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Irish gay group rejects Cardinal’s attack on civil partnerships

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Reader comments

  1. After the abuse scandal, one might expect the Catholic Church to be very quiet for a couple of decades. In Holland we’ve had civil partnerships for ages and gays were included a couple of years ago. It’s just not the State’s business if people want to go to church for a wedding, it isn’t even recognised as such over here. Just shove it, Cardinal, and excusez les mots.

  2. Just shows how desperate the Irish RC church is when it has to resort to threats like “stand clearly on the side of Christ or depart from him” on the issue. PATHETIC.

    Of course, Miss Brady, and her ilk, is only using civil partnerships as a diversion to try to deflect attention away from all the terrible and ongoing revelations about the RC church in the Republic of Ireland, which have left the whole country shattered and humiliated.

  3. Robert, ex-pat Brit 25 Aug 2009, 2:17pm

    Why is this hypocrite getting his knickers in a twist over civil partnerships? They’re not even marriages! Maybe its time to push for a movement to disestablish the state cult and diminish its power once and for all.

  4. I’m not impressed with GLEN either – they pretend to be in favour of relationship equality for gay people yet they have welcomed the CP Bill without a squeak of criticism over its inadequacies.

    Kieran Rose is lying when he says there is democratic consensus for CP’s – at least half the gay community are opposed to them as they create an unequal, undemocratic 2 tier system.

    One can only expect criticism about CP’s from the catholic cult. They are an irrelevant bunch of kiddie fiddler protectors and their opposition is only to be expected.

    However GLEN seem to be using catholic opposition to any form of recognition for gay relationships to pretend that Civil Partnerships are a good thing welcomed by society as a whole and the gay community in particular.

    The BEST thing that can be said for CP’s is that they are better than nothing. But GLEN is not representing the community it claims to represent by welcoming CP’s.

    A 2 tier system of relationship recognition is not equality and I think GLEN have betrayed their own charter by welcoming them in such a craven manner.

    I suppose GLEN are like Stonewall – too concerned with protecting their government funding than actually fighting for proper equality.

  5. The word ‘marriage’ does not actually exist in the Old Testament – there is no word for it. There only reference (and that is very oblique) is in the Book of Malachi Chapter 2:10-16. Even there the word is ‘covenant’ or contract’ drawn up by the woman’s father to transfer property (i.e. his daughter) to the OWNERSHIP of the new man (husband). It was a business deal between two men – a transfer of property from one to the other. This is NOT what a marriage is about – marriage is a commitment of two people to each other and does not need the so-called sanction of a priest. If they choose to ask God for His blessing on their union, that is between them and God. It is time that the Church woke up to the 21st century.

    Christianity invented ‘marriage’ as a concept and it has no legitimate Biblical roots. According to the Roman Catholic Catechism, ‘marriage is a Sacrament which is bestowed by the couple, each to the other’- the only one which is administered by tow people. It is not ratified by the priest – he is only a witness to it along with everyone else in the church.

    Before anyone starts throwing around the ‘proof texts’ about homosexuality, I know them all and some of them are very questionable and suspect because of faulty translation from the original HEBREW (NOT Greek).

  6. Jean-Paul Bentham 25 Aug 2009, 4:12pm

    Furious? No, I’m livid. How livid?

    A housebrick tied with a pink ribbon thrown through the cardinal’s (where the hell does that word come from anyway?) limousine windshiled. That’s how livid.

    Driving him out of Ireland tarred and feathered, and on a rail, that’s how livid.

    Don’y try to stop me. That’s how livid.

    I hope I live long enough to see the Vatican crumble and Hans Küng’s ‘Global Ethics’, along with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, guide us safely out of the woods of christian obscurantism and patriarchy.


  7. “Kieran Rose is lying when he says there is democratic consensus for CP’s”

    He’s referring to the recent polls that their is popular consensus among the entire public to give rights to gay/lesbian people, not the simply the gay population. The CP is Fianna Fail’s interpretation of what “rights” are.

    Either way, this bitter old Cardinal needs to start cleanign up his own house before making stupid remarks against people who only want to protect their loving committed relationship. What part of “jesus preaches love” bit of that message did he miss? He must have been fiddling with an alter boy when they were teaching that in the seminaries.

  8. “He’s referring to the recent polls that their is popular consensus among the entire public to give rights to gay/lesbian people”

    OK – but it is still stretching the truth for him to claim there is democratic consensus for CP’s. That is a figment of his imagination.

    Lansdowne Market Research indicates a majority of people support civil marriage for gay people.

