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First black lesbian mayor in America to marry her partner

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Reader comments

  1. This is what happens when you have an educated populace. So much of Cambridge is Harvard and MIT. Two of the finest Universities in the USA.

    Unfortunately, we still have some churches – bg ones – where ignorance and hate are the only courses they offer.

  2. Brian Burton 22 Aug 2009, 4:11pm

    This is great news. Because of it being widely reported then it helps to promote the Idea that same Partnerships are the norm!

  3. I must have missed the fact that Denise Simmons is the mayor of Cambridge, MA when professor Henry Luis Gates was claiming that he was a victim of racial profiling; a black LESBIAN mayor of a town that is the seat of two of the most prestigious universities in the United States, and it has a black lesbian mayor!

    Congratulations to Mayor Simmons and her soon to be lawfully wedded spouse, Mattie B. Hayes.

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