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Gay legal group calls for an end to America’s HIV travel ban

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  1. Does it matter? How do they prove it? Just lie your arse off. That’s based on the premise you really want to be in their f_cked-up, backwards, bible-bashing fleapit of a country in the first place.

  2. Presumably, RobN, US Customs guys “prove it” when they find numerous bottles of anti-retroviral drugs in the traveller’s luggage.

    The USA is identical to many Muslim countries with regard to refusing entrance to people who are living with HIV. Only “the pure” may enter. Ridiculous, given that the USA AND Muslim countries have thousands of their own citizens living within their borders with HIV+ already!

  3. Eddy: That’s assuming the fact that you are on medication. Many people are aware of their HIV+ status, but do not yet need it.

  4. RobN, I don’t think they are people affected by the ban – afterall, if they are healthy, not on medication, they have no need to declare their status and probably won’t, and there is nothing about them to indicate to Customs officers that they are HIV+. The people suffering from this ban are those who are either carrying quantities of anti-retrovirals with them or who clearly LOOK as if they are suffering from this terrible disease and will probably cave in and admit they are HIV+ after they’ve been marched into a side-room and questioned as to what’s wrong with them.

  5. There may well be a problem for travellers who are HIV+ and fail to declare their status should they be involved in an accident requiring medical intervention where their status is discovered. Where would this leave them in terms of both insurance and their entry status when it could be shown they failed to inform US Immigration of their status.

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