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Gay Prime Minister poll provokes homophobic response from Israeli MP

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  1. What a moron, I used to be outraged when people made these sort of comparisons, but now I realise there is no point. There’s no point in engaging someone who cant formulate their thoughts rationally.

    In light of the recent events in Tel Aviv though, these comments are extremely insensitive. This M.P should be seriously reprimanded or loose his job, doubt either will happen.

  2. “When I think about a bearded man fondling another bearded man, it kills me.”

    Very easily upset, then, isn’t he? I’d hate to see the state of his fragile mind after he spills some milk.

    He should really seek councillor for this kind of over reaction to non-events, this level of histrionics are too much for a grown man.

  3. The paper went to the extreme religious right for comment and got just the kind of inflammatory quote they where looking for. I would rather hear from the mainstream to get a real flavour of where political thinking is on this, then we can make real judgements on the state of equality. Instead of giving the morons the oxygen of publicity we should ignore the eejits and marginalise them even more. The media need to catch themselves on and stop provoking polarised reactions.

  4. “When I think about a bearded man fondling another bearded man, it kills me.”
    Does that mean he enjoys seeing men fondling each other after they have shaved?
    I prefer the beards myself….

  5. His party supports the illegal ‘settlement’ of Palestinian owned land by jewish people in the illegally occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem (by force if necessary). It rejects all the Oslo peace initiatives. It is opposed to an independent Palestinian state. They advocate the expulsion of non-jewish citizens of Israel.

    Basically they are racist, extremists so one should not be surprised that they are also homophobic extremists

  6. I have found in the past, a bearded guy fondling a great turn on! Also when are straight people going to learn that 99% of paedophiles are straight? Otherwise the thought of a gay PM in Israel sounds great.

  7. Stuart Neyton 25 Aug 2009, 5:02pm

    “Also when are straight people going to learn that 99% of paedophiles are straight?”

    I don’t believe that statistic, but I don’t think it helps our cause to start claiming that gay paedophiles don’t exist. Or that there are more X paedophiles than Y paedophiles. Paedophiles are paedophiles.

    I don’t know what more that paper could have expected from the leader of a party who believes that citizenship should be based on religion, and opposes the peace process and the two-state solution.

  8. “When I think about a bearded man fondling another bearded man, it kills me.”

    But when it comes to killing innocent Palestinian men, women and children I have no problems with that. The more the merrier

    Wanker! Words fail me!

  9. What do you expect when you go and interview someone whose nutcase followers think it a moral duty to machine gun people who drive on the sabbath?

  10. Brian Burton 26 Aug 2009, 7:40am

    Adrian T,
    What fun this poll is and what a Pure Fundy response from that Homophobe. We have to keep on kicking these Homophobes in the belly after penetrating their Ivory Towers they reside in.

    Oh Isreal! What a Gay PM could do for you? It puts me in mind of another Palm Sunday. Life goes faster than realism but romanticism is always in front of Life!

  11. perhaps this man needs to be reminded that hitler was also not overly fond of homosexuals

  12. “perhaps this man needs to be reminded that hitler was also not overly fond of homosexuals”

    The Jews have forgotten the holocaust, hence the Hitler-like behaviour with their policies towards the Palestinians.

  13. Fundamentalist are all the same. Muslim, orthodox Jews, christians, and the nazi pope.

    To hell with all of them. This sick puppies email is yakatz@knesset.gov.il Tell this nazi Jews just what he is, and I told him he should be turned over to Hamas or Hezzbollah. They will know what to do with him.

    Conceivably, if you dig up his full last name, he is related to me. Makes me sick.

    I am no longer Jewish. The letter to our Rabbi will be sent tomorrow.

  14. Steve in Md 4 Feb 2010, 8:26am

    I’m Jewish. And yes, Israel has its own bible thumpers, the ultra-orthodox.

    Mental illness in the name of God is everywhere. Its really an expression of Obsessive-compulsive disorder, a recognized mental condition. Where people get locked into a behavior pattern, often caused by mental trauma, including relgiion.

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