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Polish gay man wins damages from homophobic neighbour in landmark case

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Reader comments

  1. Great news.

    “I hope this verdict makes people more tolerant and think twice before they offend someone who is simply different from them.”

    I don’t think it’ll make them more tolerant sadly, but I hope it’ll make them think twice.

  2. Good fro him – brave guy

  3. theotherone 24 Aug 2009, 5:52pm

    re the last post: verry brave in poland, verry brave.

    This is a landmark desision and fills my heart with gladness.

  4. Excellent news!

    Best wishes to this brave man. We need more brave gay people “coming out” and fighting for there rights in these countries which are much more homophobic than ours.

    Poland’s international reputation will also improve thanks to the good decision by this sensible judge

  5. Eagle Ashcroft 24 Aug 2009, 11:29pm

    It looks as if Poland is coming of age. Good for them. Here in New Mexico its a felony to call any person by a slur word or to attack any minority in any way; either by word, gesture or physical violence and anyone doing so and convicted can get upwards of five years in prison and a ten thousand dollar fine or both.Too bad the wicked old witch isn’t here in New Mexico so after she got sued she would serve time in prison where some big Lesbian could get at her for the next five years.

  6. Brilliant! This a a very nice smack in the eye for the homophobic Roman Catholic church in Poland too. That judge has done more good for Poland than I think he actually realises.

  7. Again we have a supposedly religious person making someones life a total misery! She must be one unhappy woman. He is a strong guy to stand up so gallantly for his personal rights as a gay man. Bravo!

  8. Mihangel apYrs 25 Aug 2009, 9:49pm

    I feel slightly sorry or the woman: she was behaving in the way sh’d been encouraged to by the Church and poliicians. It doesn’t excuse her, but it does put it into conntext.

    The true haters, of course (Church and politicians), are untouchable

  9. Keith Simpson 25 Aug 2009, 11:30pm

    I lived and worked for many years as a translator in S. E. Poland.

    I was told, in answer to my frank revelations as to why I had no wife, that ‘there are no homosexuals in Poland…’

    That was 15 years ago; I am still laffin’…

    There might not be any homosexuals but there ARE churches and they are almost all, without exception, of the Roman Catholic variety and placed about every bleedin’ six inches or so.

    I would be out with a group and stand in mock amazement in front of whatever church and exclaim “Wow! A church! How unusual! Oh let me take a photo, do!”

    They never did cotton on to my Lancs. sark; they thought I was genuinely enthralled.

    It is not the stupid little babcza, in her dingy Stalin-era mieszkania that needs to be pilloried over this; it is her local parish, kiddie-fiddlin’ priest.

    She is only regurgitating what she has had drummed into her empty noggin by selfsame kfp.



  10. Keith Simpson 25 Aug 2009, 11:39pm


    I wouldn’t give this judge’s career furtherance prospects much steam from now on.

    I think she’ll find herself shunted off into the sidings; time will tell; hope I am very wrong.

    Not all martyrs bleed; some die in other, less glorious ways and I think she will be an example, sadly.


  11. lithotomist 26 Aug 2009, 9:40am

    Odd that the persecuted gay man has his full name published, while the guilty bigot retains a degree of anonymity.

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