    That evil old b@stard Brady can be ignored but it is incredibly pathetic that an equal rights organisation like GLEN is granting legitimacy to inequality.

    I hope they are making it very clear to government that they are only representing their own membership. They certainly don’t represent the thousands of people who went on the Civil Marriage March a few weeks ago.

  9. “He must have been fiddling with an alter boy when they were teaching that in the seminaries.”

    From my experience, Will, seminarians can be divided into two camps (not that there are many of them these days to divide, thank goodness):
    1. the goody-goodies, who have as much physicality, sexuality, and charisma about them as dessicated old nuns!
    2. the few who are down each other’s throats as soon as Compline is over!

  10. Carl Rowlands 25 Aug 2009, 5:39pm

    What amazes me is that straight people should be outraged at the suggestion that their sexuality is so fragile that they would enter into civil partnerships as an alternative to marriage. They don’t see the slight that religious organisations place before them. therefore, the ideolgoy dictates that if there is no legal recognition of gay relationships then more people will be attracted to marriage as a lifestyle choice. It is the straights that really should be taking this man to task for his offensive and purile attack on them.

  11. Eagle Ashcroft 25 Aug 2009, 10:52pm

    And I thought only Americans were bigots against gays, not Brits. Its a well known fact if you hate gays or want to deny their rights you are gay yourself and just trying to have people look in the other direction so they wont think you are gay as these closet queens are overly paranoid and they use the bible as their excuse to be paranoid. Sort of like finding a scapegoat to cover up your own hidden self. And the silly people who wrote the bible were actually closet queens who wrote it for the same reason. All religious books were written by men with their own sexual or mental hang ups and those that believe in these books are the same sort of people as their authors.

  12. Keith Simpson 25 Aug 2009, 11:53pm

    The day after Ratzinger dies, festina die, I shall be in Coral’s bookies with a tenner on this Ratzinger clone as the new ‘His Homophobicness’

    You heard it on Pink News first.
    How many hundreds of millions are they having to pay out at home in Ireland never mind in the wider RCC and having to pay it out for something which will never be legalised, the rape and abuse of minors….?

    What two adults do in the privacy of their own space…well, need I labour the point…?
    And it is legal what is more, your Eminence.

    ‘Lang may yer lum reek’, Cardinal.

    Oh? sorry! Wrong country.
    Ok, well, long may your churches continue to empty.


  13. Brian Burton 26 Aug 2009, 7:52am

    Keith petal,
    How are you? You have been stand offish with us who want to tickle your fancy a bit. Did the far-east turn your head my Boy?

  14. #14


    How DARE you……HOW VERY DARE YOU….!!!
    (Just love that Catherine Tate…!)

    No, it didn’t, presh…it didn’t turn my head; it did 20 years ago when I lived there but I got over it then and remained ‘over’ it; nowt like livin’ with someone to ‘get over’ him and there’s nowt like livin’ in 100+ degrees 24/7 to get over that and long for the piss-wet streets of Manky Manchester; an emigree, I would never make.

    But the sunshine was nice…the sunshine is always nice there, for a few weeks, no longer.

    Anyway, mustn’t stay too long, gabbin’ on ‘ere…

    Got to keep it elephant..

    No, sorry, got to keep it ‘reverent’, yes that’s it; ‘reverent’.

    That’s not it, neither.

    That’s it!


    Otherwise, I have been told, they’ll “come for me…!”



  15. #7



    Are you upset…?


  16. Honestly, I haven’t laughed so much since grandma got her tits caught in the mangle.

    You see, to someone like Miss Brady, civil partnership is as good as seeing their whole life pass them by; a lifetime’s commitment to celibacy — and all for nothing! OH, the exquisite irony of it all.

    Only regret some old friends are not here to witness and savour it as much as I’m doing.

  17. Brian Burton 26 Aug 2009, 6:41pm

    I’ve been at it again-taking the gaters off Fundamentalists on other threads.Telling them to put an egg in their shoe and beat it. My Partner has been indulging in more gentle persuits like Looking up the lyrics of ‘Good-by Little Yellow Bird.’ The song was first regestered in 1808.
    Get this Keith, one of these Fundy’s said: People are fed up with the argument that the Catholic Church should keep a low pprofile because of the Child abuse scandal!

  18. #17.

    I feel exactly the same DAVE…..

    My nan lost her boobs in the same manner, poor owd lass..!

    But as I have said before, the celibacy rule is not what it seems.
    It never was anything to do with commitment and was everything to do with providing a bolt-hole for gay men, down the ages, to launder their – “I cannot marry because I am homosexual and therefore am unattracted to women…”

    Oldest old boys’ club going.

