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Scottish police force holds gay and trans recruitment day

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Reader comments

  1. no doubt the daily wail will tout this as “nu labour equality gone nuts”.

  2. This is great. I live near washington, DC. And the DC, Baltimore, Arlington VA and other police forces all have a gay/trans unit. It is all about neighborhood policing, and insuring the police have the trust of the people.

    Good for you out there in Scotland. Just as your Kirk (church) has begun to accept gay pastors in relationships.

    Here in the USa, the Episcopal church is officially 99% gay friendly, approving of gay pastors, bishops, etc in relationships. And they are working on a gay marriage / committment official ceremony.

    And Today the Evangelical Lutherans did the same thing. By a vote of 551 to 449 they approved of gay pastors in relationship. And probably next year will debate an official marriage or committment ceremony.

    Someday there will be a monument to the end of bigotry. And beside it, a deep hole in the ground, with torches burning. Our symbolic replica of where the bigots, including the disaster named benedict (sieg heil) will end up.

    And we need recorded records of their screaming playing. As a message to all the haters.

  3. Better still, Steve, the nutcases at the Christian Institute are fuming about it, because it’s taxpayers’ money being wasted on diversity. Anything that angers the CI is by definition a good thing, though they should remember that we too pay taxes for an army of clerics who do not represent us and want to take our rights away.

  4. So, if Strathclyde Police believe in ‘gender diversity’ they’ll be scrapping the different and separate uniform and dress code rules that they for female and male officers?

    Or, at least, perhaps they’ll be allowing non-op trans recruits who do not hold a Gender Recognition Certificate to choose whether they get to wear the male or female uniform?

    Or maybe they’ll be changing the police uniform to unisex (confounds me why they had to have different style uniforms for male and female officers in the first place!)

    Or, then again, maybe they won’t be doing any of these things and, instead, will just be talking about how ‘gender diverse’ and ‘non-sexist’ they are?

    Sorry, ‘maybe’ in that last sentence should read ‘probably’.

  5. Brian Burton 23 Aug 2009, 4:34pm

    Whatever the Ins ‘n outs of this gesture by Strathclyde Police, It cannot be constrewed as an empty gesture. I would like to see all Police Forces adopt simmular measures. Gay rights and Gay Policing should go hand in hand now that Gay rights issues are pushing ahead in leaps and bounds. Like SteveMD2 said, Bury the bigots as we continue to triumph.

  6. theotherone 23 Aug 2009, 10:53pm

    funny: the person quoted in this story would be the individual in the force dealing with Queer issues? That’ll be the third one in three years then as when working with a Trans group when I lived in Glasgow I met with two others in as manny years.

    Sure they take our issues seriously – that’s why no one in the force wants to work with us.

  7. Katie (4)

    Strathclyde Police uniforms for male and female officers look pretty much the same to me, the days of female police officers in shirts is long gone. These days it’s a practical uniform that appears to be unisex.

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