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Gays pay tribute to “our protector, our leader, our friend” Ted Kennedy

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Reader comments

  1. Senator Kennedy was chief fundraiser for the IRA in the USA excuse me if I don’t morn his passing.

  2. I wonder if MaryJo Kopeckne’s family mourn his passing.

  3. As I said on the other article, I hope he rots in hell for all the funds he raised for the murderous IRA scum.

    Americans get all high and mighty about a dying man being shown a little compassion, but they aren’t shy about mourning their own terrorists – and that particular Kennedy has the blood of thousands of innocent Brits on his hands.

    As one of those injured in the 1996 Canary Wharf bomb, I can say with all sincerity that I hope his end was painfully tortured and that he suffered greatly.

  4. “America’s leading LGBT rights organisation has paid fulsome tribute”

    Hmm. “Fulsome” means: “excessive or insincere, especially in an offensive or distasteful way”.

    I wonder if that’s the meaning the writer really intended :)

  5. Mihangel apYrs 26 Aug 2009, 11:15pm

    Please don’t gloat or wish a bad end for anyone. Kennedy may have been a tosser, and may have lacked imagination to see what he did, but he was no different from any other politician.

    Wish him dead, and even celebrate it, but don’t diminish yourselves by becoming more hateful than your hate figure.

    Like the majority of people, especially those with power, Kennedy did things we despise, but also things that were to be appreciated

  6. It gets more like the Daily Mail on here every day. Even the unionists eventually embraced Kennedy after he snubbed Gerry Adams in 2005. Following the ‘logic’ of some of the hateful comments here, then British taxpayers have blood of innocents on their hands too, since they are the ones who funded the soldiers who slaughtered Catholics in Northern Ireland. But that would be an absurd thing to say, wouldn’t it?

  7. Edward Kennedy was a great politician but also flawed in ways – just as we are all flawed as human beings. He did great work in fighting for gay equality.

    I’m frankly disgusted at the anti-Irish ranting that keeps growing more and more shrill on this website. Shame on you for your hate filled and spiteful comments on Senator Kennedy’s death.

  8. Kennedy was pure evil. The fact that some people are too stupid to recognise that isn’t our problem.

    As for these bizarre claims about anti-American and anti-Irish comments – where has anyone here said anything that is either anti-American or anti-Irish?

    The simple fact remains that Kennedy has the blood of far more innocent people on his hands than al-Megrahi did, but because he is an American and a Kennedy, the demented brigade expect people to instantly forgive Kennedy whilst accepting the outpouring on anti-British sentiments, and calls for boycotts, coming out of the United States? Get real and have a taste of your own medicine.

  9. “and that particular Kennedy has the blood of thousands of innocent Brits on his hands.”

    And are you so hateful towards the generations of the British people for oppressing Ireland as a dominion of your empire and for the millions of Irish that have died at the hand of your governments/monarchy over the last 900 years? I am not an IRA supporter by any means, but before you sweepingly judge one terrorist organisation, be sure you include the historical context. Bare in mind the British celebrate Cromwell as a hero, while the Irish vilify him as an oppressive tyrant and a murderer…. One man’s hero is another’s man’s butcher.

  10. Kennedy was a naive and misguided man who was tricked by the Irish republican movement to fund their murderous campaign. London has provided refuge for the Irish “misfits” for generations from that cruel and vicious natured society of tossers.The majority of IRA Sinn Fein supporters rather than being socialist are right wing conservative catholics. For any Brits hurt in their bombings i am deeply sorry as no historical context can justify their savagery.

  11. “London has provided refuge for the Irish “misfits” for generations from that cruel and vicious natured society of tossers”

    Wow. Fantastic level racism there. And how uninformed you are on Irish politics too! What an enlightened little degenerate you are, victim. Keep you puerile racism to yourselves, civilised pople find it disgusting.

    What are you a “victim” of, by the way? Poor education?

  12. It’s clear that there are a number of individuals on here who are not just anti-Irish racists, but who are so twisted in their hatred and loathing that they only see darkness in the world. Ted Kennedy was a good man and has received the funeral he deserved.

    I truly feel sorry for you twisted, hatred filled bigots indeed.

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