    An admission of the above would immediately bring on a hail of stones, bottles and would be rounded off with a beating.

    When cleverly laundered by this celibacy nonsense the above becomes “I cannot marry because I chose the Church (God chose me/vocation) and celibacy is the rule.”
    End of questions as to “Why are you not married now at 30 Johnny…and no girl either…?”

    Johnny is not married, not because he is gay, but because he is a celibate Catholic priest…”ah, well that explains it.”

    But the end result is the same as you remark, Dave.

    There is no point now; it has been legalised and there is nothing to launder; being ‘gay’ is no longer ‘dirty washing’.

    Ironic indeed


    And you Brian..#18


    Not as ckuffing fed up as me with the posturings of the RCC.

    The only song I know about a ‘yellow bird’ was..a calypso, I think.
    Harry Belafonte, maybe?


    Lovely….sun…white sandy beaches…bluey-green waters…aaaaaaaahhh….

    Anyway shhh…I’ll be gettin’ done for undressin’ in public again….err no…digressin’…

    I am definitley digressin’ agenn..
    Con besos…mwa mwa mwa.

  19. A tenner at Coral’s bookies say that Brady will be the next red-shoe wearer on the demise of B16.

  20. @21

    Yes, celibacy for some RC priests was an answer to all their problems, but I believe most of them, straight or gay, are essentially deeply, deeply dysfunctional men. And, of course, they are not restricted to the RC church; Nazir-Ali is a prime example in the COE.

  21. Yep…
    It’s all the same old sandwich filler… just wrapped differently, that’s all.

    Some’s in naan bread….some’s in a wholemeal bap…some in white sliced…but it is all the same old bigot butty; they all make me sick.

  22. Why is it always the same pack of barking mad nutters who come in here and derail a simple discussion with their boring twaddle? in every bloody hread there’s a meandering rant from Keith, followed by some nonsensical rubbish by Brian. Lads, give others a chance! If you love to talk endless bollox, join a *private* chat forum for people with Bi-polar disorder, as this incessant nattering about nothing behaviour is a clear symptom of that condition.

  23. In a sermon yesterday Cardinal Brady claimed Catholics would have to choose to “stand clearly on the side of Christ or depart from him.”

    What a load of totally UNCHRISTIAN piffle! If the Almighty saw fit that I was born gay, who’s this idiot in a frock to come out with such untruth!
    When the powerful see their powerbase threatened [the report on child abuse in the Dublin archdiocese is ready for publication (current court cases are holding it up)] they desperately need a scapegoat to portray as ‘the enemy’. It’s the classic behaviour of the tyrant, the dictator and the bully to divert attention away from themselves on to a vulnerable group … Hitler did it with the Jews and the Catholic Church [and some other churches] do it to the gays!

  24. David North 28 Aug 2009, 4:41pm

    Old Herr Ratzinburger just recently announced that athiesm is the cause of all environmental issues.

    Just shows what a fruity old nutcake the dingbat is….

  25. The Irish government plans have the backing of the opposition, so I don’t think the RC church has much room for manoeuvre. I am not sure if the Irish upper house, the Senate, can block or just delay matters.

    However, from what I have read, Irish civil and public services are both heavily infiltrated by Knights of Columbanus and/or members of Opus Dei, who apparently routinely thwarted and obstruct the business of government in the Republic. Therefore, I think it will be very difficult to get registrars to officiate civil partnerships.

    Also, the RC hierarchy will probably threaten to excommunicate any Catholic registrar who performs a civil partnership ceremony. Unlike UK were a few registrars have refused and found themselves ostracised, the opposite might probably be the case in the Republic.

    Has anyone living in ROI any comments or clarify things?

  26. “However, from what I have read, Irish civil and public services are both heavily infiltrated by Knights of Columbanus and/or members of Opus Dei”

    I’d like to see where you read that, I doubt its anything but an exaggeration and scaremongering.

    “Therefore, I think it will be very difficult to get registrars to officiate civil partnerships.”

    I doubt it, as Ireland already has for some time now, equality legislation protecting people on nine grounds, including sexual orientation, in the provision of goods and services. If a registrar refuses, its discrimination, so the Registrar’s office can be taken to court by the Equality Authority. I doubt very many will want to lose their job over it, and Irish people are generally un-homophobic as a society, its the government and “the church” that are behind the times, not the culture. Besides, I doubt they will take it to court, the Irish Supreme Court might rule in favour of the definition of marriage in our constitution does not solely mean “man & woman”, or that the Supreme Court will decide the constitution protects the freedoms of all its citizens, not just the ones the church doesn’t like. Either way, let them try.

