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Britain among countries backing Budapest Pride

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Reader comments

  1. The staff at the British Embassies seem to have been doing some very positive work this summer. If you think this is helpful why not send them an email to say so, Im sure they’d appreciate it.

  2. If you get a positive response back from them then let me know an il send em an email too

  3. Hi Tigra, I can confirm that I have already had a positive response.

  4. Brian Burton 30 Aug 2009, 7:04am

    History in the making. That there should be such a thing as ‘Budapest Pride.’ More power to their elbow I say.

    I am an older Gay man whoe was brought up in a time when Hungary was a horendous communist state, where even breathing was rationed. I remember 1956 when the Russians sent their tanks into Budapest to brutaly put down their bid for freedom.

    The world is a better place now because of Gays and Gay Pride. Long may it last.

  5. @Brian Burton – till the end of time. We ain’t gonna give up now or ever

  6. Brian Burton 31 Aug 2009, 5:21pm

    You are such a comfort I could kiss you!

    Rich, why don’t you join our group of warriors on the ‘MY Pink’ just click on ‘MY’ in the top left corner and fill in your profile as we all have? It’s fun and we exchange info etcetra.

  7. I supported our embassy in Poland earlier this year, and complained to my MP (Ben Bradshaw) about the criticisms made against our ambassador for supporting LGBT rights in that country. I received a nice reply, and a statement from the Foreign Office affirming the commitment by Britain’s ambassadors to LGBT equality overseas. I’m surprised none of you heard my jaw crash on the floor!

  8. @Brian Burton I am on My Pink under Rich but I am not sure how to add friends yet

  9. Local Foreigner 10 Feb 2011, 1:26am

    Well, this is a worrying trend in Hungary, although hopefully not too much capital will be made of it my the political class. The media here tend to shy away from any controversial gay stories, or positive ones. In fact, there is usually a dearth of reporting on gay issues in the mainstream media. however provides more independent coverage of pride etc. Although I have no idea what to make of the most recent article in the Budapest Times:

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