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Miami appeals court hears gay adoption case

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Reader comments

  1. So he’s fostered them for four years perfectly satisfactorily, but isn’t good enough to adopt? Discrimination pure and simple.

  2. Stuart Neyton 27 Aug 2009, 6:44pm

    I’m a bit confused as to why gays and lesbians are suitable foster parents if they’re unsuitable for adopting themselves. This is clearly a stable home, and it’s not fair on the two brothers if they can’t get legal protection from the person who’s raised them for the past four years simply because of his sexual orientation.

  3. Eagle Ashcroft 27 Aug 2009, 7:53pm

    You got to remember that Florida is the most backward Third World hick redneck state in the USA as it has always been and anyone who passes laws against gays and Lesbians are all closeted kings and queens who by passing these unconstitutional laws are doing so because the law makers are gay themselves and don’t want anyone to know they are, otherwise if they were “straight” they should have no fear of gays and Lesbians. I raised 15 adopted children from babies with two different marriages, both with Lesbians and out of those 15 children only one was gay, the 14 others were “straight” and when they married all their children but two were “straight.” One of my grand children was gay and one was a Lesbian. So what is this flack over as to why gay parents are not allowed to adopt children? I knew two gay men living together as lovers who raised a boy from a baby and when he grew up (he was “straight”)he married a girl and had a family and there was nothing gay about their son nor was their son attracted in any way toward his own sex, but he was very attracted to girls at an early age (12), so this BS by Florida’s law that won’t let gays and Lesbians adopt children makes no sense except to say “the law makers passed the laws because they were all gay and did not want anyone to know it.” End of story.

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