    “RC hierarchy will probably threaten to excommunicate any Catholic registrar who performs a civil partnership ceremony.”

    Nothing new. They do the same with anyone who has, aided, or agrees with abortion. Let them, it only reinforced the downward spiral that the church is in in Ireland.

  27. I read it recently in the Irish Independent following publication of the Ryan Report. It said civil servants in the department of education had delayed/obstructed requests made by members of the Irish Parliament (Oireachtas) for general information about RC schools in the country. It suggested this was not unusual as a lot public servants are also lay members of religious societies such as Columbanus and Opus Dei.

  28. Jean-Paul Bentham 29 Aug 2009, 7:49pm



  29. Jean-Paul Bentham 29 Aug 2009, 7:59pm

    I mean “OUR” Group, but of course you know that. And bring those gold brocade curtains.

  30. #29

    Now, Jean-Paul…

    I don’t think you would want me.

    I am a bi-polared old poovie; just you ask Gorgeous George at #23; I natter about nowt and rant and meander all over the place and when I finish, Brian takes up where I left off.
    And, do you know, our wee George is absolutely correct in what he says.
    A toute a l’heure…a tous.

  31. Jean-Paul Bentham 30 Aug 2009, 2:25am


    Right, whatever George says, of course…yes Sir George…so sorry to have distracted you, Professor George…go ahead and be real serious, Mr. George, and see how many friends you’ll make on the threads…master George…boss…superintendant…Mr. Director…or is it Reverend George …possibly Pope George..or maybe a real shrink whose kust finished pathological psychology 101 with a D minus that gives you a right to mock our seniors and our sages…yes, sages.

  32. Brian Burton 30 Aug 2009, 6:45am

    Georgie Porgy Dear,
    ‘Aint you heard? This is a democratic Forum for the human voice to be heard. Hide not your light under a bushel the Good Lord insisted. So, Only Religious Fundamentalists and Taliban types will insist on being a ‘Stick-in-the-mud with no diversity. Did’nt you hear about the ‘Madness of King George’ dear George? Therefore, you would do well to pay heed to KEITH, BRIAN, JEAN-PAUL BENTHAM…. And we will all sing together: “Nicky, Nicky Knock Knoo, Knicky Knicky Knock….!” Dear Keith and Jean-Paul Bentham give a splendid rendition as a duet dressed in their prettiest cocktail dresses…..Give me streangth Boys!

  33. #23 George.

    I am the first to agree with you that much of what I write is rubbish/twaddle/bollox; I write it with that intention.

    Soldiers, when they are fighting a war, are not always, I suspect, pulling the trigger or dropping bombs on the enemy; occasionally there is time for R n’ R, a game of cards, a laff, a fag.

    That is what I try and do on here; have a laff.

    You have to laff otherwise you would top your ckuffing self… and many do so try.

    If some poor lad, secretly reading this, could stop himself from doing that just by reading some of the crap that I and others write on here and think to himelf, “Well these old fruits aren’t fazed about being queer….I won’t be.!..” might lighten his mood just enough to stop him swallowing that bottle of pills; too busy laughing.

    And, by ‘eck,.George, you are so right to liken me to a “barking mad nutter”; I myself cannot believe some of the things I do.

    I went to prison 10 years ago; did 8 months and to this day I cannot understand why I did what I did and landed myself in such a pickle…!
    What a tit, I was; still am anyway, as you have so righly sussed..

    I would have put your terms, vis- a -vis moi, into much stronger language; I am a ckuffing IDIOT.

    Now, George, who else but another “barking mad nutter” is able to answer back when confronted with the likes of that geezer in Rome who says that homosexuals are “intrincally morally disordered ..”..?

    Who better than another “barking mad nutter” to tell His Grace the Archbishop of Where-Ever what to do with his “repent and change” hypothesis..?”

    Who better than a “barking mad nutter”, such as myself, to tell Dr. Narcosi and his ilk, (what is it called… ‘the ex-gay movement’..?) erm….where to stuff his/their theories…?

    A “barking mad nutter” I may be but I am not so barking mad as to submit myself, or allow any child of mine, had I any, to be submitted, to screaming ‘demon-of-homosexuality-chucker-outers’ such as there were recently in Connecticut, U.S.A.

    Now that IS “barking mad”, if “barking mad” is what you want.

