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Ice cream renamed in honour of Vermont gay marriages

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Reader comments

  1. I wonder if those brain dead nutcases at the American Family Association will boycott them?

  2. Adrian T – You took the words right out of my mouth. Let’s see if Ben and Jerry are better at taking the heat than some of the larger corporate names caught in the culture war. I hope they stick to their principles.

  3. Makes me proud to be a Ben & Jerry’s fan!

  4. The C*nt of Monte Crisco 1 Sep 2009, 3:56pm

    Good ol’ B&J’s :)

  5. on the subject of boycotting, aren’t Dell, HP, IBM, GNU, Apple & Microsoft also lgbt-supportive? one can only hope AT&T, AOL et al will follow suit :)

  6. Joe Mustich, JP 1 Sep 2009, 7:23pm

    Cool guys! Joe Mustich,
    Justice of the Peace, Washington, Connecticut, USA.

  7. Peace, Love and Ice-Cream! Proud to be a former B&J’s scooper!

  8. roflmao. That’s the most random thing I’ve seen all day. Love it!

  9. BTW, on reading the label “Fudge covered peanut butter filled pretzels in Vanilla malt Icecream with Fudge and peanut butter”
    Am I imagining things, or are they packing a lot of fudge in there?

  10. Well, if they’re all about equality and social justice, shouldn’t they also have one in support of lesbians as well?

  11. If they had one in support of lesbians: I suggest that if “hubby-hubby” is short for “husband-husband” then the appropriate name for lesbian marriage supportive ice cream would be “wi-wi”, short for “wife-wife”> We could all get a cone and lick our “wi-wi’s.”

  12. I don’t think they will do a lesbian one, although it would be good to see
    I’ll bet there is some nutcases out there threatening to boycott
    Do they not realise how many gay people probably work in the factories and shops that process and pack their food?

  13. Another Chris 2 Sep 2009, 5:49pm

    Hah – that made my day. I wonder if they got the idea from Jon Stewart –—jerry

  14. Flapjack: Um, sorry to disappoint you there, but if you think Ben & Jerry’s is still run by two weirdy-beardies in a shack in Vermont, think again. They sold out to Unilever in 2000.

    Oh, and as for a lesbian ice-cream, just do a plain vanilla, but serve it in a furry cup.

  15. RobN-

    Hmmm you seem to know exactly what a lady flavour is…

    Who knew you’d tasted the delights of a vanilla furry cup eh Rob???


  16. Lezabella: If I’d wanted to be that crude, I would have, but who’s going to eat anchovy flavoured ice cream? ;o)

  17. I like vallina sex also!

  18. Lezabella 3 Sep 2009, 1:47pm


    Ha ha mate now I know for sure you haven’t! :)

  19. Actually, I’ve just discovered this particular ice cream is packed with fudge. (I kid you not!)

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