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Councillor reveals his HIV status at Manchester Pride

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Reader comments

  1. Well good on him for saying he is HIV positive and also for emphasizing the problems many HIV gays have. Much more needs to be done to educate the gay community about HIV and the dangers there of. I also believe that the gay community needs to be a lot more responsible in how we live our lives. Freedom is one thing but irresponsible freedom, costs. Safe sex always, use a condom and live a long and happy gay life.

  2. Well done, Paul. You’ve been very brave.

  3. Monkeychops 2 Sep 2009, 3:06pm

    Rich – I totally agree with you. That personal responsibility is the key to all of this. But HIV charities, government programmes to promote safer sex, gay magazines…..the information is absolutely everywhere and has been for years, but gay men just seem to ignore it. You cannot turn a page of a gay mag without seeing a red ribbon, advice on safer sex. Not to mention the leaflets in clubs, pubs and advice centres and the free condoms and lube you often find along with them. How we get gay men to take responsibility, I just have no idea, it seems to be the one thing they cannot be convinced to do, even when it so obvious that it is the one thing holding us all back. It seems the only thing that worked was the shock tactics of 20 odd years ago when people had tobe frightened into being safe.

    What I’d be interested to know is how long this guy has had HIV? If he has acquired it since being a campaigner in the 1980s and setting up this charity, it doesn’t look good. How would he be setting a good example when he clearly hasn’t followed his own advice?

  4. Stuart Neyton 2 Sep 2009, 3:30pm

    “but gay men just seem to ignore it”

    Don’t be ridiculous. He may have been living with it for many years. There’s been quite a lot of progress in the knowledge of HIV/Aids since the 1980s. You seem to slam this man for having aids, which isn’t fair. He has courage, and it’s stories like his that will make people think twice before ignoring all the advice.

  5. Monkeychops 2 Sep 2009, 4:04pm

    Stuart – Stop over-reacting. I haven’t slammed him for having AIDS, I’ve simply questioned that if he had acquired AIDS after being so informed about it (i.e. a campaigner), then he obviously hasn’t been following his own advice. I don’t like being preached to by hypocrites. I feel sorry for the guy, I certainly wouldn’t want that illness.

    And yes, gay men do ignore it, otherwise they wouldn’t be still getting it in such large numbers would they? Just go on the thread discussing the HIV charity response, everyone is agreed that gay men are ignoring advice – and are busy trying to find ways of stopping the spread of this awful disease.

  6. Jean-Paul Bentham 2 Sep 2009, 5:55pm

    Tu me fais rire, ma grande folle. Fais la grande fille et sois gentille, hein.

  7. Stuart Neyton 2 Sep 2009, 9:54pm

    “And yes, gay men do ignore it”

    Missing out the word “some” changes this from an obvious fact to a sweeping generalisation.

  8. Stuart – Moral Mary Monkeychops makes sweeping generalisations all the time. However, if you question his reasoning or evidence, and why his duke of edinburgh bronze award for backpacking in Bulgaria makes him any better placed to comment on gay people in Manchester, he crumples up and resorts to playground insults. Ironic that he acts in exactly the fashion of the bitchy queens that, he claims, make up the gay scene he dispises so much. He really must hate himself.

  9. Oh what pish, I can barely believe this thread is going on. Even if he acquired HIV in recent times it could be through a trusted partner’s infidelity, an unlucky condom break or so much more. Get down off that preachy soapbox.

  10. 21stCenturySpirituality 3 Sep 2009, 11:08am

    Monkeychops, yet more value judgements, condemnation, resentment, hostility, generalisation, stereotyping ( I know you’ve already talked about your so called reasoning on this one), superiority thinking, etc. If its all so terrible Monkeychops why do you even bother getting up? Cant you think of anything positive to say about other gay men? You claim to know other gay men and be in a relationship with one, are they all irresponsible, promiscuous junkies as well or is it just possible that not all 120,000,000 or so gay men alive today are the same and should not all be tarred with the same brush?

    This man has done a very brave and courageous thing and it seems the only thing you can think about is… well actually what you are saying puts me in mind of the ‘good AIDS’ and ‘bad AIDS’ satire from the Brass Eye series a few years back. Not a very compassionate response is it Monkeychops?

  11. Brian Burton 4 Sep 2009, 7:39am

    Everyone who becomes aflickted with HIV/ADS should warn anyone they intend to have casual sex with of their situation. It would help to stem the growing tide of HIV cases.

  12. Hi guys. I posted a simple “Well done, Paul” here the other day, came back here just now and read Monkeyshops’ “the information is absolutely everywhere and has been for years, but gay men just seem to ignore it” and am so glad to see that a good number of you have pulled him on this extraordinary and damning generalisation.

    MC, the truth is that a comparatively small number of gay men, just like heterosexual men, have acquired HIV regardless of the safe sex campaigns, but you’ve got it in for gay men in general, haven’t you, yet you claim to be gay. So, clearly, you don’t find anything or much that is loveable in your gay brothers and sisters. I pity the gay partner that you claim you have. I bet he has a hard time passing muster. Please get the message: you can sneak from thread to thread on PinkNews but if it’s negativity in general towards gay men that you’re interested in spreading, then we just won’t stand it. Got it?

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