    My fooleries on here are just a game of cards in between the bullets.

    And make NO MISTAKE there will be bullets-a-plenty in the not too distant future because, from Rome to Islamabad, there is a ‘religious’…I use the word contemptuously… revival/re-awakening of the most fundamentalist and radical kind in progress and on the way and one of the best ways of dealing with it, if not THE best, is lampooning, mocking, deflating and making light of their ‘fervour’…

    So while I am being ‘silly’, I am just watching and waiting for the next big attack and polishing my weapon; no smut intended; keeping everything on top form, gun (pen) spick, span and ready for the ‘YO….!’
    Because the freedoms, so enjoyed today, are not irremovable, not irreversible and every bullet counts; every mocking, deflating, comment knocks them for six because the only thing they are peddling is their self-importance and their preposterous claims to ‘know the will of God’..

    My “meandering rants” as you so eloquently and so rightly…and I am NOT being sarcastic; I genuinely AGREE with you, really I do……erm, …so rightly call them, are my inadequate attempts at directly countering the repeatedly “meandering rants” of the likes of Nazir-Ali, Ratzinger, Dr. Narcosi and the Fat Slob Ministers of the Church of the Plenteous Supply of Pies, Connecticut., U.S.A.

    Now those are “meandering rants”, for you Geroge; save your ire for all of them.
    Ok; I’ll save my nonsenses for another time because ‘another time’, there will most deffo be.


  34. …and of course, Ratzinger said that homosexuality leads to an “intrinsically, morally disordered…”…..whatever whatever and not as I wrote…”intrincally..”

    Ain’t no such word as “intrincally..sorry, peeps..”

  35. Jean-Paul Bentham 30 Aug 2009, 11:41am

    George (23):

    “Lads, give others a chance! If you love to talk endless bollox, join a *private* chat forum for people with Bi-polar disorder, as this incessant nattering about nothing behaviour is a clear symptom of that condition.”

    Whoever you are, take your own advise; climb a tree and branch off! And take the Cardinal with ya!

  36. Brian Burton 30 Aug 2009, 12:54pm

    AND SO SAYS ALL OF ME-Boom-Boom!…..GEORGE, Have you got the message?

  37. Brian Burton 30 Aug 2009, 1:50pm

    Sit up and pay attension please my sweet and stop ckuffing about.
    Jean-Guy and me really would like to meet you on (Click on ‘MY’ in the top left corner) Get signed in and then the three of us can do private e-mail to one another. Not only but also, mine and Jean-Paul’s photos are on the site. You at least can see what we look like (not pretty sights!) it,s easy. We can even swap jail stories on the e-mail!!!! Come-on-Lad, do it now!!

  38. Look, the three of you are either f***** clowns or complete idiots. I don’t care or what to know which.

    Brian, you are clearly suffering from some kind of dementia. You’re the biggest twat here. So, “have you got THAT message?”. Grow up, and give the lunatic rants a rest, eh? You sound like a spoilt child.

  39. Brian Burton 30 Aug 2009, 3:59pm

    Make me a blessing, make me a blessing.
    Out of my Life may Jesus Shine.
    Make me a Blessing,
    Oh Sviour I Pray.
    Make me a Blessing to some one Today.

    Look and learn Georgie Dear!

  40. Brian Burton 30 Aug 2009, 4:11pm

    After me and the man I love had our Civil Partnership in 2005, do you think I am going to let a fellow in a crimson frock calld Brady say Civil Partnerships undermine anything? He’s lucky we did not get the RIGHT to real marrage. I get to wondering if their money coffers have anything left in them, after paying out all that Child-abuse compensation? What do you think George?

  41. What “discussion”, George..?

    You have appeared precisely twice on this thread and you have contributed, discussed, absolutely nothing.
    In that double appearance, on this thread, at #23 and again at #39, all you have done is denounce 3 contributors for the ‘quality’ -or otherwise- of their ‘contributions’.

    Your contribution, the contribution we are interfering with, your discussion is…what, exactly…and where?
    I have trawled through 3 times and can find your name nowhere except as indicated at whinges #23 and #39.

    You are like those who moan like Billy-O about the quality of television programmes.
    If you do not like what is on the ‘box’, go and produce some programmes of your own.
    If you lack the whatevers to do that, then simply use the on/off button; every television set comes with one at no extra charge.

    In the case of the rubbish that I and the other 2 ‘barking mads’ write, just scroll down to the names.

    In my case it is ‘Keith’.
    As soon as you see ‘Keith’…skip the contribution.

