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Lib Dem MP accuses Tories and local paper of twisting the facts over gay group grant

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Reader comments

  1. So, lets hear it from David Cameron and his party of pro-equality. The silence is deafening.

  2. Does the Tory Mp doesn’t even bother to explain why this is NOT a “worthwhile and respected’ cause? I think not; he just relies on pavlovian indignation to ‘political correctness’.

  3. D’oh – should not be a ‘doesn’t in the first line!

  4. Stuart Neyton 27 Aug 2009, 7:13pm

    This is a silly rant and a waste of time. I’d be interested in knowing what other projects the Lottery have funded in Bristol. If this were public money then, although I wouldn’t agree with him, i’d understand where the councillor would be coming from. It is a lot of money but homophobia costs lives. I agree with Stuart. “Political Correctness” has become meaningless.

  5. John (Derbyshire) 27 Aug 2009, 9:08pm

    What hope is there for any of us after they win the next election ? (And sadly-I believe they will)

  6. Well done, Stephen Williams!

  7. Anybody who doubts that EACH will turn out a report that is more than value for money, and will doubtless have ideas which will be adopted across the country if not the world, would do well to check out their website on some of the excellent, ground breaking work for Bristol City Council.

  8. Sign of things to come. The whole issue of cutting public spending is central the way Conservatism works. There is direct continuity between the voice of Bristol and the current planned cuts of the shadow cabinet.

    Torys SAY they don’t do social politics only finacial politics. This leads to the kind of politically derived social engineering like banning the rights of gay people for 18 years and refusing any funding to counter the negative effects of their policies. They say ‘politicians shouldnt meddle in such matters’. (Banning = politics is absent) and also it supports what they call Christian decency.

    It’s interesting they do this again in this story. Homophobia in the playground is a current ‘live’ education-issue that receives no funding from central government. But the torys deride the idea of it being funded by the National Lottery and in the process make a non political issue political. Teaching children not to hate what a political party has encouraged them to do so every time it got into power is not so much political as plain neccassary. Off-set this against the Tory love of wealth and repsectability; of grand public schools where children have it all and homosexuality has traditionally been cannonized as a sign of ancient-greek inspired membership into the upper classes. Now compare that with the encouragement of anti gay sentiment in society as a whole and particually against gay children. What you have is a nut-bag political party that should never hold any political power.

  9. Pave the way for a pink party in future, if it put people before taxes they would quickly take over from this useless government and all the money grabbing “underpaid” mps.

    I would like to contest their “low” wages and compare them to the minimum wage

  10. Yawn – more bleating about context-free one sided information.

    Yes there will be cuts in public expenditure, probably massive, and most likely painful, but this is thanks to Brown’s woeful managament of finances, not Tory mean-spirited penny pinching.

    Anyway he’s talking about lottery grants not public money from central government, and just for the record, I’d much rather see such grants go to scout groups than “Travellers”.

  11. Boat-Rocker 28 Aug 2009, 11:29am

    EACH are snuggerlers!!!!

    How do you suppose they have worked with so many government orgiazations?

    Its because they (EACH) tell’s them what they (the government) wants to hear!

    This money will only go to gay groups that are willing to collude with EACH and government organizations!!!!

    In other words groups/organizations that don’t confront issues of real homophobia, thus upsetting the flow of money to EACH.

  12. Boat-Rocker (11) have you actually ready anything that EACH has produced, have you considered how useful the information that they are putting out is to teachers, and other youth professionals, in trying to adapt their policies in dealing with homophobia.

    Have you come up with any ideas to combat homophobia yourself, or are you just one of these people that complains about others doing stuff and never get off your backside and try to make a difference yourself?

    Please enlighten us. Having read, in EACH’s information, how to confront what appear to me to be real issues of homophobia, just what do you consider ‘real’ homophobia? Furthermore how would you suggest this ‘real’ homophobia is actually dealt with. I am sure that if you came up with a good enough plan then you could get funding from somewhere to do it.

    Or perhaps you just prefer to complain about those who are trying to make a difference.

  13. Boat-Rocker 28 Aug 2009, 1:45pm

    EACH colludes with the authorities.

    The authorities would rather all of the eggs were kept in one basket so that they can deal with the gay community at arms length.

    However once the new Equality Bill becomes the Equality Duty (a legal duty that the authorities will have to abide to by law) this will force the authorities to work with the gay community!

    In this case EACH wants to keep all of the eggs in one basket witch flies in the face of what the Equality Duty will do. The duty will force publicly funded youth centres to start LGBTQ youth groups and EACH is colluding with the authorities to try and prevent that from happening.

  14. How does vulpine rover turn a bit about Lib Dems criticising tory homophobia and warning of us of what we can expect, into labour bashing? By a yawn. Not everybody who loathes the tories is labour loving, as labour had nothing to do with this story. I think even rover knows what we can truly expect from Cameron’s motley crew, which is why rover barks so loud, and so falsley.

  15. vulpus_rex 28 Aug 2009, 5:05pm

    Matt B – find someone else to stalk.

    Anyway you’ve completely missed the point, not sure if you’re being disingenuous or just plain thick.

  16. Cameron made a big show of apologising for Section 28, so does that mean he will find programmes to put right the hatred generated by it, since he recognises that his party was responsible? Why isn’t anyone going to him to ask for his position? Holding him to account for the reality of the barely suppressed homophobia in his party? As a lesbian who was a teacher at the worst point of Section 28, I saw directly the damage it did and probably absorbed some damage myself.

  17. Merseymike 1 Sep 2009, 1:32am

    Very hard to believe that the Tories have really changed when you read a story like this.

  18. Cllr Stephen Ellis 1 Sep 2009, 3:53pm

    As a member of LGBTory, I’ve been appalled to hear the comments that such grants are ‘mistaken and misguided’ and a ‘waste of money’. I suspect this is another voice of a Councillor who represents the Tory past. It’s certainly not a view I share as part of a modern Conservative Party. Shame on Cllr Eddy … keep your narrow-minded views to yourself.

  19. One a Tory always a Tory – MODERN they have no concept of modern they are the same old peddlers of hatred they have always been and no amount of Camolisious Spin will change that white middle class boys club. And to think we’re going to have to put up with those backward idiots soon – One way ticket to Libya please

  20. Mark Bradshaw 2 Sep 2009, 4:06pm

    Bristol’s Labour Councillors have attacked the Tory view on this welcome extra funding for EACH – our letter was published in the Bristol Evening Post, but anti-tory/Cameron comments were deleted/censored? Details of the letter can be found on my twitter page:

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