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Gay kiss for Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick

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Reader comments

  1. Brian Burton 26 Aug 2009, 5:03pm

    There should be lots of Boys kissing Boys in these shows. after all Boys do indulge in slap and tickle in all sorts of situations with each other…even if they don’t talk about it afterwards.

  2. I look forward to the day that on-screen same-sex kissing doesn’t merit news headlines, but is just accepted as being fine.

  3. David Griff 27 Aug 2009, 6:33am

    The Books that TV Programme is based on practically has a gay kiss on every page, especially the character Ed Westwick portrays, the news should have been that they’ve waited so long.

  4. “Gossip blogs Perez Hilton and claimed they had been contacted by reporters at NY Daily News and The New York Post claiming to have proof the heartthrobs were a couple.”

    Sad that in the US actors sexuality is still such a big deal and that, if they’re gay, they feel they have to hide the fact. If it’s wasn’t such a major thing then onscreen kisses like this wouldn’t get so much publicity.

  5. Why is this news? Who cares?

  6. Brian Burton 28 Aug 2009, 6:32am

    Andy sweet thing,
    Have you no heart, have you no feeling for these icons of Gaity and poetry in motion….perchance to dream and sing loves sweet song….And then suddenly wake up holding the pillow!

  7. You know what doesn’t advance our cause?
    “ahh a boy is going to be on tv kissing a boy”
    This is not news, this should just be, you know – life, normal, mundane. I feel bad for the ‘journo’ wasting their time writing this.

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