    As the Russky in the ad says:-

    “Simples.!!” “..Comparethemeerkat dot com/ comparethemarket dot com..!”

    It is not hard, sweetheart, is it…?

    Now, your ‘contribution’ please; waiting…!

    Keith…..that is the name to watch out for; it indicates ‘skip here’…

  42. Brian Burton 30 Aug 2009, 9:39pm

    George is more to be pitied than blamed my friend…Ignore him.

    The bad Popes loved Beauty…with as much passion as the good Popes hated thought!…..Keith pet, click on the ‘Y’ I want you to join our little group on there, we exchange a lot of good info. Jean-Paul and I want you to be one of us!

  43. Jean-Paul Bentham 31 Aug 2009, 4:49am

    Georgie Girl:

    You said:

    “Look, the three of you are either f***** clowns or complete idiots. I don’t care or what to know which.

    Brian, you are clearly suffering from some kind of dementia. You’re the biggest twat here. So, “have you got THAT message?”. Grow up, and give the lunatic rants a rest, eh? You sound like a spoilt child.

    Comment by George — August 30, 2009 @ 15:07″

    Could you just elaborate a wee bit on that second sentence:

    “I don’t care or what to know which.”

    I’m not at all sure what you meant by that. Did you mean:

    “I don’t which to care what to know.” or

    “That care to which know don’t I or what”?

    Because the next time I go with you, I’ll stay home.

    And I’m beginning to believe that you’re real name is “Monkeychops” sent by the wrath of gawdess to torment us poor queers who are goin’ straight to hell, except for your all mighty mercy. Would you please stand over me like the good Irish Cardinal and repeat after me:

    “There will be a Bingo this evening at 7 p.m. in the Knights of Columbus Hall. Y’all come, or you’re going to have to put all your money in a plain brown paper bag and put it under the back steps of the rectum…I mean the rectory. A-a-a-a-h: MEN !!!”

    Keith, could you pass me that roung, red rubber nose and a whip…for the tigers, I mean.

    Life is a cabaret, my friend, come to the cabaret…and don’t forget to bring the Cards…I mean the Cardinal…I mean “I don’t care or what to know.” Har har har!!!

    Now, let’s get serious here. What is this I hear about an attack on civil partnerships in Ireland? Is it true that the RCC is buying yellow cake from Iran to build a nuclear bomb to blast ALL the instrinsically evil people Gawd created into kingdom come?

    Oh my, I suppose I’ll have to buy a new pair of shoes for that special occasion. That would be, how shall I say, …relevant, wouldn’t it, George?

    You know what relevant means, don’t you? It’s all about not stabbing your fellow gays in the back, or didn’t they teach you that at the ex-gay academy? The truth now!!

  44. Brian Burton 31 Aug 2009, 8:23am

    Georgie Girl,
    Sorry, I cannot comment futher with dementia knocking at my door.

    No,no Georgie Girl, this is not me and it is not I either, I’m in bed with a poultice on my head. Toodle-loo!

  45. Brian Burton 31 Aug 2009, 8:31am

    We have to get our Keith to join our happy band of warriors. My Partner’s Mother used to sing a funny song, the last line was: ‘And If He Don’t Come I’ll Tickle His Bum With A Stick Of Celery!’

  46. Jean-Paul Bentham 31 Aug 2009, 6:53pm


    “I don’t wannim, you canhave ‘im; you canhave ‘im, I don’t wannim; cos-he’s-not-the-one-for-me….”

    -Ella Fitzgerarld

  47. Brian Burton 31 Aug 2009, 9:25pm

    Jean-Paul, Keith,
    There’s hairs on this, there’s hairs on that, there’s hairs on our pussy-cat. I know where there’s more than that, when I’m cleaning windows.

    George Formby.

  48. Brian Burton 31 Aug 2009, 9:42pm

    Jean-Paul, Keith,
    There’s hairs on this, ther’s hairs on that, there’s hairs on our pussy-cat. I know where there’s more than that, when I’m cleaning windows.

    George Formby.

  49. Brian Burton 31 Aug 2009, 9:44pm

    You can see double!

  50. You are just tweakin’ the lion’s tail and you are a very NAUGHTY, WICKED boy..!
    That’s enuff now..!

    You’ll get us all thrown out..!

