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VIDEO: WWF boss criticised for using “gay” as an insult

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Reader comments

  1. Sorry, but I fail to be offended when someone describes something as “gay”. Not because I refuse to box myself into a label and refuse to describe myself as gay, but because as often than not it is intended as a compliment, e.g. if something is in good taste it can be described as gay because gays are known for being ahead of the trends. Maybe GLAAD need to keep themselves busy however they can to ensure those celebrity studded galas and campaign funds keep rolling in, and now that most rights have been one they are kinda grasping at straws. Personally, I think it is quite a momentous event that the word gay should be broadcast from a WWE wrestling ring – the supposed epitome of macho hedonism!

  2. Um….WWF = World Wildlife Fund….how is it that the title of the article doesn’t even match the actual article? What’s up with shoddy journalism?

  3. @Monica;

    WWF in this instance stands for World Wrestling Federation. /end wrestling geekiness :( haha

    1. Except that at this point, the company had been the WWE for the past four years.

  4. Have you seen Cirque De So-gay as it is called here in the States? It is the French Canadian butt of every joke. Please. For once in his hypocritical life, Vince might be right about something. He should know. I mean he is the purveyor of one of the most homoerotic public spectacles since the Coliseum went disco under Trajan. What with the gayest fetish-style hoods and leather-like PVC shorts, chaps and vests out, is it Monday Night Raw or Folsom Street Fair?

  5. Brian Burton 28 Aug 2009, 7:11am

    What a storm in a teacup! Knickers firmly in a twist over the word ‘GAY’? Oh Please, let’s not ban the word ‘GAY’ from any context of public utterances! GAY, GAY, GAY….there I’ve spocken it thrice! WWF Boss, may you have many sons and may your camals have many humps!

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