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Gay marriage now legal in Vermont

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Reader comments

  1. Congratulations to Vermont for introducing anti-discrimination practices (wherever Vermont is).

    Article says: “However, the news was not welcomed by all factions of the Vermont community. An anti-gay group, Westboro Baptist Church, plans to stage a protest in the state capital Montpellier. The group, known for its slogan of ‘God Hates Fags’ believes that the deaths of American soldiers at war are an act of punishment from God in reaction to America’s growing tolerance of gay partnerships.”

    They don’t believe that at all. They believe in bigotry and discrimination, otherwise they would be campaigning against greedy people and drunk people who are condemned in the bible. I wonder what society should do with such bigots.

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 1 Sep 2009, 1:15pm

    Tsuchan, Vermont is in the northeastern part of the U.S., a beautiful state and the first state in America to offer civil unions five years before the UK did. Thank goodness they realised that the only way to full equality was to upgrade to full marriage equality. Well done, Vermont. Maine is supposed to be the next state, also in the northeast, but already, religious cultists there and other bigots are rallying to have it overturned, ditto in Iowa that already has marriage equality.

  3. Brian Burton 1 Sep 2009, 2:01pm

    Sinatra sang about ‘Moonlight In Vermont’……Hubby, Hubby sounds great fun!

  4. same thing here at Vatican city! Now the Pope can get marry with Satan!!

  5. just conducted a study with 851 viewers of an ad by Truth and Hope supporting gay marriages. The results showed that Democrats and Independents reported ‘happiness’ and ‘inspiration’ as the emotions they felt most during the ad while Republicans reported ‘disturbed’ and ‘happiness’ as the emotions they felt most while viewing the ad. The study also found that 83% of Democrats, 77% of Independents, and 58% of Republicans indicated that the ad was effective. For more in-depth results, please visit

  6. Sandy Roberts 2 Sep 2009, 12:17am

    HOORAY!!! FOR THE PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE A UNION OF TWO PEOPLE SHOULD BE RECOGNIZED AS BEING LEGAL REGARDLESS OF GENDERS. It’s going to take time for the idea to settle in but acceptance is inevitable. Next step? That gays will be allowed to adopt. You must fight for what you believe in. Don’t back down and hold your heads up high. Congratulations to those who have taken advantage of the permissions granted by the state of Vermont! HOLIDAYKEYWEST.COM

  7. Sandy, just of of curiosity, who in here do you expect to actually use that website for holidays given your lame and cheap tactics to advertise it here, especially as it cheapens this good news story?

    I for for one would be very inclined not to use that website now. Did you ever factor that in your cheap advertising strategy?

  8. @Sandy Roberts

    Gays and straights as couples and individuals (whether married or single) can jointly adopt a child or have a second parent adoption process in Vermont (VT) since 1996. Source that is trustworthy from HRC:

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