  51. Brian Burton 1 Sep 2009, 6:35am

    Keith Petal,
    Do not let a low-life like George upset you. There’s none so queer as folk tha nose lad! My Sister Betty lives in Lytham St.Annes. Her Husband is dead and she spends her time working in a charity shop. I have not seen her since 1959. We semed to be only linked together by birth. I’ve never forgoten the old adage: You are given your family but luckily you can choose your friends. I would love you as a friend Keith, just like my friendship with Jean-Paul. You know we live in a funny, perculiar world and we all seek Utopia. A map without Utopia on it is not worth even glancing at. Do most men run to their ruin? Most people seem to want to be someone else. I have never felt that way. Being a Gay Christian makes me feel special and I know it dose the same for the Love of my Life, my Partner of Thirty nine years. Boy, do I Love him? and we just Love each others company. We like steam trains too. We are going to visit: ‘The Romny Hythe and Dimchurch’ steam railway in Kent in september. Nomatter what you think of your past or even the present, only the future counts for anything Keith. Never forget, you are a beautiful person and I wont let anyone tell you different.

  52. Can you lot get a private chat room for your discussions please? You’ve completely destroyed this thread for any meaningful commenters. Brian, are you one of these religious fundies who’s goal is to disrupt gay chat rooms? and make them unusable, or something?

  53. Brian Burton 1 Sep 2009, 10:38am

    I do not see any (disrupted) Anthony posted comments from you on this thread! All there is matey is your clearly, uninformed critisum of me. I am a Gay Christian (My human right to be!) but I’m very anti-Fundamentalist. Now, If that infomation has peitrated your obvious thick scull, then put an egg in your shoe and beat-it.

  54. Perhaps I should explain myself Brian, you seem to have some anger issues that impedes your ability to think logically.

    54 comments here on this thread.

    15 are by you. 11 by Keith. 7 by Jean Paul.

    That’s 33 comments by you three alone, out of 54, or nearly 62% of the comments here.

    You, Brian, constitute 28% of the comments alone! Most of it is your private dribble with each other and of ZERO relevance to the topic or other people.

    Is this clear enough for you dearie, or should I slow down?

    Nearly all of your comments Brain are insults to other people.

    The rest, well lets have a look at one: “There’s hairs on this, ther’s hairs on that, there’s hairs on our pussy-cat. I know where there’s more than that, when I’m cleaning windows.”

    Is this of any relevance to the topic? No.

    What exactly does this mean? Nothing.

    Are you trying to be funny? This isn’t funny now is it?

    It sounds like the ranting of a demented old fart from a 1917 shell shock ward, or a very, very young child with learning difficulties.

    Either way, you have the bare faced audacity to say I have a “obvious thick scull” (“scull”, by the way is spelt “skull”. Perhaps a dictionary next time off Santa Clause would be an idea?) when you clearly pollute this thread with your mindless dribble that makes zero sense and is of zero use, and on top of that with, you have the spelling and grammatical prowess of a lobotomy patient.

    Get my point now, “sonny”, into your “obvious thick scull”?

    So, how’s about you f~@!$%^ off, and give the rest of us a break from your tiresome insults, eh?

  55. Brian Burton 1 Sep 2009, 1:35pm

    You clearly have anger difficulties dear..I recommend you seek Psyco-Theripy.

    You still have not shared any valid comments on the Cardinal’s Attack on civil partnerships. The reason is obvious to me Scum-Bag, ‘YOU ARE A FUNDY NUTTER.’

  56. Can’t you spell? You’d tell us if there is something wrong with you, wouldn’t you Mr. Burton?

    So, because I, and many others it seems, think you write mindless dribble, you think I’m some kind of “FUNDY NUTTER”? Such a staggering display of intelligence. Is that the best you can do?
    Disturbing, the lack of mental capacity you display.

    And do you think the following line adds to the conversation about the Cardinal, eh? “AND SO SAYS ALL OF ME-Boom-Boom!”. Is this something of constructive use? I think not. More like the bumbling nonsense indicative of the onset of dementia.

    I recall somewhere you said you were in the army. No surprise really, it explains the appalling ability to spell even the most rudimentary words, and your utter buffoonery in what you write…. after all, those who cannot think for themselves, usually become priests or join the army, both excellent vocations for the stupid. Well done, you must be very proud of yourself… off you toddle, you can march around the garden reminiscent of better days singing how its a long way to Tipperary.

  57. Tony Lambert 1 Sep 2009, 1:53pm

    Well said Anthony! Enough of this Burton freak hijacking this gay site for his own agenda… not sure what the agenda is, exactly, but I suspect its part of the usual Christian nutter brigade trying to disrupt this site. And he’s offensive to the senses to the extreme.

  58. Brian Burton 1 Sep 2009, 1:55pm

    Thank you SCUM-BAG for your incoherent dribble…Go piss up your kilt and play with the steam.

