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Live Nation cancels concerts by homophobic Jamaican singer

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Reader comments

  1. What wonderful news – hit these homophobes where it hurts, in their wallets.Shame on Live nation for acting as promoter for such vile acts.

    How spineless are we in the UK. We allow these homophobes entry into the Uk, we allow them to gig as long as they promise not to sing one of their homophobic songs. And we allow the like of HMV to continue to sell their CDs which incite the murder of gay men (That said the hate songs can be purchased via itunes). we allow pirate radio stations to play their homophobic songs -wonderful.


  2. i agree with Lee, and add that the music industy needs a total ban for all homophobic songs.

  3. I noticed Elephant man’s posters going up all over Liverpool recently. Does anyone know if he signed the Reggae compassionate act or not?
    Whatever the case I won’t be watching his concerts any time soon. I feel ambiguous about the value of getting these singers to renounce their former homophobia.
    I’m doubtful whether these leopards have genuinely changed their spots, but I guess it dissuades them from pushing their bigotry at a young and impressionable audience, however cynical their motives.

  4. What would homophobic Buju think if lots of records were easily available with white guys singing about ‘black boy, boom, boom, bye.

    I mean seriously, I just cannot grasp how people who were once treated like sh*t for the colour of their skin, can now proceed to incite hatred and sing about killing another group of innocent people.

    I just cannot ever understand how that works. Is it all just about the money Buju???

    Good that the concerts have been stopped.

  5. Excellent news.

    This evil, vile, disgusting bigot must be hounded everywhere he tries to perform, and stopped.

  6. Dave North 28 Aug 2009, 8:14pm

    J Mathews:

    You can thank the Christian Missionaries for that.

    Taking “the good word” to the ill educated islands of the Vicky empire.

    Aint religion wonderful….:-)

  7. Live Nation Support

    Thank you for contacting Live Nation. We will do our best to personally address your inquiry in a timely manner. To find answers around-the-clock, please visit our online FAQ at

    Question Reference #090828-000356
    Summary: Buju Banton
    Product Level 1: Event Feedback
    Date Created: 08/28/2009 12:41 PM
    Last Updated: 08/28/2009 12:41 PM
    Status: Unresolved

    Discussion Thread
    Customer 08/28/2009 12:41 PM
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for having the courage and decency to cancel the planned tour of this ignorant homophobe.

  8. This just goes to prove that if we make enough fuss, just as most other minority groups do, our voices will be heard. The trouble is a lot of gay people seem to be so apathetic about this sort of thing. The fact is we need to stand up for ourselves more to ensure we are treated with respect and equality in the future.

  9. jonnielondon 28 Aug 2009, 9:43pm

    This crap was also cancelled in Canada in 2007 due to an outpouring of protest especially from EGALE Canada.

  10. After having so many cancelled concerts over the world clearly he hasn’t learned that homophobia is wrong and still believes he is just in leading this hopeless crusade

    Put him on the list of people banned from the UK

  11. Jean-Paul Bentham 29 Aug 2009, 4:02am

    Like Bugs Bunny would say: What a maroon!

  12. People who like this idiots crap music have got to be a bit simple.

  13. Har Davids 29 Aug 2009, 1:00pm

    What I don’t understand is that the promoter didn’t check Buju’ lyrics beforehand; this is bad for business and bad for it’s reputation, at least it makes Live Nation look stupid. As for the ‘Reggae Compassionate Act’, it shouldn’t even have to exist. After all, there’s no act for white artists, pledging no to incete hatred agains Blacks or Asians.

  14. oh man, ban him please!!

  15. it’s still available on youtube along with all the hatefull comments, so sad

  16. Jean-Paul Bentham 30 Aug 2009, 12:35am

    From a tourist brochure:

    “Jamaica is an adamantly homophobic nation. Homosexual intercourse between men is illegal, and antigay hysteria is a staple of musical lyrics. Homosexuality is a subject that evokes extreme reactions among Jamaicans, and it is difficult to hold a serious discussion on the topic.”

    ‘nough said, innit.

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