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Harvey Milk to be inducted into California Hall of Fame

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Reader comments

  1. Jean-Paul Bentham 25 Aug 2009, 8:05pm

    “Harvey Milk is revered nationally and globally as a pioneer of the LGBT civil rights movement.”

    Agreed 100%. Hip, hip, hoorah!!!

  2. Brian Burton 26 Aug 2009, 6:33am

    I second that Hip, Hip, Hoorah!!! sentiment.

    When you think of The dreded Skinner, the prissy Hank and include all the other slimy ailiases they use to slither about our wonderful Pink site. All I can say is: Harvey Milk…I’m glad to be Gay!

  3. Nice gesture.

    Granted it would be better if they were trying to get rid of the apartheid regime in California whereby a majority vote is allowed to removed legal rights from a law-abiding minority group. But it is still a nice – if empty gesture. A bit like inviting a gay family to an Easter picnic instead of overturning the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy.

  4. Jerry Pritikin 3 Sep 2009, 12:42am

    I am all in favor of a Special Day for Harvey, but at the same time,there should be another name included… Mayor George Moscone.
    Mayor Moscone was elected 2 years before Harvey, in fact the first openly gay person he appointed to his administration was Harvey! I knew him as well, as Harvey (that’s me with the picture of Milk you have posted)Mayor Moscone showed up at all kinds of gay events, long before it was fashionable for straight politicians to do so. He helped in many gay fund raisers and often at times when there were no elections going on. The fact that he was assassinated with Harvey is often over looked… and it would be a just action to include his name, along with Harvey for the California “Hall of Fame” and Special Holiday.

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