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Lord Mandelson ‘proud to be an NHS patient’ after prostate op

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Reader comments

  1. I have been treated really well Mandy informs reporters.

    I like to know if he sat in the waiting area and was seen on time for his first appointment? And how long he had to wait for his op -something tell me he was fast tracked.


  2. theotherone 24 Aug 2009, 5:50pm

    i love that he’s a fan of the NHS. Perhaps he will get the party to stop it’s mismanagment of the NHS and the stelthy privatisation it’s been engaged in for the last few years

  3. davevauxhall 24 Aug 2009, 5:51pm

    I had an appointment today and didn’t have to wait at all. They have been spectacularly good and professional. I am so grateful for the NHS when I have needed it. Sure there are some things that aren’t perfect but that’s life. It is pretty dam fabulous compared to some other countries who consider themselves civilised but where access to healthcare is vastly unequal.

  4. Brian Burton 24 Aug 2009, 5:54pm

    Polititions who become millionares from politics should pay their own Health costs.

  5. Whether you like his politics or not, Mandelson certainly is a huge inspiration to gay people.

    I love him!

  6. The only reason he did that was there would be a blue-bloody-murder outcry if he went private. Well let’s all hope he can get something money can’t buy. Like cancer.

  7. And how’s your brain tumour coming along, RobN? Nicely, I hope :-)

  8. Did they find anything useful inside?

  9. Robert, ex-pat Brit 25 Aug 2009, 2:14pm

    Dave, you’re absolutely right about that. Here in the states where I reside, everybody has to rely on employer based private health insurance and even then, most insurance companies don’t accept pre-existing conditions so they can deny a patient coverage. They gouge the public with exorbitant premium increases every year that some have to drop it and live without any access to health care. To those of you who use use the NHS and its not the perfect system admittedly, its a damn sight better than anything the U.S. has to offer, where people lose their homes because of catastrophic illnesses that insurance providers refuse to cover. 47 million without any access to healthcare is abominable for any nation and a national disgrace in the case of the U .S. So to all of you who complain about waiting to be seen, remember, you’re a lot luckier than the 47 million Americans who have no place to go to get care. Be thankful that you live in a far more civilised country with all its foibles. I’d give anything to have NHS in the U.S. People complaining about having to wait are the very people that right wingers and other republicans (conservatives) use to thwart any attempt at providing universal health care to every American. They take the worst case scenarios, blow it up out of proportion and spread lies and misinformation about socialised medicine. There are more than enough horror stories currently under the private health care system in American, don’t be fooled by what you hear to the contrary.

  10. RobN, you’re a bastard! Yeah, he may have only done it for that reason but I bet plenty of other people would have just gone private anyway. You should be hoping that he doesn’t get cancer so that when you get it there will be a bed for you!

  11. what a convenient time to go to hospital and avoid awkward questions, while the UK disgraces itself on the world stage by freeing a terrorist mass murderer!

  12. If he was in and out of hospital in 24hrs., i would like to know what treetment he received for his BPH.

  13. There are a number of cynical gripers posting here today. We’d be a lot worse off without the NHS. And treatment should remain free for all – rich & poor (even for those people you do not like)! And as someone says aboe; if Mandelson had gone private you’d be complaining about that too.

  14. Sister Mary Clarence 25 Aug 2009, 8:53pm

    I’m with you 100 per cent there ron753, but it appears that Labour are taking the view that they created the NHS so they have some right now to destroy it.

    There are 149 PFI hospitals in Britain, valued at £12.27bn, but according to research the NHS will pay £70.5bn for them. Of the 133 new hospitals built since Labour came to power, 101 were financed under PFI.

    Can anyone explain to me where exactly the NHS is going to find £25.25 billion to service these debts.

    Ironically about 40% of this debt is held by banks that we own considerably stakes in, but the NHS unlike so many other their other customers isn’t going to default on those loans and will sadly end up paying the whole f++king lot back and more.

    All this while Mandy elbows his way past the elderly, disabled and otherwise vulnerable to get himself a front-of-the-queue, dont-mind-us, push-yourself-right-to-the-front, on-demand operation, on the good old National Health.

  15. @ Sister Mary Clarence

    PFI was invented by the former Conservative chancellor, Ken Clarke. Labour foolishly continued with his ridiculous policy. Hence we are landed with the debts.

  16. Sister Mary Clarence 26 Aug 2009, 12:27am

    Sorry I don’t buy the argument at all that it was in anyway anything to do with the Conservatives.

    I’m fairly sure the Labour Party manifesto in 1997 did not say anything about continuing the same government policies that the Conservative government before them instigated. PFI was fully embraced as a New Labour policy. They liked it and they ran with it.

    I fully accept they didn’t understand how it worked, what it was effective for, and what it wasn’t, but nevertheless they liked it and they ran with it

  17. the other one 26 Aug 2009, 10:58am

    Sister: given that they have also used the same system to build schools teaching creationism and continualy failing to perform as well as the local Comprehensive then you realy must deduce that they love PFIs.


    The Conservatives are to blame for introducing PFI into Britain – no doubt about that. The problem is that Labour continued with that stupid policy, as it did with so many other Chicago School ideas, which eventually led to the literal and metaphorical bankruptcy of capitalism. So where is Thatcherism now?

  19. Sister Mary Clarence 26 Aug 2009, 10:23pm

    Could it possibly have been that Labour took an idea and ran with it when they didn’t really understand how it works, what its strengths and weeknesses were, and where and where it was it was appropriate.

    I love it when Labourites, after over a decade of Labour mis-rule start blaming the Tories for policies they nicked not working as well as they hoped when they nicked them.

    You got to admire the front, you really have.

  20. lol@SMC: Labour love to gloat when it works, and blame the Tories when it doesn’t. It’s like anything made in Scotland is immediately !Scottish!, but if it’s made in England or Wales, it’s naturally “A product of Great Britain”

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