoying old twat,period. And for god sake, this drive to call us queer is just p’ing me off. I hate it beyond belief, I am a gay male, not queer, just gay. Now go away you politically correct mister know all.

  11. Sorry Jon, you really should stop and take a serious look at your self and the history of gay and lesbian people who have fought to get you to your obvious comfort level that you enjoy today. If you need to attack so vehemently a man who has had the courage and guts to do what PT has done for GL people world wide, please tell us why. Older gay men have every right to call themselves Queer but then of course you are probarly too young to know exactly what Queer meant to the older generation.

  12. Brian Burton 4 Sep 2009, 7:13am

    Oh! Children of Pink! How facinating all your views on PT.
    This world of ours has been here at least a Billon years and no-matter who says what about global-warming, none of us will be around to see any of these ‘Mythical’ changes that is supposedly to take place in the future. The real issue for the immediate future on our tiny Planet is ‘Nutter Nations’ manufacturing Nuclear weapons. Britain and the USA alone have nuclear power enough to destroy this earth ten times over. When the first Nutter Nation makes the first strike (probabley on the UK!) then my dears…We’ll all go together when we go! What of global warming then?

  13. Peter Tatchell has shown again demonstrated he is way ahead of the game – whilst I too can’t stand his use of the term queer and find it as silly and insulting as women referring to themselves as bitches or blacks calling each other nigger, he is absolutely right to call on us to do our bit to save the planet. Whilst the great majority of us do not have children – which in itself is the most environmentally friendly thing to do on this vastly over-populated planet which is so rapidly using up its finite resources – we need to do more.

    In my experience us western gays have huge carbon footprints – we tend to be much better off than many so can afford big cars to race around polluting the environment, far more frequent holidays by plane to far-flung gay pleasure grounds like Sydney, Rio and Tel Aviv, every other weekend in Berlin, Amsterdam or Madrid, bigger houses to rattle around in etc etc. Because most of us don’t have a direct stake in future generations because we don’t have children, the future of this planet doesn’t seem to matter quite so much, even though we often do have nephews and nieces.

    So good on you Peter for drawing attention to this and encouraging us all to think a bit more about our legacy and be less self-centred in our lifestyles. Let’s all make sure we recycle to the max, ditch the car or use it less – cycle, take the bus and train instead, take the train not the plane for that future weekend in Manchester, Paris or Amsterdam – maybe even eat more responsibly too – less beef more veg, wasting less food, eating more locally produced food, not over-heating or over air-conditioning our homes, harnessing the sun to dry our laundry not a dryer. There is a lot we can do so lets do it!

  14. Thank you Thomas.

  15. Tatchell is an offensive twat. I find “queer” as offensive as black people find the term “nigger”, no matter how some people attempt to reclaim it for themselves.

    Come to think of it, all this gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, curious, slightly interested, asexual, trisexual, full-cream, low-fat, labeling bollocks should be put into one word that encompasses all non-heterosexuals, and another word for those people that disapprove of them. And as for “homophobia”, it’s not a phobia, they aren’t afraid, they just don’t like us, so bloody well say so.

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