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Report: HIV having little impact on gay men’s ability to work

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Reader comments

  1. I would have liked a study that concentrated on if people had lost there job, what were the issues? With a recession on, what barriers to those who are trying to return to the work market feel they face?

    A positive report for those in work but what about those who are not?

  2. Of the estimated 37,200 gay men advised to be affected with HIV/AIDS with in the UK this survey equate to 0.048387% of the population.

    Data shows that out of the estimated 62,000 affected with HIV/AIDS 7,510 claim Disbaility Living Allowance which equals 12% of the pouplution affected by HIV/AIDS with in the UK.

  3. Simon Murphy 26 Aug 2009, 11:31pm

    The trouble with HIV is the stigma surrounding it. The reality of living with HIV on a day to day basis is no different from living with any other chronic illness. I’m not surprised HIV does not unduly impact the working lives of people who have it. So long as the stigma can be addressed then all should be OK.

  4. Paul Halsall 27 Aug 2009, 4:12pm

    The stigma is the biggest issue.

    But note – 42% still find problems.

    And I can tell you, after 24 years with HIV, even with the numbers still good, it does affect your health.

    Much better no to get it.

    The best way for that to happen is probably for as many HIV+ people as possible to begin drug treatment ASAP. After that, there are still risks, but people are much less liable to be infectious.

  5. I know several men with HIV/AID here in in the United States and I cannot see why they should be drawing the beniefits such as Medical for all their expenses, receiving free food stamps and disability payments if they are able to work. I know that they deserve care, but benefits should be based on their ability to work and not just because the have HIV/AIDS.

  6. Lorna McArdle 28 Aug 2009, 10:21am

    Are any in this report out with HIV, so living with it, being able to work with it, and letting people know is 2 different things.

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