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Whoopi Goldberg records message of support for Budapest Pride

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 28 Aug 2009, 1:00pm

    As In Madona’s case, Words of encouragement from Stars like Whoopi Goldburg will be remembered.

  2. I was at Budapest Pride in 2004.

    There was no trouble whatsoever back then. I wonder what happened

  3. Thanks Whoopi :)

  4. Nice one Whoopi and thanks to the US Ambassador who signed the joint statement of support with the other dozen or so embassies.

  5. God Bless you Whoopie!

  6. Stuart Neyton 29 Aug 2009, 4:02pm

    This is why everyone loves Whoopi!

    Vince, the far-right in Hungary have come a long way in the last few years. In the euro-elections back in June the extremist party Jobbik got I think around 16% of the vote, nearly as much as the ruling Socialist Party. I know that’s meaningless in the context of militant opposition to pride events, but the rise in these movements are interlinked. I hope Sunday’s events go smoothly.

  7. Jean-Paul Bentham 29 Aug 2009, 5:34pm


  8. good on you whoopi,

    we went to budapest in 2004 and found it to be gay friendly especially hotels and people generally. makes you aware that thing can get worse in countries when fascists get bored and need a scapegoat!

  9. Stuart and Dave are absolutely right, the city and its people are in fact gay friendly it is the bad economic situation which makes people unhappy or even depressed and brings out violence in radicals. I live in Budapest and I can tell the change for the worse happened in fall 2006 when the socialist-liberal prime minister admitted he had lied to voters in order to be reelected. Since then, attacks on minorities – especially on gypsies but to some extent gays and jewish people as well – have been much more frequent and 2007 was the first year when the Budapest Pride march was attacked.

  10. Well done Whoopi. Thank you very much

  11. John (Derbyshire) 31 Aug 2009, 10:54pm

    Why don`t we have British stars expressing support for gays in this country? If Iain Duncan Smith gets his way- Lesbian partners will be unable to register as co-parent of their children!!

  12. Hungarians are NOT gay-friendly.If you speak the language (and almost nobody does),you hear what the average person says.It is a paranoid nation – they really believe that the world is against them.It is chauvinism so bad that even Gays support the racist and homophobic attacks because foreign critics,like Whoopie, are attacking them.Being a tourist in Budapest for a few days is very different from living there.I wonder if Cora speaks Hungarian.The only proGay place there is Central European University.

  13. Thnx Whoopi for supporting Hungarian GLBT. More Hungarian actors should do the same what you did.

  14. whenever those questionnaires come round my email askign who I would like to have dinner with Whoopi has always been one of my top five picks (Vanessa Redgrave, Mia Kirschner (her work in malawi is so inspiring), Peter O’Toole, Sidney Poitier are the others). Now I know what was in my heart is true,,she is a fabulous human being.

  15. Local Foreigner 10 Feb 2011, 1:27am

    Well, this is a worrying trend in Hungary, although hopefully not too much capital will be made of it my the political class. The media here tend to shy away from any controversial gay stories, or positive ones. In fact, there is usually a dearth of reporting on gay issues in the mainstream media. however provides more independent coverage of pride etc. Although I have no idea what to make of the most recent article in the Budapest Times:

  16. I adore this woman.

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