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Italy’s football coach rejects hypothetical gay couple

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Reader comments

  1. My boyfriend is a footballer with a local team in Spain.

    He is open about his sexuality and thus, none of his team mates have a problem.

  2. Ciao

    In my opinion, it is a pity, that people feel they can not be free to express their true gender, sexual orientation, and relationship status, in a great country like Italy, which should be a world leader when it comes to human rights.


  3. I’m quite surprised Pink News is wasting time reporting on what this guy is saying but remains quiet about gay people getting attacked left and write, even stabbed, in homophobic attacks.

    Anyway, I always thought that story about the rent boy was a bit fishy. I’m no football expert but if he’s got 12 clients in the national team, doesn’t that mean that he’s sleeping with the whole team?

    And then there’s the thing that they like him because he’s discreet… he does seem very discreet!

  4. I agree with Valerio above, what a load of old drivel.

    The truth is, if two people want to be together there is no force on earth that can stop them.

  5. Rugby is the way to go really – in the rugby world they would never give this kind of statement – and we have Mr Owen as a proof

  6. What an asshole. We have lots of gay men in our health club here in Annapolis, MD. They don’t try to hide who they are. And no one cares, and nothing improper happens in the locker rooms.

    And if they think my old ass is beautiful, I know lots of gay men, and can fix them up with some much more desirable catches.

    The world is full of ignorants like this coach. The players should get together and demand he resign. Or go on strike till he is gone.

    Kick him in the pocketbook and the nuts.

  7. Sadly, poor Italy has that failed state, “The Vatican” within its borders. It will take a few more years to shake off all those old homophobic influences!

  8. I apologise, I think my comment wasn’t entirely clear.

    At the moment Italy is in shock (I want to hope) over a homophobic attack on a gay couple where a man was hit over the head with a bottle and another was stabbed with a knife, all this because they were seen kissing just outside the Gay Village, a popular outdoors gay venue in Rome. When the police finally arrested the attacker a couple of days ago, an attempt was made to set fire to another major gay club. The second attack is as yet unclaimed but gay organisations in Italy are already calling it a homophobic attack to avenge the other guy’s arrest.

    All the media in Italy are widely reporting on this worrying and increasingly violent situation so I was surprised that when reporting on Italy the PinkNews chooses to talk about some coach’s views on gay couples and tell us again the story of the football rent-boy instead of reporting on these attacks.

  9. Will the Scouser 27 Aug 2009, 12:29pm

    Marcello Lippi? Che testa di cazzo!

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