  59. Brian Burton 1 Sep 2009, 2:05pm

    P.S. Anthony,
    We are all waiting with bated breath for your ‘Anti Cardinal’ comments…..Feel free!

  60. “Thank you SCUM-BAG for your incoherent dribble…Go piss up your kilt and play with the steam.”

    Another staggering display of your sharp intellect. Well done.

    Can you actually write anything that is not the insult level of a three year old?

    You, Burton, are a disgrace to all gay people. Your silly insults and typical of an army reject like you:- small minded, stupid and uneducated. “Gay Christian”? In fact I would suggest more “Christian” than gay in that moniker you use to describe yourself.

    If any of the words here cause you any comprehension difficulty, please let me know, and we’ll reduce the entire post to a string of three letter words with a pronunciation guide.

    As Tony said, you are offensive to the senses.

  61. Brian Burton 1 Sep 2009, 4:24pm

    I think you are actally Monkeychops sister Bollockchops. You and David Skinner and Hank and all your none-de-plumes. You are all banded together to feel strong. You all have been taking a kicking from us Gay folk, hav’nt you Bollockchops? Slip away now and try not to leave a slime-trail you naughty Bollockchops… Anthony…What a prissy name you’ve chosen He! He! He!

  62. “What a prissy name you’ve chosen He! He! He!”

    Brian, please stop this. This is not a playground.

  63. Brian Burton 1 Sep 2009, 5:41pm

    I would stop if the Fundy who has been ‘Stalking’ me would stop too. I think my Stalker is Monkychops side-kick on this thread, I’ve called him ‘Bollockchops.’

  64. Brian Burton 1 Sep 2009, 5:50pm

    Fundamentalist scum-Bags.

  65. Brian, I’m beginning to see where you are getting the idea Monkeychops is a fundamentalist…. see the Gay TV thread. What a muppet.

    While I don’t think he’s a religious fundamentalist, he’s not far off it. An abusive and debase individual, which some real self esteem issues.

  66. Anthony, George, Tony and Sister Superior 1 Sep 2009, 9:54pm

    Why is it always the most interesting individuals who come in here and enrich an irrelevant discussion with their humourous comments?

    In every exciting thread, there’s a clever insight from Keith, followed by some witty and wise comment by Brian.

    Gentlemen, give others a chance!

    If you love to talk fraternally and to give gays a good public image, join a *private* chat forum for people with higher IQ’s than ours, as this incessant good cheer about human behaviour is a clear symptom of that condition.

  67. Brian Burton 2 Sep 2009, 6:36am

    A. G. T and Sister S.
    OK you Guys, I got the message…and Good-by!

  68. Brian Burton 2 Sep 2009, 10:55pm

    There is a deafening silence on this thread about Roman Catholic INFAMY! How can any RC Preist dare to criticise Civil Partnership in the Gay Community with mountains of ‘CHILD ABUSE’ cases to answer in the Courts By Ratzi the Nazi’s minions? As Our Lord Jesus Christ said: “Better they had Mill-Stones around their necks and cast into the sea.” Please pay heed you Child Abusers in Cardinal Sean Brady’s diocese!

  69. Brian Burton 3 Sep 2009, 12:42pm

    The trouble with ordinary people, they think of God in Human terms. Well, I for one do not belive God is Human. With me, I embrace the spirit. In Christ Jesus, my belief is implisit and unshakable. James 1 Verses 19-27 which I read in Church this week it what all so-called Christians should try and aspire to. I am far from perfect and will tremble before God when my time comes. I will not say I am better than Cardinal Sean Brady or any RC Person connected to him. Or any Chistian on these gay threads…No, I will say: “Lord have mercy on me a sinner!”

  70. Brian Burton 4 Sep 2009, 2:39pm

    It is suggested that Cardinal Sean Brady was instructed by the Pope or someone close to him to order Cardinal Brady to say what he did! A reporter from ‘The Ireish Times’ made the suggestion in his column in that Newspaper. If this is true, then it is another reason why Brady is not fit to hold the office of Cardinal. It means Brady is not allowed to think for himself…. Thouugh, it has been a long established fact that the Church dose not think!

  71. Brian Burton 4 Sep 2009, 5:54pm

    Cardinal sean Brady should be asked (politley) to watch a Youtube vidio Ad. called ‘Sinead’s Hand.’ I found it sad, beautiful, romantic and very much to the point. When it was over……I felt wounded and insulted for where love has gone and hearts of stone judge us from their towers of incomprehencable theology.

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