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Italian gays condemn football manager and call for hate crimes legislation

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 27 Aug 2009, 2:21pm

    Of course, much of the institutionalised homophobia in Italy stems from the roman cult. However, it is baffling that Italy is one of the few western countries that never criminalised homosexuality and yet this climate of intolerance and discrimination persists, a societal attitude that we find in the eastern baltic states. Greece isn’t much better either.

  2. the situation in italy is unbelievable. Homophobia in italy is at its highest recort, lgbt people are killed, wounded, stabbed, ruined for ever and italy is the only nation in western europe without a law. Freedom House has just written a report about freedom in italy (today italy is simpli a mafia-fascist state), the only nation to be considered partly free in europe (together with turkey, 90% asian nation). It’s the Pope, it’s as simple as that. It’s the Vatican. They are in charge, they control everything, they are the real government in italy. It’s a catholic theocratical dictatorship within a secular democratic republic. a dictatorship inside a democracy. They oppose always secularism, freethinking, laws against homophobia. it’s unbelievable. The E.U. should kick italy out of europe. that’s it.

  3. Well Italy is barely even a democracy so I’m not surprised by the situation there.

    I mean the PM owns the media in Italy – that is not the hallmark of a free society.

    Then with the evil old pope things really are appalling there.

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